Funeral Song

Hey guys, if you were given a choice to pick one song to play at your funeral, which one would you pick? And you can only choose one! Here’s mine:

Damn good song @Ignas :+1:

I’m not sure I care to choose a song for my funeral. If I have one.

I mean, I’m just gonna be cremated, but it’s more about picking a song that you think comes close to the essence of how you live your life.

One last song, huh?
I suppose if I had to choose now, it’d be this.
From De Bus Mon. That’s what I call him.

This is a beautiful song. Lol De Bus Mon!


Hm, my funny response is this:

I mean , it’s good! But no one would understand it, and it’s the first song that came to mind for some reason (I haven’t listened to it in yeeeaaars).

My serious response is:

Kinda happy, kinda melancholic. Seems like a good fit, and it’s the first song that came to mind as well (yep, no deep reasoning over here dude :wink:).

Played live pleasssse

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That was badass. I’ve never heard of this guy, but I want to hear more!

You should. Hear more.
I’ve always wanted to see him live!

That dude is the shiiiiiit! I haven’t heard a bad song yet. Now I want to see him live, hang out with him, and learn that fingerpicking technique he uses.

Fucking right!
I love his stuff with Esme Patterson. She’s amazing too. Sexy as fuck.

Haunted. Kinda like that attention we were talkin about before.

My favorite of his song’s is

I just get all blissed out listening to that one :heart_eyes:

Gotta agree with you, 200%

Yes! Losing a lover is losing that attention. Then you’re haunted by that longing and loneliness, craving and needing someone to take the place of that specter constantly wandering around, never quite leaving your scope of vision.

Hell yeah! My body is one giant toe-tap listening to his music.

If you thought Esme was sexy there, you should look up her Audiotree Live session & NPR Tiny Desk.

You WILL like. I promise

Ok. I AM going to stop. But.
Here are 2 of Esme’s that are along the same lines…
Afraid I get enfj vibes from her

What are you stopping??

She’s beautiful! And I really like her stuff. She’s got soul in her voice, and that’s hard to come by these days, unfortunately :confused: It’s the same with Shakey. You can tell they both really care about their music. They’re not just trying to pop and commercialize their stuff, they’re staying true to themselves, and that is what music should be all about.

Dumping random songs on this thread!