For all ye wannabe writers out there


I just stumbled upon this awesome thingy:

Basically it’s an online course, where you get a daily prompt for five weeks and write for 30-60 minutes. You get instructor feedback on your pieces about once a week. It’s supposed to be for those who want to build a habit of writing, and for those who want to write without inhibition and have fun without an evaluative component. It starts Oct 29 - Dec 7 and costs USD $340.

Why do I think it’s good especially for INFJ people stuck in Ti? Cos it’s like morning pages and forces you to write without getting stuck in perfecting the nuances of what you are writing. Also there’s a community of people doing the same thing as you which helps the Fe aspect. Finally and most importantly, you have to pay $340 for it which ensures you actually take it seriously and put your money where your mouth is. It’s like how a business consultant charges you $10,000 for the same advice that your drunkard friend could tell you for free (or maybe the price of a few rounds), but the difference is that you paid a lot for it, so you take it seriously and act on it.

Anybody game for it?


Btw if this sounds like too much of an advert or something feel free to delete this thread.


I’ll do the same for you at half the price.


Nah I’d rather donate the money to Stanford.


The best course for INFJ (no fee):


  1. Wiki’s Stream of consciousness (narrative mode)
  2. Short definition of ‘habit’ as in The Principles of Psychology by William James don’t read the whole damn book!
    And if you’re not convinced, then go through

that’s it


That reply was a short version of much longer and subjective composition I wrote in Hebrew. Should I translate it?


Nah im of the opinion that spending $$$ sends a signal to myself that I’m worth it (my desires/passion/writing etc is worth it) and I take the writing seriously precisely because I spent a not insignificant sum on it.

Yes, please do share the Hebrew translation. Are you Israeli by the way?