Got Emotional Causality?


The older I get, the more I engage with various people and build up experience the one thing that keeps backing to me, that thought that keeps popping into my head is just how bad MOST people, nearly everyone is at emotional causality.

By emotional causality I just mean that perceptive ability to see the causes of psychological and emotional actions, and the effects actions will have on others, and their psychological and emotional actions.

I.e. like Newtonian logic applied to people.

People are so deficient in this. A large part of my life has been spent coming to terms with the fact that most other people don’t get my messages that I imply in between the lines, through subtleties, through looks.

Whenever I’m with my friends I feel like I’m constantly having to explain to them basic psychological and emotional happenings in their life, their environment, etc. They can’t see that this is happening because XYZ, and they lack the foresight to how their actions will result in consequences (and that these will keep on going to point a point b point c, etc).

I’m not sure why this is. It’s like people don’t even try to read other people’s minds. I reckon it’s a cultural thing. When I go to different cultures (a few specific ones) they are really good at this stuff.

For most of human history, rhetorical ability and the ability to see beyond another’s words has been the prime virtue.

It could be paradoxically that in our modern western nations we are really trusting (despite what it seems). Moderns trust each other like never before. Beyond a few loan sharks here and then, and a few con artists, moderns believe that they can take at face value what other people say.

I’ve always a preternatural quasi-Freudian tendency to mistrust everything someone says at face value.

“Can you hand me over the milk?”

Me: what the fuck is this sicko implying.

Can INFJ Men Be Charismatic Badboys?

Yeah, me too, though I’m very practised at pretending otherwise!

And if you’re not an INFJ @RumDawg, then you do a great impersonation of one…

I share my office with two other IFJ scientists and we never cease to be amazed at the appalling lack of emotional awareness we encounter on a daily basis among many colleagues and friends. I’m not sure that naivety is to blame; rather it strikes me that the problem arises from paying too much attention to words alone in interpersonal communications and ignoring all the other subtle signals, such as body language and voice tone.

Perhaps the increasing use of electronic communications such as textis and emails is to blame for this over-reliance on words?


What are your opinions of ENTJ?


Are you aware of what affect your action might have on your children?


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I’ll grant you another chance to rewrite your answer :slight_smile:


Hey Anthony when was the last time you thought about killing yourself? About three weeks ago? More recent?


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Stay away from those anti-depressants Anthony. They can make you do something that will disappoint your friends and family.


When you are at peace you may reattempt at coming up with better answers instead of making false assumptions and bitter remarks to satisfy your frustration result of bruised fragile ego :slight_smile:


Says a man whose entire account is dedicated entirely to replying to my messages. Really doing wonders for my ego pal. Really makes you thonk, dunnit.


But yeah, I reckon I’m spot on about the suicidal thoughts.

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As this relates to what RumDawg said about emotional causality, do tell.



Grow up Rum. If you can’t take it don’t dish it.



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You can be a bully too ya chump. Plus, it’s an expert troll user name. Dude deserves some cred.


Nope. Show me one place where I’ve attacked someone without warrant / provocation.

I criticise things and people indirectly.

Anthony reminds me of an ENTP. They tend to get invested in subjects, and blend their ego into subjects, so get butt hurt if you criticise that subject, and they’ll start attacking you personally, usually with smileys to make all more passive aggressive. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it’s this over focus on words. I can see it with an INTP I know — but they’re an INTP. You expect it from them. The rest of the population don’t have that excuse.

I tend to go the other way though to the point that when I’m communicating with someone I’m not actually paying attention to what they’re saying, just the manner or form of what they’re saying. And then they’ll ask me a question, and I’ll just have to say some BS coz I have no clue exactly what they were speaking about.


To be exact you haven’t guessed anything correctly so far.
Your assumptions are far from being perceptive young lad :wink:
I’m quite positive that your perception of emotional causality is just a projection of your inner turmoil and personal past experiences rather than objectivity.

Genuinely expected semi quality answers but instead extracted some golden reactions out of you.

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