GOD I LOVE INTPS!: An Intp Love-fest[rants]


God I Love INTPS!

An INTP Love-Fest(rants)

Topic for all those who love or are fascinated by the INTP type. Please share…

  1. Do you love INTPs?(share the love)
  2. What is it that make them so “Loveable”/Cool/Awesome/Fascinating?
  3. What thoughts/expressions do you wish you could communicate to an INTP in a way that they would understand?
  4. What do you wish an INTP understood better about you(aka. your type)?
  5. Any INTPs out there? What do you think? What are your favorite types and why?
  6. Any other random/miscellaneous questions, comments, or thoughts about INTP?

How to Explain INFJ Thought Process to INTPs

Alright! Finally!!!
Intps are amazing…they combine cool head and generosity. They’re not really snobby just maybe attached to proving stuff.
They have a very inquisitive mind. When you get a peek into it, it’s fun.
Some of them are so bizarrely sexy there is no explanation for it. If you don’t think intp is sexy that’s ok. I do.
I wish intps could deal better with showing their feelings but that’s not really their fault.
Sometimes the way they suddenly depart to a very very removed and neutral place can be hard. But at the same time, it is why they are not needy.
I think it is kind of cool just how well intp responds to being treated gently and without too many demands. Sometimes it can be a problem if you need to make a demand. But otherwise you can’t have simpler way to keep an intp happy.
And when intp brings out the guitar one day and just starts singing. It’s like that’s fun! They can be so uninhibited when comfortable.


Oh Hell Yeah! I love INTPs. Even as I type this out, I get the feeling that they may not appreciate so much gushing from INFJs like me. But too bad (it’s just me being me :yum:), I absolutely love :hearts:you guys and just had to share. You folks are sooo COOL :sunglasses:. There are two people, so far that I have had take the test, that are INTPs, long story-short, they turned out to be some of my favorite people in the world. I just wanted share this, and I hope to meet more INTPs in my life.

Myers-Briggs is uncanny, because so far, I can undeniably spot these personality patterns in people, and it is amazing how consistently folks with similar patterns can hit off! INTP is my favorite type to interact with, with INFP a close second, and INTJ/ENFJ an equally close third.


They have a rock-solid intelligence, an open-minded and adventurous curiosity, a pretty easy-going and laid back approach to living, and, at randomly sparse intervals, show a certain genuine warmth that just does it for me. They give no fucks. They have no patience for bullshit. And, INTPs can be some of the most fun, creative, and cool people you will ever meet.


[quote=“pla.xitore13, post:1, topic:227”]

What thoughts/expressions do you wish you could communicate to an INTP in a way that they would understand?


  • I wish I could tell them how jealous I am of their Ti, and the independent-mindedness that comes with it.
  • How I can feel an abstract, yet certain spiritual-like vibe from them, even though they may claim not to be “spiritual-minded”.
  • How refreshing it is to know someone who can listen and understand our(INFJ) abstract-intuitions and seem to effortlessly find the precise words to make sense out of them - it’s like a breathe of fresh air.
  • I wish you know just how your curiosity and inquisitiveness about how things work is sexy.
  • Believe it or not - INFJs actually do “get it” when you inconspicuously troll - and we may even be trolling right back, but you may not even know it(lol!)…but I don’t know. It’s just fun.


Ugh someone explain exactly what INTPs are again. Speaking of which, there hasn’t been really a specific article devoted to them in the Stellar Maze website?

You see, science does that. I think I’m surrounded by tons of INTPs and ISTJs and INTJs that I can’t get a sense of what each is like collectively anymore. They’re just…idk…people, all different…Hard to stop seeing the trees for the forest…

I have to say, I don’t like all INTPs. Some are great. More later, I’m busy at the moment.


Hmm, it’s like I don’t know any intps. Or ENTPs. But I am an entp. And have sometimes been sure I was an intp. I think I have a hard time recognizing introverted thinking in other people, particularly in intuitives. I see it in my ISTP friend super clearly. He’s always doing this thing like:

… Listening …
…Eyes going down or up, body closed for business while he thinks for half a second …
…Charming smile and laugh and …
“Yeah that’s not possible, im pretty sure we are wrong about that, or at least, the way you just said it was wrong.” Laugh.

He’s so handsome that he can get away with dropping hot logic bombs while riding his fix gear or whatever and destroying our mutual infp friend’s fake logic … Who will respond “ugghh yea but fuck you anyway Because you didn’t even hear the whole point.”

Okay so

Intp intp. Maybe my mom is an intp. That would make sense. She’s definitely a badass and there’s no easier mom to have in the world for me. Female intps who are your mom are probably like, ideal entp friends.

The guy who writes personality Junkie. I dig his stuff and bought all his books a year ago. He’s an intp. I love how well he edits his writing until it’s totally comprehensive and how every section follows the same pattern as the prior one. Mm! Dat Si! When I See people handle mixing Ne and Si to create useful communication it makes me appreciative and makes me glad other people exist.




[quote=“johnonymous, post:7, topic:227”]
Female intps who are your mom are probably like, ideal enter friends.[/quote]

Do you realize how great a sentence this is:)

Lol you should see an intp unable to get through a book because he can’t get past some few bad sentences. It’s very funny to watch.

[quote=“johnonymous, post:7, topic:227”]
body closed for business while he thinks for half a second …Charming smile and laugh and …“Yeah that’s not possible, im pretty sure we are wrong about that, or at least, the way you just said it was wrong.” Laugh.
[/quote] so nice


One of my best freinds is an intp. I’ve known him since we were kids. His Ti used to be intimidating for me, but his desire to be witty made him come off dorky enough to soften the intimidation. Also, I can’t tell if he’s more disgusted or confused by Fe. Lol. What I find interesting in Intp’s is there Si and how it functions in there personality. It gives them a little soul to compensate for their Fe inferior. I noticed this Si dynamic with my intp friend only within the last few years. My wife who is Isfj brought this side out of him one day and I learned things about him as a person that I never knew before…and I had known him for years prior to this. I’ve been meaning to ask him how Si works for him internally, but he gets weirded out by me asking stuff like this. Lol


INTPs are ever so much fun at parties. I might have a different idea of fun than others, but a discourse on the Austro-Hungarian empire or changes in bird migration patterns due to global warming is way better than the usual chitchat. I have an INTP uncle and another good friend who is definitely that type and find them both charming and very interesting to spend time with. Not sure if I know any other INTPs. My older son is XNTprobably P.


I feel like I have a lot of INTP acquaintances just from my schooling, but I’m not sure I ever got close to any of them?
I guess they are just quirky nerds. Not often quirky artsy nerds like INFP, but overall okay. I am pretty neutral about them, although I do respect the astute knowledge or logic. If they are witty, then even better!

I feel like maybe they are a enjoy-in-small-bursts type for me.


I am in the club! Totally love them, the one type I almost universally click with. With INFP being second and INTJ third. Communication is incredibly natural and easy, similar senses of humor, great people to hang out with. Most of my friend, and the co-workers I like the most, are INTPs. I like female ones more than they like me, and the males like me more than I like them.

However, I wouldn’t really call on one to help me out in an emergency. They tend to be a bit OCD and internally controlling so they definitely have limits. But overall, INTJs and INTPs are the type I tend to be most comfortable hanging around.

And most interesting, they are the only type I have ever felt completely safe with (mentally/psychically). But to reference the poster who linked to the Ester Perel TED talk about safety vs. desire, I have yet to do more than casually date one. I always get the impression that they are the “good” guy that my INFP mom wishes I would settle down with.


There is something safe about intp. I don’t know why but yep. But you’ll have to also go through tests. Some intps will try to psychoanalyze you. Like bring up your worst insecurities during an argument. Repeatedly. Like harping on your weakness over and over and 3 years later, again. There is a slightly sadistic side to intp. Where if they manage to bring you to tears, they think “well it must mean this person loves me. That’s all I really wanted to make sure. Justifies making them fall apart.”


:open_mouth: Hell…this is so true it’s creepy. But I’ve never felt too “insecure” around them. I actually find their psychoanalyzing probe to be rather refreshing, because they are able to cut deep and don’t seem to get offended when you share something extremely strange or personal about you to them. It makes them look rather “accepting”, even if they are inwardly cold. I actually prefer this(as INFJ) over the overtly emotional or reactionary responses I get from SF and some NF types when self-disclosing.


Yeah. It does sort of go together. Nothing is taboo so to speak. There is a safety in that. I bet as infj you would bring out the best in an intp


I know as an entp that If someone reveals something to me that trips the wire of “that’s taboo” I only have an intellectual reaction to the taboo thing, not emotional. I just don’t share the taboo sentiment I guess. This is similar to when I was driving for Uber and the guy I was taking told me he played basketball for the spurs and was in town to play the trailblazers. I was like “and what do you do for fun?” And he said he likes to learn about cities via their coffee for fun.


Yeah I think that can be really refreshing for the other person. I mean I know it’s part of what I enjoy about ntps.

I think that when mixed with inferior Fe in the case of intp it can get funky but hey we’ve all got funk.


Lol. That actually sounds like hella’ fun!