For creepy lurkers only




AND IN CASE THERE ARE SOME ISFPS: U won’t get any viruses for doing this poll and if your hard drive crashes or you lose all your stuff in your computer guts (read: conclude that you’ve lost all your stuff because you can’t find it for one minute on the desktop) it is not this poll that caused it and also, while you’re here, computers don’t actually lose stuff. “things aren’t stupid sweetie, people are.” -johnonynous’ mom whenever he’d be like “stupid computer!” at age 15 or whenever.

How do you most identify?

  • thinker
  • Feeler
  • Intuitor
  • Sensor

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Why don’t you post?

  • Too busy
  • I don’t feel compelled to
  • I draft shit then delete it like a weenie
  • I posted a couple times or once and nobody cared
  • I’m like 12 years old and you are freaking me out ppl

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Who is weirdest from your wise silent prophet type perspective

  • Erika
  • Supernokturnal
  • Johnonymous
  • Prax

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What’s your favorite word for @Prax

  • Praxy
  • Praximus
  • Praxitron
  • Praxiocentric
  • INTPrax

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Hahahahhhh I appreciate that I am not on the weirdest people question :stuck_out_tongue: Lurkers come out wherever you are…we don’t bite!


I yam the least weird.
everything i says smakes snese!

who is answering this questons!! introduce yourself!! lol


I voted myself the weirdest. Tehe


broke john’s rules of NO REGULARS!! tsk lol


It’s my most fav thing to do!


Now I want to break the rules as well!


Do it. It feels good. :smiling_imp:


its reeally funny to me that the software is somehow pulling 15% for erika out of 7 votes. Please somebody call the INTPs behind this software because in what fucked up world do you make informal polls add up to 100% by arbitrarily rounding the alphabetically first of a tie at 14.3% up. nevertheless, glad to be tied with intj for normal.