on my Se vacation.

post your food and drinks!

and your recipes

how about we inspire each other to eat and drink WELL

smart water with :strawberry: :lemon: :cucumber: and :snowflake:

so fresh. So clean. so delish.


aperol spritz to get through summer humidity


What’s the ingredient??


aperol, sparkling water, proseco, great with orange slice

it’s great.

where we live people walk on the sidewalks drinking cocktails cuz it’s so swampy, somehow helps


This was all the rage when we recently visited Italy. An easy to make and refreshing aperitif for hot summer days.



my ingredients:
fresh strawberries
milk chocolate (melted in microwave 1-2minutes)

dip the strawberries in melted chocolate and place it on wax paper and keep it inside the refrigerator for 15 minutes and you’re ready to go!


yum yum freaking YUM

cooked in half stick of butter, old bay, and the garlic sauce they give you in papa John’s pizza to dip your crust.

i love seafood :shrimp: :crab: :tropical_fish: :shell:


so addicted to this water


best ive ever felt was when i ate a banana for breakfast, apple or banana for lunch, and sometimes an apple for dinner or a salad from a bag. did that for six months or so plus drank a lot of water, which i accomplishd by taking like twelve swallows of water at a time when i drink straight from the sink instead of only a couple.

without exception i feel ill after i eat most things that arent plain food. i am really curious about the relatonship between Se and Food.

it seems like my relationship to food is negative unless i keep it super simple, while my isfp wifes becomes negative when i try to keep it simple. she often says something like I NEED SOME REAL FOOD, by which she means processed food and meat. i feel like she believes what she tells herself, so she thinks fruits and veggies make her feel not full and that bread and meat make her feel full. shes just a total italian girl i think. technically shes half italian half french canadian.

one of her parents has a last name that ends et and rhymes with ballet, and the other ends with ini and rhyms with linguini. haha.


Making babies is hungry work. We NEED meat and bread. If you do not eat it for the baby, the baby will eat you. Being pregnant and nursing and I have low blood sugar to boot, and when I say I need food, it is like NOW, cause I’ve waited too long and now it is an emergency. A burger NOW! Pasta NOW! And if I am shaking and can’t think anymore just feed me something with protein, I can no longer make a decision. Man, make it for me and quick!
I was a vegetarian for three years before I became pregnant. I actually started eating meat a little before I was pregnant, but I realized that I would INDEED kill to feed my children if I had to do it with my own two hands. And that was that.


I’m on a low carb intake right now and just woke up from a nap…I had a dream I was eating carbs (in what format, I dunno) from my Invisalign tray like it was a fucking bowl. Thought I would share that.


My version of Zuppa Toscana

One package hot ground italian sausage
One package sweet ground italian sausage
Fry these in soup pan with olive oil, not the expensive one. Drain some of the fat off with a paper towel when meat is done-ish. Chop the sausage up small with spatula as you cook.
One red onion chopped whatever size you like
Five cloves garlic, or as many as you like
Olive oil, preferably really nice olive oil, swirl in liberally
Stir for a little while, don’t burn. Add
Three to four cartons of organic chicken soup stock
Add too many potatoes. That is, all of a little bag + or most of a big bag. It should look like too many. If you have to now use another pan so you don’t overflow, you are doing it right. You will barely be able to stir so many damned potatoes until you divide the soup.
Oh, you should put the potatoes in as you cut so some get over soft and mushy
Add a bit of salt, the sausage will already be a little salty. Don’t over salt.
Do over pepper the soup.
Add some dill, a little more
In the last ten minutes when the potatoes are soft, add a whole bunch of chopped kale. Do take the hardest part of the spine out before cutting kale. I cut it in half longwise and then about half inch wide
Today I used two zucchini too, and I will again. I have used celery before, but not today
Toast some bread and butter it
Add parmesan on top of your bowl, like you would spaghetti
Edited to add, oh my gods! ROSEMARY! How could I forget that?! Lots of ROSEMARY!

Your welcome, and enjoy!


Omg freaking homemade clam chowder
right from their backyard


Ewww I don’t understand people who pollute their water with fruit and herbs and stuff :sweat_smile: it tastes disgusting to me!! What @lunar pulled up looks really good though, I love me some sparkling water!!

Hmm I really don’t eat healthy so I’m not going to bother to regale you with all the fast food takeout containers I have…but I did eat froyo the other day :heart:


shut Yo mclovin ass up! hahah jk

but seriously I triple dare you to try water that way
5-7 thin slices of cucumber, strawberries, and lemon.

it’s not just refreshing. you feel like the junk you’ve been eating from being a humble college student is being detoxified and washing away!

it’s so worth it. please try it and tell me how you feel.

i thought it was crazy at first too. it was my wife’s idea.

and now I’m addicted to it.
it makes your body feel so good! rejuvenating! energizing! cleansing! detoxifying! empowering!

you can literally replace soda with this water. your pallet feels so clean. it will even give you the illusion to think that you ate healthy food even if you had ten pieces of McNutty right before.


Arrgh fine…might as well eat real fruit for once instead of gummy snacks :rolling_eyes: maybe I’ll go to the farmers market and splurge on their free samples while I’m at it…

Honestly I ate better in undergrad because my roommate was from a well off family and she was an amazing cook…because she had severe food allergies we never ate in the crappy dining halls haaha :stuck_out_tongue: but now I’m on my own and I can’t cook and I work myself too hard in the lab so I’m always too lazy to try and make something.


ate like a fucking king.

and guess what.

treated like a king.

i love DC.


a guy gave me $20 for one stick of cigarette.