Fresh grad, mother pressuring me to get a job, ugh, help.


Ugh. Nothing out there’s appealing to me. Halp.


At least start working while you’re looking for something longterm. It’s a tough job market out there and at least start making some money.


Yeah, I have massive resistance to the idea of conceding even an inch and buying into someone else’s idea of what my life should be. Giving power to the idea that money is important and should run your life. It’s like how so many talented fresh graduates from Ivy League universities mindlessly go straight for Facebook, Google, etc and end up spending the best years of their life furthering Mark Zuckerberg’s vision rather than their own.


It seems like you’re not actually asking for help if you’re not willing to conceded an inch in someone else’s advice…


What’s your vision?


To get the fuck out of enmeshment and finally start to live my life.


Now that I’ve inadvertenly mentioned it, I think the key is really very simple, to just start living my life. Thanks guys for the help!


Haha, that was easy!

Yes, go start living the life you want to live :+1: and come back to tell your tales of freedom & adventure.


Ok. I also thought of a very good reason not to get a job at whatever company: I’m depriving them of a place for a really awesome person who would love to be there.

“If you are here unfaithfully with us, you’re causing terrible damage.” - Rumi

What would happen if the world acted on this advice? What would happen to all the workplaces, all the factories, schools, etc?


You’re gonna be terribly disappointed. But you’ll figure it out.


You don’t need to think of reasons - who are you trying to convince?
It’s your life, you don’t need to explain yourself. Don’t pretend you’re doing others a favour neither! Release the guilt and get going.:wink:


Buy it.


@Sam You may not realize the type of job/company/industry/yadda yadda you want until you actually get out there and do different kinds of things and work with different kinds of people.

Don’t worry about your mother’s opinion of your life or where your peers are headed. Fuck those haters and do not compare yourself to them…EVER. You are in charge of your life and only you know what’s best for you.

What are you interested in??? What’s your degree in??? I can help you by giving you real advice. @SoundDesiign has some quality advice too.