How are you not insane yet?


Ever since learning about Myers-Briggs, I see type in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. It’s difficult not to label my thoughts, reactions, and inclinations into different function buckets, and do the same to everyone else I encounter. Sometimes I feel like I’m just monitoring my brain all the time for Fi/Ne/Si/Te moments, and it starts getting super meta.

I’m curious if anyone else experiences this? And hence my title question…how are you not insane yet?
How can you just enjoy interactions for what they are, and not a new case study in typology?


I doubt I can ever be sane, but…yes, it is hard not to see type into everything. I think I am even blinded by it at times. But it’s so much fun!


Oh yes!

As much as I love typology, sometimes I really wish I hadn’t come across it (not really, but you know what I mean)…

If I’m reading a book, I’m typing the characters and trying to predict what they’re going to do next based on their type… If I’m listening to music, in my head I’m going… “oh this sounds like something an enfp would like”… or… “that’s such an infj lyric”… or… “this theme is so infp”… If I’m watching a movie I’m typing the on-screen characters and the off-screen actors playing them… any art becomes as much about the artist as the art itself… i think it adds to the beauty most of the time… but I would like to be able to live as another version of me, who doesn’t type everything, and compare the difference in experience…

When I’m hanging out with friends i’m paying more attention to which function their words/behaviour/body language might be springing from than what they’re actually saying/doing…

I do that monitoring my brain thingy too… sometimes I’m analysing a person’s type/astrology in my dreams… and I even tell myself, in my dream, “you’ve got to give your mind some rest now”…

Lol… super entertaining and super draining… sometimes i feel like I lost my innocence and my ability to be surprised by the world… but then the world of typology/astrology is so useful and full of wonder itself… so everything is less and more (mostly more) fascintaing at the same time… But I REALLY wonder what kind of person I might have been right now if I hadn’t come across mbti…


I don’t know. Can you tell me as soon as you find out??? Even win I get sick of it and start hating myself for it, I still keep looking things up and typing people into the late hours of the night. I feel like I’ll eventually stumble upon a theory that connects every unconnected dot and answers every unanswered question and discover the whole time I’ve actually been an ANFJ which makes up .00002% of the population. Lol.


sigh… i miss my innocent Ni musings… and i used to say the corniest Fe things when i was, say, 15… i can’t get myself to do this anymore because it feels so inauthentic… but i remember how the shallow Fe expression used to make the people around me feel soo good…


They don’t give it enough credit in the psychology establishment while big businesses are using it to improve team efficiency (not a bad thing… it does help!)