Happy Baby-New-MBTI...?


If you’ve seen my activity here or on the mAzE, you might have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to types and typing. Yes, you are right. I have no freaking clue. It’s a confusing system to me that I naturally want to reject. HOWEVER, it peaks my curiosity on occasion. Because it’s one piece to the massive puzzle that is – Human.

I’ve always wondered about the presentation of types. How does one type present to another? Blake has said somewhere (maybe in a comment), that the first impression that he gets from people is usually spot on. Well, what does each type’s first impression look like? How old is the person? How mature are they in their development? What do they show when they’re nervous and “not themselves”? Are they showing their id or their true type? Or, are they just hormonal?

And, when may we type an individual? Surely not at age two. Freud says, we are born with our ids, egos develop between the ages of three and five, and our egos appear soon after that. May we assume that an individual is an individual at age 5-7? Yes, other things are added to the soup later, but we have the foundation of our personalities at this age.

Now, Blake brings something very interesting into the mix. Temperament. Which he says comes from our birth chart. I’ve always like astrology better. Why? Because it’s a done deal. There is no argument over what sign you are. But, adding this confuses me more. Because it seems there is an endless possibility in what type you could be. And not only that, but how you present. And don’t get me started on enneagrams.

But, maybe endless possibility is a good thing. Especially when you’re looking for feedback. There is room for interpretation and civil arguments. Learning and growing.

It is the new year, and being said ENFJ (or ENFP) AND a Scorpio, brings me to a point of contemplation and need for transformation. And to transform we must look at where we came from. What molded us into the people we are right now?

My directions are simple:

-Post a picture of your childhood self (any stage) or a picture from your childhood.
-Tell us how you were as a child. How have certain qualities evolved or stayed constant.
-Also, maybe, kinda sorta, try to answer some of the numerous questions sprinkled in this article.

Happy New Year!


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I too was trying to write a post for that thread. Have it in pages but was not finished and needed a picture also. As I have a very pressing project I must attend to, I could not give it the immediate time I needed to contribute. It was a worthy thread.


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Perhaps it was part of your ID throwing you for a loop and is relevant to the very thread! hahaha


My little sister is enfj (I think) and in all pics of her as a kid she appears to stare through you. She still feels shy although she does not come across shy. But she does have an anxious reserve underneath her amazing personality. She sometimes throws in hearty chuckles into conversation to diffuse all tension and also to allay her own tension.


Yes, when I am in public, I always greet people with a smile and an excitement in my tone. I’m easily affected by negativity, so I try to set the tone before anyone else does. Usually, I’m matched with a smile which in turn, calms me as well. And this is how I handle interactions with acquaintances or strangers. I would never greet a colleague or a stranger with negativity or depression. I would care too much about a.) how they would view me and b.) in what way I would impact their day. If I show any, ANY negativity towards you, consider yourself close to me. Consider yourself trusted by me.


I want to play! Soon! I just have to finish these fecking projects and I am procrastinating while I drink my tea but they will not build themselves. Ugh!
Adorable picture. There were parts of you that struck me as INTP. I think that adds to the confusion. We can see other personas or reflections or bits or something, in us and each other. I very much like the enneagram and look forward to threads about that in time. Astrology I am way behind in though.


@Ankh Hahah what a bright cutie! You look pretty relaxed in the picture. I can relate, I wasn’t much for social interaction as a kid–or now even! lol Do you feel secretly introverted at heart? Or do you still feel energized being around people and leading them in a way?

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of me!
Me and my bro lookin’ COOL. I don’t know what age exactly… maybe I’m 3 and he’s 2 (Cancer, probably INFP, we were born less than a year apart so we were always kind of a team lol).

I think I am 9-10ish in this one… doing my homework! I liked making comics, and for whatever reason I thought I could reach some intended audience for advertising through the camera/photograph! It was originally written in pencil, but didn’t show up after it got developed so… … I wrote on the photograph in pen to emphasize what the sign was supposed to show? Amazing!

I think in this picture, you can kind of see that I come across a bit serious or even a bit cynical + haughty – or at least that’s what I see in myself. :smiley:

From what my parents say, if it is to be believed, I learned to talk at 9 months and this was before I learned to walk (and I never went to crawling–instead I pulled myself forward like a slug and went onto standing and walking haha–I also kept hitting my head into things–possibly for fun, or was I somewhat clumsy? I don’t know–this is why I think about autism/aspergers on top of the other stuff lol). So a bit precocious but also uhh… physically uncoordinated. I had a lot of ideas, creative and otherwise floating in my head, and I was always curious and getting into trouble for it. I’d start taking things apart to see how the mechanics looked inside or scribble all over the walls, and world build and draw comics and put prices onto them as if I could market them to some unknown audience out there. I didn’t really understand the world socially, or at least was pretty anxious or confused about social etiquette, and didn’t really like talking to strangers (adults or kids), and developed a somewhat misanthropic or cynical outlook (basically I thought most of the world didn’t make sense or that people were idiots, and I generally equated evil with stupidity/incompetence xD ). I role-played or played with stuffed animals a lot with my brother, and they’d go on adventures and fight badguys and we’d come up with different power systems and hierarchies and weird dynamics between the different groups (badguys vs goodguys and playing around with the stereotypes/conventions). I grew up fairly tomboy as well, to my mother’s chagrin, and all sorts of gender role and socialization and prestige stuff grates against all my logic circuits, so I never really had much incentive to want to “fit in”.

I think that kind of explains a Ti-id with developing sense of connection between those ideas and then just general judgment cast against the world if people were “dumb enough” to succumb to evil-doing or irrationality. I think the development of my compassion and empathy for the possible hardships of others came a lot later, like maybe in the end of highschool, because I was fairly tonedeaf and ruthless in deciding if somewhat was or wasn’t worth my time before then. hahaha… I think I once announced to my close friends that I didn’t need friends and “I think I should only be friends with people who are useful to me in some way.” How did I still even have friends after that? I think one of them is at least ENTJ, so she didn’t mind. hahaha

My parents always valued me as very smart and of course wanted me to become a doctor, possibly a lawyer (because I argued with them a lot?), and I did do very well in school without too much blood and sweat, but I think my introversion/misanthrope feelings/social anxiety won out in the end, so I couldn’t will myself to go into the “caring professions”. Now I just work full-time doing non-thinky stuff (I’m pretty overeducated for my job, but I’m happy nonetheless!) and play around online. How glamorous! I also somehow got married (my friend says only an INFP would fall for such seduction methods hahaha!). Just doing enough to get enough, all meticulously planned out so I can waste the rest of my time on my real interests and hobbies. So maybe that’s just very INTJ in the end!

As for the being a Leo in many planetary aspects with a Taurus rising, I guess I am a fairly introverted leo. I don’t look for or crave the spotlight as much as you’d typically read about, but I do like looking at my own creative products or reading my own words and delight in my own foolishness enough that it seems to fit. :smiley: It probably warms up the cold image of a typical INTJ, but also makes me a bit more… I guess frivolous? Free-spirited? Not sure. But with a materialistic and consistent taurus-y projection too.

I think I am still pretty much the same kinda kid, just a smidge more compassionate or understanding of human foubles… and more curly hair (I think puberty caused genes from the other side of my family to kick in, so I have asian waves/curls now instead of straight black hair, giving me a much more Leo look!).


“OMG” Cool post! I tried to start something like this in one of my posts in the Stellar Maze website, but alas, nobody replied.

Well, about the picture - sorry can’t do that, as I find it quite personal and hence not appropriate for the whole of Internet to see. But let’s just say that I had two eras, so picture this: (1) Young me from toddler to age 8/9 or so - very girly, princessy, petite girl with a rather prominent smile that goes all the way up to the eyes. Nevertheless, bashful-looking. (2) Age 9 to 12 - bookworm-looking tomboy donning spectacles for the first time, as gaunt as a skeleton, still very short with the same warm, prominent smile…And oh…things have changed from there! Nowadays in my early twenties, I have somewhat returned to my former self, very girly and all, at least in style and appearance, but my vibe is very intense, aggressive/masculine, and probably pretentious as well. I don’t smile often, but one might be able to catch me in my rare genuine moments.

I was very well-loved and in fact, spoiled rotten as a child, yet strangely I always felt deprived of love. - maybe it’s because my INTJ father left the house when I was young. I needed constant re-affirmations from my mother, who is for sure an enneatype 3, and maybe an ESTP, ISTP, or ENFJ with Aqaurius moon. I remember doing everything for my mother to constantly seek her approval - I wanted to be good, smart, talented, agh, just anything to buy her love. I was also quite touchy - but only in privacy - and constantly begged for hugs. Apparently my hugs were quite warmly intense or intensely warm (idk) as a child. And ha, I don’t give such hugs out anymore - never. I’m a cold, bitter-hearted bitch…but the, ehem, “thirst” is still there? I’m sure you get what I mean by that.

I guess the other salient trait, really, is the striking difference between how I behave at home vs how I behave at school. In school I was a very shy, quiet and mild little girl. Always polite and thoughtful. At home, I was a rambunctious tomboy, never running out of energy, crashing and bumping into things like a bulldozer. I also had a terrible temper at home and constantly sassed around my older ESTP/ISTP sister and my mother, because my way is always right and well, fuck authority. Some of my tantrums were so terribly memorable that my parents declared full-say in who I’d marry (rolls eyes). Well, they have a point, rightly so, I know I have a terrible monster in me. It’s been laying dormant for a very, very long time…for many years now…but I know it’s there and it’s out for blood.

And fuck, this post is getting terribly long because I enjoy talking about myself so much. As for typing individuals, if we go by Blake’s book, if I can remember the ego emerges round about the age of 7? The id is a reflection of how one has experienced his/her mother, and the ego emerges when the child begins to identify his/herself as a separate entity from his/her mother? It’s hard to say when I had personally experienced the first sprigs of Ni in my childhood…My childhood was filled with many changes around age 5-7, moving to an entirely different country, having to learn a new language only two years after I had learned to speak/write/read in my native tongue, father tankin’ out…Perhaps this was exactly the time I had begun to rely on Ni, living in a non-verbal realm to try to adapt to a strange new world with all these changing circumstances. I didn’t have a goddamn clue what was going on - I had to find some way at least. I was quite non-verbal, really, until I entered adolescence, so I had never thought I had any gift with language, only with mathematics/science/art/music. Communicative ability really only began to shine when I was 13/14. …My mother didn’t think I had any intellectual gift at all, only creative gifts really, during my primary school days - and rightly so, I was busy dilly-dallying in my own little fictional world, eyes clouded with purity and naivety…Maybe this was an actual manifestation of pure Ni mixed with Fi-id. Once I fully acquired and mastered the English language (this was around age 11/12 - I was a late/asynchronous developer), my astrology came into play I think and I had quickly and intuitively adopted the craft of being competent (I have a Libra sun with Saturn as a chart ruler, also Aquarius as my ascendant). I became overall much more air-ish, as implied by my natal chart, from adolescence onwards, and by now, no one would ever suspect me as an INFJ. I come across as INTJish or even ENTJish, but the fucked up insecure, love-deprived, sexually hungry Fi-id child is definitely still there hiding inside me.

Anyways, I think with my case at least, my type only really became clear around age 12/13, and the first fruits (poisonous fruits that is) of neglected Fi id came about age 15 or so. I think the delayed emergence has a lot to do with weird events throwing off my early childhood development. Now that I think about it, astrology might have been playing from the beginning, as my pampered childhood and penchant for theatrics seem to resonate quite well with my Leo moon. Although I was quite sensitive and possessed a rather shame-based insecurity about myself, I wasn’t too aware of emotional intensity, spiritual affairs, others’ emotional wellbeing, or well human-pathos in general, until age 16 maybe. I remember friends telling me of a loved ones’ illness or death and I would feel strangely detached and at a loss for how I should react. (Of course, this was all covered up by my pretense of being nice and meek) Maybe this has something to do with the air-ish elements of my birth chart, or idk, maybe even the strange detached feeling I had living in a fast-changing, foreign world, somewhat placed me in the shoes of a Ti-id dweller…So I had adopted this weird split personality between INFJ and INTJ since very early on, especially due to very delayed language development (and hence heavy reliance on the logical realm), but the original-original “real” me is INFJ, based on manifestations of Fi-id in my wee-kiddy toddler days.


Can I answer by using the word: both? In work-life there is no other option for me other than to lead. This is how I see it. And, it wasn’t always that way. My childhood was spent trying to blend in. I’ve been told all my life, I have so much potential. And it is time to get as close to it as possible. At home, I live differently. I have a husband and 1…2…3…4 cats. I don’t have girlfriends. And having friends in general is a tough idea for me. My thoughts used to be very cold towards other people. But, as I’ve gotten a little older, I see people as me and me as people. It’s tiring living alone inside. So, I seek friendship more now than ever. However, people’s definition of friendship seem to be different than mine. So, it may take a while. Haha.

These are awesome!! I am so envious of those sweet shades! My sister and I were buddies too. I can relate to having someone live under the same roof as you and “get it”. I bet you guys have fun conversations now as adults.

If I heard this from one my “friends” I would have tried to become closer to them if they wanted it. No one was real like this with me. I was quiet and most of the time a fly on the wall, so I would hear a lot of conversations without being a part of them. And, well, the rich kids I went to school with made me believe the world was like them, and I didn’t want to be a part of it. So, I commend you for saying something. I would have never and still would never say anything!! ha!


Thank you! I urge you to try here. Things can get lost in the maaaaaaze. I’m very thankful Blake made this area for us.

Have you tried any physical outlets for this aggression? Yeah, girl. Try kick-boxing. And if you have pent up sexual drives and desires, try wrestling boys. I’m serious. Jiu jitsu. It’s fun. If you’re out for blood, seek it. That is my opinion. You’ll find out if you really have a taste for it. There are certain elements to you that remind me of me.

I know you are reserved about posting a photo of yourself, so thank you @schlopadoo for sharing this much info with us. It feels good doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

@TinyYellowTree, we’re waiting for you to join the partaay. It is all very confusing, yes.


Erika, you inspired me to exercise today, haha! I need some kind of release-valve for all that tension inside me :wink:

It’s interesting you find some similarities with me. I have always thought I had a bit of ENFJ in me, and in fact, I always found 4w3 to somewhat ring true to me although I would probably pigeonhole myself as an enneatype 4w5. People claim that I have a very distinct, charismatic presence, but strangely enough that only comes from people of my own race and not from Westerners. The latter would claim I am just another Asian (don’t get me started on that) or an aggressive one, lol. I also like to relate to people as a whole, which is why I love the stage and classrooms, but not really one-on-one unless I have committed to imprisoning the few-select to being my friends. I think this might be both an ENFJ and INFJ thing.

So you seemed to have been shy as a child, and even now, you are not as, idk, “open” to others as you may seem? It blows my mind, as I had always found ENFJs very in-your-face and I don’t mean in that hyperactive, crazy way, but idk, they are just very charismatic and seem so at ease talking to anybody. And of course, having an extraverted judging function as the dominant could very well imply full-on extraversion as opposed to extraverted perceiving types…So just exactly how do you think Fe manifests in your daily life, and when did you begin to see it emerge in your life?

And what was Ne id like to you as a child? Do you struggle with the id at all nowadays? Now you got me all curious about the inner side of ENFJs!! For some reason I can only think of their masks, cause they seem all about the auxiliary, you know?


lol, I have many INTJ friends since I majored in a science during university…It’s funny because I have one INTJ friend with an Aquarius moon who pretty much lives by this motto, “I think I should only be friends with people who are useful to me in some way.” Sometimes I’m just that close to murdering him, because he doesn’t ever reply to our Internet conversations or earnest texts but then would slyly join in like a cat whenever he needs something from us. Goddammit. My other female INTJ friend who’s very earth-y just literally admits with a light-hearted laugh, “Yeah I don’t care about other people. I’m selfish.” And as all of us lot are intuitives with a lot of air in our temperaments, we just laugh. I mean at least she’s being honest!

But really, you INTJs are in some way a lot nicer than most people in the world. There is something that is actually very non-selfish in the way you tend to people you actually care about. But then you’ll just fuck off in your own world when you’re done with it. Did you display any of this non-selfish love to maybe a parent of yours or to your brother back in childhood? My INTJ father was very closed off from the world and somewhat self-absorbed, but he was so self-sacrificial and pure in his love for his mother. The one-and-only. He’s not even like this to my mom, but there is a lot of unselfish love he brings to his children.

And is this also an INTJ thing to not really give a fuck about school and established systems? I find that my INTJ dad and INTJ brother both never really cared for subjects that didn’t interest them. They have their own hobbies, their own games, their own subjects of interest…And they tend to do well in school but not necessarily at the tippy toppy of their class because they’re kinda too proud to bend to all the rules. It kind of makes them feel superior, although there is an element of fear of incompetence behind it. Like by not playing by the rules and paying attention to all the details, they can excuse themselves for not meeting their standards by saying they never cared in the first place? Where does that stem from…? Ni and Fi?


You guys are so brave sharing pics…it would be extremely hard for me to do so. Thank you for the description :slight_smile:


I agree that some intjs at least are very cool when devoted to someone they decided to care about:) there is purity there…


I don’t know many enfjs, but have seen different types I think…
…some are kind of voracious, putting on a real performance as just a way of being, basking in this kind of state/trance, others are more chameleon like…vigilant almost. Or maybe they all do a bit of both.


In the future a man with a duck name will rule the world (incidentally I have a cat named Ducky which is short for duckshit because she is white with a brown spot on her back)
I must make plans:

  1. Practice sniper video games
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