Funeral Song

Hey guys, if you were given a choice to pick one song to play at your funeral, which one would you pick? And you can only choose one! Here’s mine:

Damn good song @Ignas :+1:

I’m not sure I care to choose a song for my funeral. If I have one.

I mean, I’m just gonna be cremated, but it’s more about picking a song that you think comes close to the essence of how you live your life.

One last song, huh?
I suppose if I had to choose now, it’d be this.
From De Bus Mon. That’s what I call him.

This is a beautiful song. Lol De Bus Mon!


Hm, my funny response is this:

I mean , it’s good! But no one would understand it, and it’s the first song that came to mind for some reason (I haven’t listened to it in yeeeaaars).

My serious response is:

Kinda happy, kinda melancholic. Seems like a good fit, and it’s the first song that came to mind as well (yep, no deep reasoning over here dude :wink:).