Help. Little confused here with my type here.


I’ve always felt split with type description. Always seen myself as an INFP with more INFJ attitudes. Also felt a little off with some of the INFP community. Help me contextualize?



Well the Se is really low and Te much higher, so I’d assume INFP over INFJ

Tbh, try this test instead
It’s a little long, but worth it

Also keep in mind that on this site, introverts’ J/P are swapped (so like, INFP = INFj lowercase j)


My results end up as IEI-1Ni (INFp) :confused:


Read these, if you haven’t already.


Definitely have, and the temperamental aspects / attitudes I usually identify with INFJ which is confusing.


Yeah well here’s my quick and superficial interpretation.

INFPs tend to care about figuring out their type because they value their own individuality (and others) very highly. From my experience they usually express this individuality through the clothes they wear and the art, music and films they consume. Whilst also having strong emotional connections to objects, paraphernalia, sub cultures or fictional characters/stories that reflect and support this individuality. I remember once watching a video of an INFP guy showing off his collection of mythical Viking daggers and goblets and taking great care at explaining about how they made him feel and how he related to what they represented.

Imagine the kid in high school who would sew badges of their favorite bands onto their backpack. Nirvana, Green Day, NoFX, whatever. An INFJ might also like those bands, but wouldn’t particularly care about needing anyone else to know, or connecting them too strongly to their own personality. For an INFJ, pinning anything down to a single personality almost feels too restricting, hence the whole confusion of ‘who am I?’. Trying to tie down a personal sense of individuality always feels like an ‘act’ in some ways, no matter how hard they try to be somebody, a sense of fakery generally haunts them. Which is why they come to MBTI, in the hope it will finally explain who the f**k they actually are.

INFJ’s express themselves not so much to express their ‘self’ but rather to express the supercalifragilistic myriad of impressions they feel inside of themselves. The self is like a painted egg shell that contains all their fucked up yolk that they constantly mentally finger, just like this;

Yet when they crack themselves open and let all that funky chicken goo pour forth into the world. They feel much better and no longer care so much about who they might be. Fuck the shell, who cares anyways, yolk the place up!

You get me homeslice?

Or do you relate more to snippy hands here, with his unique and precious identity.

I’m yolking.


I feel you and thanks for chatting.

I mean I got some of this and I have my tastes, but aesthetic is only aesthetic. At the very core of it all it doesn’t mean shit. It’s not true self, just things someone likes.

These are just things. To me it doesn’t reflect true self. Ultimately, the stuff I like doesn’t define who I am truly as an individual.

Right and I’ve always lowkey thought that I’m acting. Always acting. The way I interact with others is beyond what I imagine my “true self” is. I unconsciously pick up on peoples accents too and unknowingly copy it. It’s lame af.

Word but that doesn’t answer any questions. People have said I’ve got a pretty intense stare. “Lazer focus” with resting bitch face. I’ve been called an onion.

Never really identified with Sir Edward here nor really gave any shit about anything Tim Burton has made or anything in that realm.

I feel you fam.

Let it all out.


But the thing is, I know what I feel.


infp based on your first results.

The infj would acore higher on introverted thinking than introverted sensing I suspect.

The infj would likely score lower on extroverted thinking than on extroverted sensing as well.

Nothing in your results conflict with the infp and much conflicts with the infj.

Your socionics score of infj doesn’t preclude infp; it says you have a 92% as good a chance of being an mbti INFP as INFJ.

so basically it makes plenty of sense that you’re infp and very little that you’re infj.