for those of you that missed solar eclipse


last night
wife: tomorrow is eclipse right?
me: ohh shit!(I forgot) it is! let’s go to Tennessee!
wife: it’s like ten hours, and it’s 12am
me: I’ll drive! let’s go! you can sleep in the car, this is exciting!

as it was getting dark(eclipse) , all of sudden all the bugs from everywhere started making all kinds of noise. the nature knew.
and the eclipse. Omg… it was worth the trip

found a science center near by (luckily)
and as I pulled out my money
lady: put your money away , it’s free :slight_smile:


Nice. Sun with just a lil piece hidden (first pic) looks so different…not like lunar phase. Also like when sun looks like lunar phase.

It’s so …

It’s fun to think how all the people who have died saw the same moon and sun.

Or did they…ta-ta-ta…


Awesome pics–did you take those? It’s not easy to take them that well. I did a road trip to Carbondale, IL, and I have to agree with you. Being in the path of totality to see a solar eclipse is a must see. I had no idea, I just went because my family wanted to get together there and was incredibly glad I got to have that experience.


yes. it was difficult. and the original looks like this

then I zoomed in and cropped out the picture

yes! 100%!
were people screaming around you?

can you walk me through your thought process?
fun? hahaha


there is no thought process maybe


Lol 7:30 eclipse morning:
Me, whispering “honey, traffic is super mild–we could get to the full eclipse in 45 minutes, maybe I should take the autistic one of the kids and go, so we aren’t trying to force him to wear those glasses up here.”

Isfp, waking up: “what?? Wait? Why? we are going together to … whatever – now you’re going to drive down to – to where? Where are you going to go?”

Me: “I’m not going anywhere, It’s an idea, because I was thinking and realizing he’s not going to wear those glasses just like at the 3D movie and I bet he’ll be trying to look at the sun without them and it’s going to be possibly dangerous, and plus there is not any traffic”

Isfp: “great, so now if I don’t let you go I’m going to make my son go blind”

Me: laughing, “Holy shit you’re in the worst mood,” and she starts laughing because she usually does when she’s being over the top dramatic, and I’m like “I can see you’re not interested, thats fine; when do we have to leave to meet the infj/infp couple” who hoarded extra glasses for us so we wouldn’t have to wait in line and were by then texting us like “oh my, they are already out of glasses and people are pissed but we have 4 for you guys.” Thus my need to make sure they feel appreciated. In person we had to be all sneaky so no one could see the transfer of glasses to us. Which left me feeling super anxious about our intentional lack of gratitude. Infj is associated with the organization handing out the glasses and thus her ability to hold them and need to be discreet.

AnywY, our kids were a total absolute shit show. We really shouldn’t have tried to make them listen to total eclipse of the Heart on the way there. Never recovered. We thought it was funny but they were super pissed and acted miserable and refused to like, have the adult appreciation for the celestial event which we so greatly felt they should have lol.

It was like the time we bought counting crows tickets last year like four months in advance, had a babysitter fail, and hung out with shitty kids instead of using the tickets, except that it was a fucking solar eclipse like twenty miles from me.

The 99% was cool.


Process really isn’t the right word. Nor is thought for that matter.


Hi Tom! Fellow Infp!
Thanks for chiming in!
I like your post:)
It sounds amused:) were you amused?


Very amused, haha


I was kinda disappointed there was no zombie apocalypse.