Harry Potter's (Daniel Radcliffe's) type


HP is in the INFP section on the continuum list - do you then disagree with Blakes typing or are we talking about different things -

Harry Potter
the novels/theme
the writer (INFP according to Blake)
the fictional character and or
the actor Daniel Radcliffe (not on the list)

Is Christine and The Queens an ENFJ?

Yes, Blake types Harry Potter as INFP. I asked him about the actor (Daniel Radcliffe), but he’s not sure. Neither am I anymore. The actor is most likely the same type as his character. I’m good with INFP for both. I guess I don’t care that much. Snape is my guy. :slight_smile:

The truth remains that in that excerpt Christine really does look like the HP actor. Fi face? Dunno.


Checked out some interviews with Radcliffe. Looks like a geek. Looks like an INFP.