if you had a dick i’ll rock your world.

i might start a thread about sperm-retention.

Oh in case anyone wonderings where I be: plus feel free to announce your own comings and goings!!

Don’t forget to tickle my balls.

I assuming you are FOR retention. Since I used to have a job fighting against this horrible disease, I am not for it.


you crack me up :joy:

yes… because i suck at it. hahahaha

can you explain your case?

well i’m for sperm-retention for like 2~4 weeks at a time.
or should i just not do it? what’s your suggestion?

the only reason why i wanna do it is because i heard it gives you more energy.
like saving your energy instead of releasing it.
but, do i even need more energy?
i just wanna know how it feels after doing it. i can’t last longer than 3 days… self control is on low hahah


New thread?

I just believe in being natural. If you wanna cum, cum. If you’re not up for it, then don’t do it. I see it as breathing. Breathe. Don’t hold your breath.

Nah. I don’t believe in this stuff. It’s flexion. Breathe, expand, contract. It’s like the ocean, a constant moving. I believe in prolonging the build up, sure. But in one sexual experience, not for weeks. Like if you’re fucking your wife, and you feel like you’re about to pop a load in her, go slower (or faster if that’s better) or change positions. Make it a nice climb for both of you. I would literally be pissed if my husband wanted to keep his jizz trapped in his balls for weeks. It would be fun though trying to break his streak. Haha.

My guess is no. And actually that’s a pretty educated guess considering you are a young male. Young males are like jack-rabbits. But what do I know about young males? Absolutely nothing.

Then do it and report back! But tell your wife to wear something that makes her look unattractive (if that’s possible) during this time.


i’ll let prax do the work. thanks prax!

since it’s already derailed. it’ll be better for her to split it.

hmmm yeah. i get your point.

i was gonna say what about if someone just wants to be on their phone all day? is that natural?

but no i get your point. i believe in being natural too.

hahahahah. of course you would

i don’t have problem making my orgasm before me.
i try to time it so when she’s about to orgasm, i cum with her.
so that’s not the issue.
but yeah, great pointers for other readers.

but i just wanted to try it because i can get extra energy or something?

yeah i am a young male. true that.
maybe i wanna start practicing after i turn 40?
like i know some men wants to just lay in bed after they ejaculate.
not me. i still have so much energy after i’m done. my wife’s the one who falls asleep after.

but maybe this is not JUST an age thing. maybe it has to do with your function stack as well?

OKAY! i’m gonna try. hmmm… for 2 weeks. omg that’s gonna be so hard.
and i’ll tell you how it goes afterwards.

i don’t think that’s how it works… hahahaha

to be honest. if men are horny, they’d fuck anything.

why would men fuck their own hand? is it because the hand is attractive?
i’m sure construction workers who have crusty rusty hands fuck their hands too.

and i’ve seen and heard men masturbating to weirdest thing.

this is no joke. my one buddy from highschool fucked cantaloupe.


Thank you, @Prax!!! :slight_smile:

Nope. Natural habit. But not according to nature.

Maybe you won’t even need to practice anything by then. Retention may be the norm by then. Haha.

Hmm maybe? This is interesting. I fall asleep afterwards. But it’s usually not due to satisfaction. It’s just due to I’m naked and comfy in bed.

You a punny one. [quote=“supernokturnal, post:5, topic:410”]
my one buddy from highschool fucked cantaloupe.

Am I a freaking freak to think this is hot? Like if I walked in on a guy fucking a cantaloupe…wow. I’m not even joking. I bet he warmed it up a bit? Obviously, ripe…WOW, I am going to watch people more closely at the grocery store!!!



Haha! Freaking love it.

In other news, I had a dream last night that a dead whale turned into a diseased frog which people touched, turning them into zombies. So, this makes me laugh, but also makes me grab my husband’s rifle.


true. good way to put it.

that’s a scariest “haha” I’ve seen from you.

you can sleep completely naked??
that sounds fun but I can’t do that. I don’t want my genitals touching my blankets and sheets.
maybe at a hotel. yes.

Omg… and guess what. he’s an INFJ.
you must really have some thing for them horny INFJs.

how the fuck do you know this???

HAHAHAH holy shit Erika Wtf

there are other methods out there.
it’s amazing how creative they can get to imitate vagina.


Been doin it since 2006. Yep. Completely. I don’t have balls so maybe that makes it easier? My husband does too most of the time. Sometimes he sleeps with undies. Sometimes undies and a t-shirt. I can’t. Naked all the time. I read somewhere that it’s healthier. Frees up your skin and stuff. Breathing.

I think INFJs are freaks. Just my intuition. But they rarely let it out. Like, I bet he trusts you enough or was drunk enough to tell you. I can see INFJs fucking all sorts of things…but knowing about it is a different ball game.

Ain’t nobody wanna fuck a cold pussy…or at room temperature…depending on where you keep your pussy, I mean, cantaloupe.

I’m not kidding you, sups. This is really hot. I would even whisper dirty things in his ear, encouraging him to give it to that slut cantaloupe. Then, after he came in it, I’d eat it!


oh yeah. for sure.
it helps you fall asleep faster and apparently it produces more melatonin which also helps you sleep better and faster.
and good for your skin and all that jazz.
I just sleep with underwear on. I can’t do completely naked. unless I wash my sheets everyday.
I’m germophobic.

you’re right about this.
I’ve heard some craziest fantasies from them.

Hahahaha Omg. I guess that is kinda hot.
fucking the cantaloupe isn’t. I think
that + Erika is what makes the whole thing hot.

it’s awesome that there are someone like you out there to embrace and love these things.


an update : I failed tonight…

i tries different position. the position I actually never ejaculated in… and I did…
it was awesome though. like I think i had my body orgasm for the first time.


Yep! Someone has to love those sex freaks!

I bet you it was all that cantaloupe talk. Well congrats! One of us had sex! I’ll probs rub one out in a bit.

What does this mean??


Strikes me as a Si practice so I’m just gonna note that @Ankh is unlikely to see/get a lot out of it, as she kinda has no Si.

I think it’s likely a great practice for you super, kinda like tarot has been a good practice for me with Ni.


Sí señor!


well, I learned that men can also body orgasm like women can.
like feeling the jitter tingle tickle all over your spine
and I felt it today. it was awesome.
maybe because I tried different position and stayed there for long time?

hmm interesting viewpoint.
now I’m gonna start observing people and see if they’re practicing their 5th function.

but speaking of that. I think @Ankh does really well using Fi.
I’ve never seen ENFJ get so super personal and open herself up this much. it’s actually very very VERY amusing.
like Fe dom is all about image.
but in this forum Erika literally laid out her life to us and I have so much respect for that.
I think about this very often.
‘wow. One of a kind ENFJ’

sperm retention and Si. Hmmm. I think it makes sense.


okay. I’m gonna try it again…


@supernokturnal, I just wanted to say I appreciate your presence here. :slight_smile:


why here? and why specifically on this thread? hahaha


Haha! This thread is fun. It’s easy. I read all the smarty pants stuff going on and while it’s great for some people, I realize that I NEED interaction like this thread’s exchange. So, thanks! And stay you! :bouquet:

How dem heavy balls btw? Why am I not a lady?..jeeeez


I failed again two nights ago. . I just get too in the moment and just let myself go Hahaha

and yeah it’s all about balance. I love talking about heavy stuff but life is not just one sided.

yin-yang :yin_yang: