Functions with Disorders!


Hi I’m new to this forum and I have this one post I made on my account, let me know what you guys think! If you guys disagree or have another idea I’ll love to know!

Functions wtih Disorders


Ni- Anxiety

Fi- Depression

Fe- Bipolar Disorder

Te/Si- OCD


Se- Eating Order

Si- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is the reason why I said these things-
Ne-(ADD/ADHD) "Why focus on this when you can think about this and this and this and-"
Ni-(Anxiety) "My future can be like this and this…"
Fi-(Depression) "I’m worthless because I’m not this and this…"
Fe-(Bipolar) "I love you all but now I hate you all."
Te/Si-(OCD) Te is a doer function, Si remembers and if it’s not how they remember, they physically have to fix it."
Se-(Eating Disorder) They love so much and don’t care about their looks so they overeat/doesn’t want to eat and/or isn’t hungry so they starve themselves.
Si-(PTSD) They think about the horrible pass of what they saw and experienced.



I am Fe dom and I agree, but now I hate you for pointing out my downfall.


Welcome, @Johnnyoh, maybe on most. I think you’re wrong on Se- Se dom (ESFP and ESTP are usually pretty physically well put together.

Who’s your vote for psychopaths, narcissists?


XNTJ might have some OCD too- if I do X and Y properly, then the future will work out as it’s supposed to (sometimes it works!).


Hahaha oh no! I see you’re EXFJ then?


Oh no you’re not getting what I’m saying, of course that’s true but I’m saying in an unhealthy way that’s how Se can be

psychopaths i guess for functions they could be Fe for sure and possibly Se,Te, and Ne.

The narcissists i think are more just unhealthy xNTx types tbh


yes exactly they have their aux Te


Ok, you meant Te and/or Si, not necessarily both together.


yes exactly


Yep. The X stands for X-rated.


XDD you have some creativity in your comments i like that but tbh, i dont think a ESFJ is that clever no offense ESFJs


Good, rabbit. Good.


lol what does that mean?


It means, you win a carrot! Bark, bark!

Now go introduce yourself in the proper location, please.


Haha I will do that eventually but just talking to you right now you seem like you have Ne more than Fe. Have you considered yourself to be an ENFP?


I have considered myself nothing.

The man himself has dubbed me ENFJ type 3. He knows me well, so I trust his judgment.

If you need evidence for yourself, sift through the forum. There are sprinklings of my madness everywhere. :innocent:


lol maybe one day if i want to buzz around but you have to make some decisions for yourself I know many people that got mistyped because they listened to other people’s one sidedness. I don’t know I would at least consider it instead of blindly following along to someones opinion.


I dunno if Ti is antisocial personality disorder. Maybe more accurately is something like schizoid personality (and I don’t mean schizophrenic necessarily)

Te problems is more likely to be sociopathic in nature probably?

OCD is more a result of anxiety. Like Ni-Si-Se issues perhaps.

As for Erika, I thought she came off ENFP at first because of Ne scatteredness, but if you read around, she has more sophisticated Fe and force of presence than most ENFP can muster (when she feels like it lol), so ENFJ just makes more sense.


So what do you mean then? The reason why I said it is because usually people with don’t Ti in an unhealthy way doesn’t like interacting with people but just gathers all the information

.[quote=“Prax, post:18, topic:502”]
Te problems is more likely to be sociopathic in nature probably?
Why would you say that just curious use some Ti! XD

Yeah I can see what you mean by Si/Se but sorta again explain.

Also at the same time that could be part of your ennegram and ExFPs do have Id Function Fe so that’s their “hungry Function” so it’s maybe they just crave their Fe and it comes off that way. But hey maybe or maybe it’s vise versa I’m still saying she at least do her own person research. People naturally can just assume they’re automatically this one type so they start acting this one type. But who knows maybe I’m wrong


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Fo schizzle.