Graves Theory/Spiral Dynamics


Does anyone find value in Spiral Dynamics? Or do you find it irrelevant or narcissistic? The similarities it has with other pseudo psychology theories is the progressive reversals of Fi/Te. At the very least I find it interesting. Please share any thoughts or insights you may have.


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I liked the Graves Model of stuff when I first learned it, but Maslow’s stuff was easier to understand haha. Glad you brought it up though since I can look at it again with fresher eyes!
In case anyone is wondering what it’s all about:

I’m looking at links and images right now and my first thought is “damn these ugly colours geez”. lol It’s not necessarily ugly, but since the researchers decided to kind of arbitrarily pick warm/cool colours to represent internal vs external focus respectively, it kind of has a mismatch with my perceptions.

Apparently some believe it predicts the next level of human development and understanding is the CORAL/INDIGO/whatever colour internal focus, so maybe some internal muse selfie/culture maximum. So this next level of “valueMEMES” may be describing internet meme culture itself. LOL The “self”, as an idea that detaches and lives on its own, going viral, the global self, etc.

Here’s a bit of a “woo” type of chart for this further development of humanity (with efforts towards making it use nicer colours lol). Probably is a bit too hopeful seeming toward this “unity” tier when you look at the evidence today and it’s just all “alternative facts” and “memes” right now. lol

I propose more than a spiral model, it’s often like a spring. Sometimes all the tiers just collapse back down only to later spring back up as well. Explaining some of our oscillations/regressions into being stupid babies even if we’ve reached “greater enlightenments” or feel ourselves to be beyond base tribalism.


Finally got a chance to look over all of this. The first level of value memes were interesting enough. I didn’t understand the second set. Seemed more like spiritual guru type stuff… Until I read through what you put here. Now it is more interesting. Somewhat chilling and Somewhat exciting.


So taking the graves model into our current American culture, it looks like with Obama we were in the “Purposeful/Absolutist” phase. Very comparable to an isfj. Then we went backwards and chose the “Impulsive/egocentric” phase of war gods…drawing lines in the sand (or building walls)…Thinking we were choosing the next phase of “Achievist/Strategist.” Which is why I love this statement:

Thanks for sharing @Prax!