Grimes + Elon Musk


Accepting all hot takes on the couple as well as types. ENFJ + INTJ? Wild guessing on minimal research.


Grimes must be INFP. Second guess ENFP. The way she talks seems like Ne aux. Lots of fluffy, cute, LOVE vibe from her. Ni id stuff in her music videos and album covers.

Elon Musk is INTJ. Cause His Holy Highness Blake said so, and it seems to make sense.


How does one distinguish Ne in regular stack and Ne ID? I mean I can recognize it, but does Ne in the ID just come off wayyyy more out there?


Really? INTJ? Hm, I don’t know, I would disagree. I think he’s ENTJ. He reminds me of Trump. Sorry Musky fans.


OK then I’ll do my research. Never saw no interviews of him and such so perhaps the lazy INTJ typing is wrong…

Did Blake indeed say Elon Musk was INTJ? I’m pretty sure he did. But perhaps my memory fools me but I do think he typed him at some point. I think on the website itself. Can you find it? (If of course you have the time to do it!)


Did a quick search and couldn’t seem to find him on the forums, maybe it was on the main website? I could look tomorrow more in-depthly.

Anyways before going forward, I should state that I am not a fan of musky and thus most definitely bias. (ie, I think musky is a dweeb).

Plus, I should give some real reasoning. Musky stated that even though he named his company after Tesla, he prefers Edison.

“But on balance, I’m a bigger fan of Edison than Tesla because Edison brought his stuff to market and made those inventions accessible to the world, whereas Tesla didn’t really do that.”

“As far as role models, I think there’s obviously somebody, the obvious role models. I think Edison was certainly a role model probably one of the biggest role models.”

Perhaps I have a strange respect for INTJs and don’t see them as capitalist sell outs, which there’s nothing wrong with making money, but a preference for role models base on something like influence and worldly accessibility or money doesn’t seem like an INTJ perspective. Except, I’ve been wrong multiple times, so hell, IDK anymore. I’ll leave the typings to pros like you and blake.


That’s a very fair reason. I actually know a lot less about Elon Musk than you do. Only generally who he is and what he did. So I trust your opinion more.

What do you think @SoundDesiign?


And SoundDesiign, I’ll get back to you when time allows me to sit down and write a proper response.


I wouldn’t count this out. I think most INTJ are hellbent at simply accomplishing their goals whether it be money, being the best at something… whatever those goals might be. What I DO kinda find conflicting with him being an INTJ would be the fact that he’s been married like three times which would seem kind of conflicting with Tertiary Fi, but I’m definitely reaching in this regard.

I await your response @schlopadoo ! :slight_smile:


I don’t remember having ever said anything about Musk’s type.

Here are all the comments mentioning Elon Musk on Stellar Maze website (in chronological order):


Piggie started it. She typed Musk as INTJ. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of. And indeed, upon looking into him yesterday, I’d agree with her - I think he’s an INTJ.


Would love your take on Grimes whenever you have a chance Blake!


Yes, I agree. I just looked into her. She is enneatype 3 ENFJ in the same vein as Bjork, Kate Bush, Poppy, iamamiwhoami, and Aurora.

There is a very similar visual element in all their music videos, especially to iamamiwhoami, Poppy, and Aurora because they all are modern. Also, they all sing and/or speak in a high-pitched sugar-shriek ethereal voice. Kate Bush was probaly the first to sing like this.

Yeah, pretty much. I think you’re seeing a lot of Ne id in all these women I listed in similar vein to Grimes. Such that one is tempted to label them ENFP, or INFP. I’ve seen this with Bjork and Poppy, for example.

Yeah, a lot of weird Ne. Hyperactivity and almost like a pressured speech type thing I see in Grimes.

And there is an Se sexual thing bursting out over the weirdness of that Ne. And Ni.

And Fe.


Everything all the time, indeed.


Hmmm…OK…I never would have typed Grimes as ENFJ to be honest…I was very well impressed with the idea that she was xNFP probably before I knew much about typing. I never went back to her stuff once I started getting into Blake’s stuff.

I don’t see Se sexual thing at all. What I see is goofiness. She looks quite awkward and gawky to me. I do see the visual element in her. I mean, she’s got style and has all this weird symbolism in her music videos but I don’t see true Se. iamamiwhoami, on the other hand, for sure has Se going on. I can believe Aurora as well. Don’t know who Poppy is.

I know anhydrite also had a video of Grimes a long time ago asking if she was INTJ, and there I found her speech really…really…not clear. She didn’t have the attention-grabbing thing an ENFJ has. I was almost convinced this was Ne aux I was looking at. She had a hard time expressing herself and was pretty awkward. Also she lacks stage presence (she’s infamous for that), and well, yeah presence in general. She doesn’t convince me. No projection of persona at all. That’s not to say that I don’t like her music (she’s best at working in the background, which I understand is the same for the likes of Kate Bush for example), but she really is no performer or actress IMO.

Her musical influences are also really fucking random. K-pop, Mariah Carey, Janelle Monae, Kate Bush, Trent Reznor, Nick Minaj…OK…Ah yes, she also likes angels.

Overall, I saw her as somebody fluffy and loveable. I don’t see any danger - none at all. I just see hippie drippie LOVE LOVE.

But OK. I will revisit her stuff again in a new light and see if I see ENFJ.

On the other hand, I know Princess Diana was typed as INFP but I’m toying with ENFJ instead for her. She looked kind of goofy and awkward at a first glance, but she (unlike Grimes) had a lot of convincing presence. She was performing in all her photos. Her presence, her on-point fashion was all giving a message about something. This message that made the whole world side with her. That is really some kind of power. And her body type, too, is lean and mean, and not at all gawky.

But anyways, maybe I find it hard to differentiate between Ne id/Ni aux and Ni id/Ne aux. I find that their eyes look kind of similar at first glance and both may give out of this warm fire vibe to them, but their overall feel/presence is vastly different. ENFJs are just convincing without having to convince anyone at all. Their bodies are convincing. Their vibe is convincing. Camille Paglia referred to what I’m getting at as “shamanistic power” (which she used to describe both Kate Bush and Princess Diana) and I agree with that. I don’t think Grimes has this at all.


OK I think I see Fe a bit here. And I definitely see the hyperactivity that Blake was referring to in these videos (I didn’t really see this hyperactive rambling in the video anhydrite posted I think…but perhaps my memory fools me):

(But she approves of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj…? To each his own, but for me…nooooooooo. She also said that she is simply incapable of being sexual, hence looking up to Nicki Minaj who is very sexual. I agree, she is not sexual to me at all)

(She’s really confident here. Really hyperactive here. She’s so fucking cute, awww)

OK, from these videos I could compromise and say ENFP here. I see a Peter Pan, childish vibe to her. But I still don’t see ENFJ. The eyes if you look at them alone seem a bit ENFJish. But again the overall feel lacks danger, sex, or any sort of strong personality projection. However, she definitely seems grounded in what she feels and likes and has tons of confidence in her opinions. But I don’t see any Ti here, nope, not even a shadow. In my eyes, she is operating 100% on her feelings, however random and weird they are. Seems like Fi to me.

Oh yes, and I just googled her birthdate. She has a sun in the latter half of Pisces.


I am not sure yet what I think she is, but I really like her!


I see ENFJ in this performance.


She also most likely has a Pisces moon, and has N. Node in Pisces.
Any chance she’s INFJ?

Do you recall in which work Camille Paglia made reference to the concept of “shamanistic power” you cite? I would be interested to read it. Thanks!


Yes, but then there’s this video and that whole theory is undone. :wink:


I’m gonna also attempt to poke a hole into the XNFP theory as well.

I personally don’t think Fi high in the stack would allow something like this to slide.

Grimes takes “anti-imperialist” out of her twitter bio.

To me it seems like quite an Fi subject to even CONSIDER recontextualizing one’s beliefs on anti-imperialism. Even if it IS Musk. I know people are sensationalizing this bit, but I think someone with Fi would try to save as much face as possible with the potential of this criticism. She recently added it once again, and now it’s gone again.

Not to mention her seemingly defending Musk’s reports of union busting. It just seems contradictory in Fi land as well.

Open to anybody who has disagreements, I just don’t think this would be a reality for an ENFP or INFP. :man_shrugging:

Edit: A small meme for kicks while I’m here.


My first take on her was that she was ENFP. She looks like an enneatype 3 ENFP. On first impression. I do see what @schlopadoo is saying. There is some xNFP thing going on in her. And I wouldn’t discount that. It’s a factor. A subtype, if you will.

However, I stand by her main type being enneatype 3 ENFJ.