Help me spot the INFJ!


Since I’ve decided that I’m a visual learner I need to get this one off my chest, so I have to see what each type looks like and especially healthy ones. There are many self-proclaimed INFJ youtubers, but I’ll try to pick a few that I know of and would be very grateful if you could tell me which one is INFJ and which one is not.

Erik Thor (INFJ or ISFJ? I’m almost scared for him since he built an entire MBTI channel and typing business, but he seems too “nice” and has a very Si style of explaining theories…???)

Tom Davidson (INFP?? He was confused between the two and I related to everything he said, INFP then? lol)

Type A Hippie (I’m almost sure about this one, just added her to show you what I look for.)

solohouette – also INFJ I think?

Wenzes – I’m lost here


I don’t have an actual opinion/answer on all the cute introspective YouTubers. To add more chaos to the questions, I also wanted to submit some intellectual/opinionated/emotional psychologists as comparison material because I think these types of people also often get submitted as INFJs:

Or Maria Popova:

Or Simon Sinek:

Or Josh Waitzkin:


Oh s**t



it’s only a matter of time before this typing challenge lures me in:)
for now i’m resisting because i can’t type people and don’t want to waste your time. hopefully someone will help you out.
if @supernokturnal (@thevegancannibal) were here I’m sure he would!


I thought it would be easy, especially for the other INFJs here. But maybe INFJ is a mistery even for INFJ :smile:


does second dude have vague resemblance to Daniel Day Lewis ?



Sorry for the delay, I’ve been a bit weird. I finally did my homework and had a look at DDL again and the impression I get from him is very different: there’s heaviness, charm and more deliberation. Sparkling eyes.
Back to this Tom Davison guy: I’m pretty sure he’s an INFP now. There’s that lightness, innocence, I’m bad at describing these impressions because words can’t really explain it. It’s very frustrating. But INFJ he is not.

On a side note, after reading the ‘INFJ –INFJ relationships’ topic the forum prompted me to, watching the Jeff Buckley video triggered something that made me realise that the ENFJs I supposedly felt so drawn to are more likely INFJs? --Think actors like James Franco, Jason Ritter… I’m pretty sure about Franco, Ritter seems more at peace with himself somehow, is that what healthy INFJ is like? – Damn, I didn’t need to know this about myself right now! :pensive:


The videos you posted are tricky, because they are almost all performing in a way or another. I’m usually searching for more ‘genuine’ interviews to get a better sense of the person.

***Disclaimer: I’m lazy and will base these attempts at typing on superficial information.

I’ll skip the first because I’m not sure which one you think might be INFJ.

Maria Popova - oh, I just realised who she was!! I enjoy reading Brain Pickings and I thought the name sounded familiar! :smiley: I think she might be INFP? She doesn’t seem to have a connection with the audience; the talk is very personal somehow.

Simon Sinek – first impression is that I’m hesitating between xSFJ and xNTP, but I’ll go with ISFJ. ENTP-ish ISFJ.

Josh Waitzkin – hmm, it’s difficult to get a definite vibe from him. He reminds me of some people I know in real life whom I also don’t know where to put. I see hunches of ENFP, hunches of INTP and I think that’s what happens when we are looking at an INFP man in disguise. :grin:

These are my two cents, fwiw they’re all very healthy/self-actualised people and that’s nice to watch, regardless of their type.


I think Wenzes is legit, she has a good understanding of socionics


Have we ever come to a consensus about a YouTuber who’s definitely an INFJ? Whenever one is touted as one somebody always declares them to be an INFP or a ISTP or some shit.


A Tom Davison posted on Just sayin’


‘Tis him!!! Yer found out, Tom. :kissing_heart:


Sorry I didn’t mean to uncover any identity. :slightly_frowning_face: I hadn’t even made the connection


Rumbled!!! :spy:

It’s ok

I’m already taking the necessary precautions


Elephant man tree.



I got told off by a Witch for that


Witches be wack. Unless they trade pogs.


this guy Dave is objectively typing people and this specific podcast is surrounded by INFJ

so him and his partner using “scientific method” to type these following as INFJ(different spectrum of):

Jerry Seinfeld
Casey Neistat
Jimmy Fallon

do you guys agree? can you see it?

the names are mentioned around 55:00

and the host of the show is INFJ


Wasn’t able to listen to that but enjoyed his anecdotal video on ‘What it’s like to have Inferior Extraverted Sensing [INFJ and INTJ]’ which makes me curious to see what else he has to say.


Why is this incredibly hilarious to me?