Help type these YouTubers


i can not put my finger on this one. both physically and mentally. haha

what is she? her name is Liza Koshy. xxFx ???

and her…

her name is Anna Akana… what can she be? i almost see her being a lot of things.

HELP! @Blake

oh… speaking of blake…

this guy’s name is Blake… what the heck is this guy???
i mean… what is his mbti ,


Liza Koshy - ISFJ
Anna Akana - INTJ
Blake Vapes - ISFP
Vsauce - ENFP pseudo-Ti
Ethan from h3h3 - ISFP
Hila from h3h3 - possibly INTJ
Tai Lopez - ISFP
Casey Neistat - ISTJ
Russell Peters - ISFP


Liza: Pretty sure she is ISFJ.
Anna: I watched a video of hers in which I believe she said she was an ENTJ. I dunno, that’s pretty believable.
Blake: Hm, I think ESFP, but maybe an ISFP. I would have to watch more of him later to know.

This is all just gut stuff though. I was briefly into Anna’s videos on YouTube, so I have a bit more to go on for her than for Liza and Blake.

Okay, I hope your topic gets opened back up so I can have a better analysis offered (maybe, I’m not skilled enough at MBTI to have a DEEP analysis, but I do have a bit more meat to offer to support at least Liza’s type).


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Liza = ISFJ
Anna = INTJ
Blake = ISFP

Any questions?


these are good. because it opens me up to seeing different sides of these mb types.
ISFJs are hilarious. I never thought they’re into self depreciating jokes.
the ISFJs I know (the ones I know for sure) are very worried about how they come off to people.


I have difficulties seeing ISFJ in the first one… Could it be she’s ISFJ in Ne grip? I find this type of humor agonizing. But I see Ne in it.


Yeah, like very hyper Ne that isn’t being used at all normatively. Definitely not an Ne dom.

My take is that she an ISFJ with a lot of fire placements in her chart. Something like that.

She feels like to me that if she dropped her shtick that she would be a regular charming girl. I see very good Fe that is not feigned.

Yes, obviously harder to see the Si dominance, but, I actually think that the way she goes over every little tattoo and has a shtick for it is very ISFJish. Kind of like an aching recounting of details with clever Ti-Ne twists.

What I think is that if she dropped the hyper-cramming aspect of her presentation, she would be funnier and less unbearable. Because if you listen to her actual writing, it is funny.

I think the Ne is reactive and she feels like she has to use it because that is what is expected of Youtubers in this day and age (or any Youtube age I suppose).

But, she is funny and has a gift for writing comedy. Many ISFJs are great comedic writers. Or sitcom writers. Or pop song writers.

An ISFJ is funnier when they are more laid-back and even approaching deadpan. And then bang, out with the zingers.

What it feels like to me in her comedy is that she needs to have the equivalent of a pause, taking a breath. Watching her makes me feel like I can’t catch my breath. And not in a good way.

She basically has a series of one-liners that come non-stop. It’s too much crammed into one space.


okay here comes more!

thank you for typing those 3 youtubers btw.
this is all new to me.
i would’ve never guessed those the way you ‘guessed’ it.

Vsauce. he is INTP or ENTP?

ENTP community claims that he is ENTP. but i feel like ENTP wants to claim everyone.

how about Ethan? the guy that’s doing the interview, and his wife Hila? what are they?

is Ethan ENTP or ESTP?
or even ESFP?

i REALLY want to know. what type is Tai Lopez?
i personally do not like him. but i want to know who can be so good at manipulating.


do you think Blake is still ISFP after watching this video?

his trollness threw everyone off. he’s a freaking genius.

Rusell Peters!
this guy is one of my top 5 favorite standup comedian.
what is his type?


this guy .Casey Neistat.
i can’t stand this guy.
this guy’s logic irks my soul.
but he’s a great blogger though.
what is his type?


These are fun @supernocturnal … Keep them coming. I got all the last ones wrong. Lol. But I thought it’d be more fun to be accountable for my opinions and write it out this time.

Vsauce entj or Intj
Ethan Entp
Tai estp
Blake ISFP
Russel peters ISFJ
Casey esfp


Omg I love this thread. Hearing that Liza is isfj has cleared up the types of a few friends around me…I didn’t realize that the Fe charm could be more subtle and less over the top emotion…


hmm, if you got the last one all wrong. then you must be wrong with these too. :smirk:
i need reasons for why you typed them those. explanation please!

Russel Peters ISFJs, again!!!

yo why all my favorite comedians ISFJ??

Louis CK, Liza, Rusell, they’re all ISFJ? they crack me up

we need you man!
do you agree with Sammy?


ENFP. Pseudo-Ti.

I'm unsure about my Myers-Briggs type

Keep going.


Vsauce ENFP?!?!?
holy mother… how? where?

Ethan neither of those?!?!

are you shitting me or are you forreal.

please explain.

alright. i’m gonna make a list when they’re confirmed


Lol. I haven’t been typing people that long. It would be better to wait for the pros. Lol. That’s why I like your thread… it’s good for practice.


hahah sounds good! i’ll keep em coming, don’t worry, i have a whole list that i want to know

but i’m gonna start with the more interesting ones from my perspectives

because they have more of a definite character


Hila looks to be an INTJ, but, I’d need to see more of her to feel certain.


OK, you give up on Ethan, Super?




Me neither. He’s seems like a real jerk.

Jeez, super, seems you have a thing for ISFPs.