Gone Girl (Movie/Book)


I wanted to make this a seperate thread because I really like this shit. :grinning:

I love this movie/book. This author is fucked up and I love it. All her stuff is pretty dark.
Hmmm…INFJ vs. INTJ… Interesting. Yeah. She definitely had the motivation for revenge. I actually really like her character - the psycho broad. I’m partial to psychotic beauty. Anywho, do INTJs have the motivation for relationship revenge? I dunno. Whenever I think of INTJ, I think of Prax. That’s the example I work with. If I were to place Prax in this position, I’d say, no. She’d be like: Yeah, okay, bye. I’d only see Prax doing this if she felt a deep connection to this partner. In the movie/book, they don’t seem to share a DEEP connection. But, I will say this character felt an immediate attraction to her husband when they met because he was the only one who didn’t give her attention based on her parents’ children’s book. She felt like someone was finally recognizing her. But it was somewhat superficial coming from him. Also, we have to keep in mind, this book/movie was a complete mind-fuck. We are getting bits and pieces and the REAL story is up to interpretation - as far as how their relationship was prior to the awesome revenge.

I’d like to say INFJ for this chick. And because I am a Scorpio (INFJ sign), and I see myself in this woman, and I’m an attention whore, let’s throw ENFJ in there too. What are your thoughts on that?

And for her husband…hmm…It’s interesting to think of types in their unhealthy state. He is depressed. And this depression (according to her) started before they moved. He fucks a fun, young girl to feel fun and young again himself. Man, if I were to put myself in her shoes and saw the same thing…I’m not sure what I’d do. I might not go to the lengths she did, but, damn, all the thoughts are safe inside my mind. And in the end, I can see that they are meant for each other. And obviously, she was the only one he wanted to begin with. So, what type NEEDS to be dominated - forcefully? And what type is dominant? See, this is where ENFJ might be a possibility for her. And him? Dunno? I’d like it if @Blake watched this movie and or read the book to give his input. I liked when he presented that witch movie.


I came to conclusion that she’s probably infj.
and I don’t think she’s ENFJ.
there seems to be more of an Fi id than Ne id in that lady.
and I don’t think ENFJ have the capability to use someone for a bait like that.
but I can see infj doing that for they have Fe aux and Fi id.

and she seemed to be attracted by her husband’s superficial charm and that’s why I think he’s ESTP.
definitely ExxP.
but the way he lied on the news to bring her back is something I would do exactly.
and he seemed to be not really phased by other people criticizing him and EXFP would not be able to handle it so well.
I would rule out ENTP because I can’t picture them doing something corny like covering their chin with their finger and saying “romantic” clever bullshit like that.

and when the husband got caught cheating with the younger girl by his sister, his reaction was rather dull and didn’t show much guilt.
which I’m leaning towards EXTP.

and I feel like psychotic infj like that is one of only type to understand ESTP bullshit and love him for who he is.
like she knew when he was basically “lying” to make her come back. but she was in love with that “lie” knowingly because it seemed to me that she’s more fascinated by his ability to do so even if it’s a “bullshit”

and I feel like that’s the type of relationship I kinda had with an infj girl.
like she knew my superficial charm but she didn’t see it as just that.

and the girl turns her Fe on and off according to how she sees fit. like IXFJ is so fucking good at.
but the way she planned this whole thing out very specifically is like Ni dom at its best.

but she’s INTJish in some ways because of her cold persona. like an ice princess.

and another reason why I think the guy is ESTP is because the way he pulled off the interview on the show.
it was so in the moment and he didn’t even have a script, but knew exactly what to say and how to say it. almost so perfectly to fool everyone. and that’s how ESTP is a charming psychopath.

the movie is one of my top favorites.
they’re like a partner in crime.
on going push-pull.
hate and love.
seems like a terrible relationship
but I feel like the man is getting off on the thrill of being on the edge and the woman being emotionally abused and fighting to get him back and actually making it happen is all just perfect.

and I highly doubt ENFJ could do something fucked up like that. maybe different type of fucked up. but not this one.


I don’t know a damn thing about this Gone Girl book/movie so am not currently in a position to comment. If that changes, I’ll be sure to update this thread with my pithy opinion.


Sweet. It’s good. Psychosis. Sex. Tits. Blood. It has it all.


Watched it. Not seeing INFJ. Not seeing INTJ either. I think we would both just walk away as soon as we realized our mistake. Cut our losses. Perhaps the INTJ would be savvy enough to get hold of her monies. INFJ would I think start over.
Can’t say if he is ESTP.
Perhaps she’s an ENFJ. I think more likely than INFJ with the attention thing.
Granted my list of INFJ females is limited, but it is not matching what I gather from here or elsewhere. We understand, we forgive people their humanity, ourselves less so. An INFJ would understand an ESTP or anyone for what they are on some level and know also that she chose to try anyhow. And when it fails, and he wants to leave, she would not stand in his way.
His twin, the policeman and the detective were my favorite characters. Normally I don’t go in for this stuff, though I really like detective stuff… they have their similarities I guess.


after reading your reply, I looked it up and the first three pages shows the following.

i agree that Amy is not your prototype infj, or INTJ though.

i think healthy infj or INTJ won’t act like this, but she’s not normal. that’s for sure. hahaha

so what do you think they are if you HAD to type them?


but I could possibly consider ENXJ being a type. knowing that she got some mental disorder.

but she definitely has very high Ni somewhere in her function stack.


Who are these people typing her? Are they INFJ’s or INTJ’s? I have no idea.

I didn’t type him because I don’t know. I figured you’d step in for that. I don’t have enough examples of ESTP and more importantly, I am not one.

Anyone that could do what she did is fucked up. Whatever the type.
I don’t know what she is. A created character.


Idk but I read more articles and they’re leaning towards Ni dom.

some people even considered ENXJ because of Ni. and because of the fact that she’s crazy. so it’s very hard to type.

i typed him as ESTP because Ben Affleck usually plays himself in a role :joy:
but at the same time it seems like he’s trying to play an ENFP character.


Let me quote myself. Consider how hard it is to type someone we can talk to, Anh, for instance and then consider the difficulty with a person someone wrote into a story.
Honestly I think I have enough trouble typing real people without confusing myself with made up people.
It takes what little I think I have a grasp on and scrambles it with who knows what? The author’s type? The author’s perception of someone’s type? Argh. Backing out.


i understand where you are coming from

i think you have a pretty decent skill at typing people though.

i mean hey, this is all supposed to fun :]

sometimes i find it easier typing fictional characters in certain movies because they play such a ‘stereotypical’ role.


Hey, I liked the movie too, and you made me watch it again (although less enjoyable when you already know the plot). I go with Tiny-yellow-tree, I don’t think they made a particular effort at creating a realistic character; the character rather serves the overall narrative. And I don’t see an authentic love story here, [spoilers] but the story of a husband abused by his wife, just like she abused other men before (the ex-boyfriend: ‘she graduated from being raped to being murdered’). There’re echoes of the social media craze, with the live-the-perfect-life-for-others-to-see. When she re-constructs their story, it’s not so much about him but about them as the perfect couple (‘we’re so cute I want to punch us in the face’), she’s always about how she doesn’t want them to be like all these other couples. She’s basically using him from the start. So, I really don’t see INFJ here; maybe the idealism? but it’s all socially-conscious and shallow and superficial.
As for Ben Affleck (he as much as the character that he plays), his aloofness and lack of expressiveness strike me as ISTP-ish. His character reminds me of an ISTP friend with his dominant ESTJ wife (including infidelity and all).


Yeah! What she said!

I think the reason I originally went with ENFJ is because she took action. Planned action. This is what I see an INFJ doing: Calling him on his shit right away, but trying to make the marriage work. And also knowing it’s not going to work, but still trying to tread through the emotional waters. And also in those emotional waters is “why?”

This chick doesn’t care why. She sees it and plans revenge. Because really, he broke her heart. And fucking no one breaks Amazing Amy’s heart.

And this is where the movie/book is up to interpretation. I think it’s real. Yes, she’s psychotic. She can’t help it. If you were to read the book, you’d get more of the backstory on how fucked up her parents are. She fights for him. She is the cutest delusional fuck around, but she fights for him. That is why she comes back. Her original plan was to kill herself. But she sees him with the watch? tie? She kills to be with him. And let’s be honest, he loves it. He should have fought it right away. But he didn’t.


But the thing is, everything we see about their past- are entries from a diary- that she wrote to frame him.
So in a way, she is an unreliable narrator


True. But her actions speak where her diary does not.

I was gonna come back and say too: I don’t know about ENFJ now. Do ENFJs have the capability of such genius revenge?

This author is all about distorted reality and twists. This story looks psychotic and depressing, but in a way, it’s a love story. Just not the typical, predictable love stories.


And maybe the best romances are the ones where each person fears for their life. I know, I’d like to fear for my life once in a while. It’s the best way to feel alive.


Hmmm, but all we know about her actions is that she is meticulously planning a revenge, and is capable of murdering an unrelated guy to finally get (or trap?) the guy she wants.

but if we are to go by the version she fake-narrates, it seems like she was playing the part of “cool girl”, to get the guy. But she’s not cool-girl at heart… and as she shows her true colours, the guy doesn’t like it (maybe?). This part seems INFJ-ish maybe.
Some of the scenes (like him hitting her), I think she just wrote in the diary to make it seem like he was the bad guy and she was the victim.
Does she consider that she too had a part in it all? The movie doesn’t really show that she does…

Hmmm, i liked the movie. I don’t know If I need to see it as a love story… psychotic and depressing is good too, haha.


oh yea. Fear can be… addictive. But I very successfully give it to myself, don’t need anyone haha.


Putting this separately…

Maybe she could be ENTJ… Meticulous planning, no moral quandry, very clear she is in the right and the guy is wrong.
When she changes her plans, it’s not because she has any moral question… but she thinks she might get what she wants in a different way.


She’s lying to herself. She is sour and heart-broken. She also says something like - I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it.

I think she treated him like shit, no doubt. And was cynical. That’s what drew him into the arms of hot college chick. But he became a lazy son of a bitch too. He’s just in a lost place and she can’t take it. So she helps him… ha. Now he has purpose again.

What a curious thing to say!!! Haha.