Function development


As I believe most of the people in this forum are aware of how Blake’s theories of function development goes, how is your own perception about such development and if you want to get deeper into the subject, how do you percieve each particular function development?

For example, let’s say you are an ENTP, do you recall the Te development of your id when you were a toddler or know some evidence based on anecdotical resources? And when you were a kid, how did you notice the merge of the dominant function? If you have developed the auxiliar Ti, how have you noticed it? Which is your particular expirience with that Ti? As one function develops, have you noticed a change on the others?

I’m courious about your expericences, I wish you all a nice beginning of this year. :wink:


I think there was a similar thread to this a long, long time ago in the forum.

My “type” for now is INFJ, but I have my doubts about it. I am in my early 20s but will enter my mid-20s soon…

Summary if I were INFJ: Fi id prominence in early childhood with with Ni lurking in the background PLUS already an early astrological influence (Libra sun, Aquarius rising, and Leo moon), Ni gaining a more dominant role not much later in mid-childhood, Fe emerging mid-childhood and peaking in adolescence then dying around adulthood, premature Te problems in adolescence and continuing onwards (astrological influences), Ti gaining a foothold in adolescence but going past the threshold starting around adulthood, Se problems at the start of adulthood and continuing onwards, more productive use of Te superego emerging just before mid-20s.

Raw evidence if you have the patience, with no particular reference to any functions (for your judgment, really):

Childhood: Two people trapped in one body - sweet, cute, and incredibly shy, feminine princess vs. incredibly energetic tomboy. My mother thought I was a boy because I was pretty rambunctious in the womb. Spiritual dreams from my grandmother were all phallic dreams. Everyone was 100% sure I was a boy, but then I came out a girl.

Overall, I was very sweet and sensitive. Extremely clingy to parents and friends I trust. I had a lot of fear of certain things, and I despised violence or very loud noises. I was very artistic, but was also good at mathematics. Many “problem” children or “outcast” children came to me despite me not being forward or outgoing. And apparently I had amazing hugs and made my mother feel very loved. I also had unusual, or funny ways of describing or looking at things.

But I was also “BULLDOZER” because I was full of energy, but only at home. I crashed by head into everything. I was a go-getter in general and potty-trained myself, and never had problems eating or sleeping. I also only preferred non-fiction books, and I had a remarkable temper that could never be forgotten (apparently). I can go from 0 to 100% in no time, because I was stubborn about what I wanted (that still hasn’t changed ;)). I also had no problems yelling at neighborhood grandmas or scaring them away if I sensed they were looking at me.

Adolescence: I was filled with a lot of thoughts (apparently) but didn’t know how to formulate them into something sensical until around age 10, and finally peaking around age 13. At that point, information that was previously a hazy wordless mush turned into something truly understandable. This was the emergence of the Fe-Ti axis, I think. English began to make sense to me suddenly, and I began to discover a talent for writing (for analysis pieces in particular) and especially public speaking, and a passion for science. I was also a determined learner of music, and practiced many, many hours to build a beautiful sound on my instruments of choice. I had a good grasp of musical phrasing, but had coordination problems and had to work very hard to be more technically proficient. Overall, I was extremely energetic, generally outgoing with a volatile, chameleon-like personality, very curious, a fast learner, insightful, and full of life. But unfortunately, I pushed myself and ran faster than I could. Then I ran into image problems, confusing with what I want versus what other people want, insecurity problems, anxiety issues and tons of stress; this was probably towards to end of adolescence.

Young Adulthood: Blank. It’s just messy here. I would say I had one of my harshest phases - extremely aggressive and “masculine,” maybe even arrogant to those I know, but that died and was replaced by extreme shyness and insecurity, and now a struggle to find a good middle. I have Ti problems that block me from opening up Ni insights.

So make what you will. I could see maybe an INFJ development here, but I could believe ENxJ and INTJ as well.


Ni id. Hard to say. I had a crazy imagination as a kid. More than now. I don’t think of myself as imaginative now. Um. Also I was into make believe until a very old age.
Fi. I started to feel perpetually guilty/vulnerable early on. Just trying not to get into trouble. I’d feel my parents’ feedback all the time. I didn’t need approval so much? but needed that they not disapprove.
Ne. I have no idea when it started. But I did get more into math etc. I think because Ne was there.


An INFP I know recounted that he spent most of his early days daydreaming and coming up with new inventions. I feel like that is Ni-id and Ne-aux at work! Definitely was brimming with imagination early on, and still is - but he’s in denial.

I think for a good part of his life up till young adulthood, he was pretty melancholic and sad, always desiring and looking for romantic love but not having ever experienced it. Partly because he wasn’t assertive, partly because he was actually too picky. He only wanted 1 person he really liked - couldn’t find one. Ni-Fi-Si.

Then he goes to a different world, finds more open-minded, crazy people, and begins to open himself more up to a “family”…you know, doing stupid shit, making funny noises in parties with friends. Took his mind off of the pursuit of love (and the absence of it). Hair begins to look crazy, all over the place. I think Ne-emergence really took off around that point. And I’m sure Se superego is involved as well, with all the partying, boozing, and dancing. Oh yes, he’s very good at dancing.

Do you find some sort of resonance with this development @lunar?


@schlopadoo Thank you for sharing. After I started the thread I thought that there should be one already but I did the research and I didn’t find any. Actually I can’t make up anything from your story because I went though the same path and I had almost the same mbti-identity problems, so well, I can only say “I feel you”, thanks again for the insights.

@lunar I have met plenty of INFPs and I have recognized plenty of patterns from the outside but I have never been able to see or understand from the insides out, but yes, what you say makes perfect sense to me when I compare it with my INFP friends attitude and views about life. INFPs are quite a case, a real cool one, by the way.


I think it resonates I might have mastered my Se to a lesser extent (no way I dance at a party, just at home with no one around). But acting goofy at parties would be a way I’ve tried to get over everything.

As for romantic love I’m in a phase in life where the topic is dead. I mean sometimes I’ll hear a song or something or witness something that I can’t help but react to but otherwise it’s dead. This year especially I’m able to hold a wide berth around that and Its a relief. I think it could be late functional development as well as getting older.

Yeah I think most infps I’ve seen are pretty similar. I don’t know tons. I think I know one guy infp (maybe three) and he would kind of amp up at parties and just deal with it by being goofy. It seemed to work. I think people accepted him as he was. But I could tell he probably had to turn completely off afterwards and just go into reverie.

I think infps if they are present too much then they will drift away after. They will loose all sense of time unless something critical doesn’t let them like normal life haha.


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I’ll lay down my own line of bullshit in response to the OP; some of it might even be true. A deep sense of being in the wrong time and place as a young child. Learned to read very early and tried to learn and study everything without being fully sure what I was looking for. I was most content in fictional and imaginary worlds, misunderstood but really not mistreated by adults and had a few good friends my age. Intuitively kept a lot of my weirdness to myself and was a fairly quiet kid. Also, a natural animist, thought animals, trees, even inanimate objects had consciousness and tried to psychically communicate with them as I was pretty sure they understood things better than most humans. Found family views on church and religion way too unbelievable though. I think Te development was the process of mostly accepting my current reality and learning how to optimize it. I say mostly accepting as I still have some hope of getting back to my home world.