How do we use our 7th and 8th function?


do we actually use them? or are they really just an ignoring function? or both?

how do you use your 7th and 8th function?

any INFJs INTJs INFPs ENFJs and ENTP and Blake

how do each use these functions?

Hmmm, how do I use my Fi and Ne?


i just asked my ENFP brother, who uses Ne and Fi.

he tells me Fi is ‘wanting to feel appreciated for what one did’

i guess in that sense I don’t care that much.
when people say "thank you"
in my mind I just go “yeah yeah whatever words are just words”

respect > appreciation

he said “when you use your Fi, you use your Se with it, like ‘yeah I know I’m good’ with confidence”

me: how do I use Ne?

bro: Hmmm, idk you don’t really use it

me: how do i NOT use Ne?

bro: because you always say ‘this is what it is. it doesn’t have to be anything else’, but often times when you have an epiphany about something, you use your Ne but always following with Ti. never just Ne by itself.

… Hmmm. Idk if my brother knows what he’s talking about.

my Fi was learned consciously through Bible.
if bible didn’t tell me to take care of my family, I could care less about any of them except my wife.

i treat my family because I know I have to, not because I necessarily want to.
I know doing Fi is beneficial for my soul and energy, so I do it.

me : how do you use Ne?
bro : it’s like bunch of what ifs
me : do I ever say that?
bro : the only time you use ‘what ifs’ is when you already know the answer and you’re trying to make the listener come to the conclusion you want. it’s a very specific ‘what if’. It’s ‘What if’ with an intention.

me: so… I’m not really using Ne…?

bro: the only time you use it, is when I ask you questions and you answer it realistically. like you recognize it but it becomes Se. But i really appreciate it when you say “let me stop being so realistic and answer your question with an interesting answer”

this is much to be explored…

I’m gonna try recognizing 7th and 8th function in other types.

ENXP though, it seems like they don’t care too much about bad smell. it’s either they have weak nose… Or They don’t really care.

i don’t recall ENXP telling me their favorite food. like specifically.
they eat just about anything and they like trying different things.
I can’t try new things unless I know it’s “safe”

and Ne Dom Really don’t care about physical appearance at the end of the day. they prefer heart of gold way more than models with shitty personality.

Ni Dom, How do they use Si?
wow. that one is very difficult because Ni and Si somehow looks similar to me.
I’ve seen Ni tell me their life stories and there’s so many details I feel like it’s an Si.

what the heck is Si?


We had a brief discusssion on Si as the 8th function for INTJs and INFJs in this thread:

As for the 7th function, most types experience this as the Superego (critical parent/conscience/Saturn) function according to Blake. Another view proposed by the Jungian analyst and writer John Beebe, is that the 7th function has a kind of Trickster archetypal energy. From my own observations, I can see both qualities in the 7th function of myself and other types.

In superego mode, the function is more internally directed, and feels restrictive, confining and limiting. It taps into our deepest fears, guilts and sensitivities to impose strong defensive boundaries around our Ego or sense of self. At a more conscious level, it can be used to set healthy limits on our actions and behaviours, as Blake has often talked about. It’s best used in very small doses, and can only be safely accessed via the auxiliary function.

In trickster mode, it’s more externally directed, and is typically employed to rein in other people by placing them in a double-bind situation. For example, an INFJ may use Te to become a nit-picky “rules lawyer”, reminding others to stay within the strict letter of the law as a way of deflecting attention from the INFJs own rule-breaking behaviours.

The 7th is a very bipolar function by nature, quite slippery and difficult to pin down, as it shifts modes between Superego and Trickster as needed.


And I just caught myself in the act of using Te to nitpick and correct my own typos in my previous reply (note 3 edits already to correct minor typos). Te is what drives the perfectionist streak in many INFJs, and this can be hugely limiting for us!

I dread to think how much of my life has been wasted trying to “perfect” a piece of work instead of putting it out in an unpolished form! Or trying to change myself into a “perfect” person lol…


Still trying to get my mind around the Jung/Freud syncretization, but I think Jungian word shadow is helpful.

7th (trickster) is shadow of the tertiary. Fe for me- tricky in 2 ways. Social interactions feels like I have to be phony to get along with people, even if I genuinely like them it seems awkward to have to play a part. Secondly, I get tricked. I entirely unintentionally can offend people and then it’s really a dilemma- should I try to do better and make amends or just give up on people altogether?

Si is demon (?daemon), the shadow of inferior. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, already happened, I can’t change it. I ruminate on old things I can’t change when depressed, why bother to Ni/Te plan and try to understand? Can get pretty dark, best not to think of it and move forward. I am curious about perception of childhood and teen years for INFJ? I hear Si types talk about how great it was, sports stars and beauty queens stuck on adolescent glory days. Objectively, I wasn’t abused or anything, but I don’t get it, do not want to relive the past, only if I could do a great many things differently. Transformative function, acceptance and surrender, conceptually I get it.

Fe/Si together- I’m bad with names, don’t remember people I’ve met before. Not too good at special occasions and gift giving, they’ll get a generous gift card or cash at the last minute. I usually know where I laid my keys and fairly organized because Te, but when devilish function kicks on even that gets sloppy and it becomes a vicious cycle of feeling worthless.


As infp, I don’t quite get the role of Ti in my functioning, but I know that it feels a bit dead. Sometimes I arrive at dead truths. Everything stops there. And that maybe Ti is how I “prove it once and for all”. Ti just adds an extra sense of void. It feels ultra private and as messed up as it gets. This doesn’t really sound like a daily functioning kind of thing. Hmm.
In daily functioning I am more aware of how I react to Ti than how I use it.
I have an inability to naturally think the way Ti users do. They really speak another language. Sometimes I am jealous because I can tell Ti users understand each other. Ti makes sense to a heck of a lot of people. My brain literally feels mushy. And there is always a sensation of making an effort “to think”.
If someone is present, physically, I can feel the brain turn mush, I’m always aware it’s happening. I can’t both “listen” to someone and think. It’s very strange to me that people can!
I can Ne which is like be receptive, try to be fun, don’t be unpleasant, etc. but think??


I think I am different than many INTJ since astrologically I am inclined toward Si more even if it’s my shadow function (or maybe I am just INFP with boosted Ni? LOL) and pretty diminished in Te, so I am stuck “enjoying” some of the shadow functions more.

I do notice some tendencies to ruminate and it causes anxieties (such as past failures), but more often than not, I just shut it out and refocus on present or future in a “haha, well good thing that’s over!” way. I also do get pretty nit-picky as it hooks into Se.

I too am pretty bad at gift-giving and remembering people/faces, but I have a lot of random memory about small things that I like or hate about people. So maybe the Si boost helps in some ways, but makes it overactive in others. The Fe stuff, I’m not great at, but I am pleasant enough at work that people do not try to make me their enemy and instead think I’m quirky and friendly and thus will help me out when needed. lol Which is important because if I cannot just steamroll people with amazing Te competence, I have to at least be liked.

As for it being an “ignoring” function like Johnonymous wondered about in himself and his wife, I guess that’s true. These things are take-it-or-leave it things in general. I don’t have a huge grasp on “tradition” and dogma and things like that, and I have to use like… Fi to kind of get a better grasp of why it’s “important” to some people (understanding that there is an emotional security in repetitions/familiarity etc.).


@lunar, as Stewart have mentioned, do you do your Se minimums by using your auxiliary function? your Ne?

now how does that work for you?

i can see myself using Fi with my Ti.

but how do you Se with Ne?


I think Se min triggers Ne magic.

Well more like bad Ne is sick of it and wants a way out, but brain says action is the start, then with a bit of Se action good Ne then takes over. Repeat.


Se feels corrective and always like hard work to get going. Like combatting inertia.

Edit: yeah maybe it can be like how Stewart said. Ne needs to find a way but a start would be to talk to someone (Se), go out (Se) etc.

But when doing the minimums it is almost like Se getting ahead of Ne. Before you even feel stuck just get out just because. This usually is followed by a better version of Ne. But overdoing it feels back to wanting to stay home…and retreating inside escapist mind wandering. It feels very enjoyable to wander internally but it’s like easily excessive.

I don’t know how Ti goes for enfps as a self-minimum, but I noticed a little of Ti from intp does them good.



well, for my brother who is ENFP, I made him watch three educational video a day that is max 15 minutes long. minimum at least a minute.
and he watched over 400 now I think.
but I made sure he does it consistently.

and I’ll ask him to summarize what he learned.

and I told him this would be beneficial in the future when something comes up. And he’ll have something to say or will be able to connect a dot.

i think that’s how he does his Ti minimum.

because he doesn’t just pick up a book or whatever to gather information


So info gathering?

My intp husband will just do his usual questioning and my enfp brother will sometimes have to like walk back some statements but it seems to have a good effect. Like not calming but sobering.


I need an intp in my life.

currently I don’t have any intp friend that I’m talking to.

i miss my good ol intp.

i miss this one intp guy I used to talk to, something happened to him and disappeared.
we used to talk about energy and brain wave and all that stuff it was so fun.
he was building something to make object levitate by using vibration and it was just so fun talking about crazy concepts and he loves my Se outlook it gave him more insight into things and I was gathering so much information from him and just connecting dots.

oh. this should belong in ‘i love intp’ thread haha


this is random,
speaking of intp,
one thing I never talked about with an intp is sex.

it feels weird bringing it up.

like I actually talked about sex with my INTJ dad on an intellectual level and it was cool, but I never talked about sex with an intp.

it’s like a topic they don’t really have so much interest in or something. or they just don’t know how to respond when I get all provocative. they just kinda blush hahaha

i wonder Why that is. because I’ve talked about explicit sex ENTP,
wait, you can talk about almost anything with ENTP so nvm.

p. s. I’m speaking of intp male. I’ve actually talked to intp females about sex and they were pretty freaky.


Am trying to picture my husband in that scenario. Yeah I don’t know if he would like to talk about it if there is any kind of provocation. I don’t think he enjoys provocation in general.


Si is hard for me to imagine as a dominant or auxiliary function. I don’t know if I actually use or use Te/Fi workarounds. I’ll use routines and organize for efficiency- and then have keep changing it because I annoy myself with the routine. I get that special occasions and gestures are important to other people and for harmony and make (mental or actual physical) notes about it. I really have a terrible time remembering people out of context- like if I see my son’s classmate’s mom out shopping without the kid, I might know she’s an acquaintance but not from where so have to bluff my way through a greeting and hope I figure it out (or hide).


From my very little experience with ENTPs, they are open to talking about anything, but will only skim the surface of trying things in actuality. Tend to stick with tried and true ways of having sex that is enjoyable for them (willing to do a bit of experimenting to make sure their partners are happy but that is secondary).

INTPs (male and female) seems to be synonymous with kinky sex interests. Role playing, dark, weird, etc. They are totally into it, although it tends to be more mental kink than heavy on physical action kink. I think that even the ones who don’t actually do anything kinky with their partners have kinky fantasies.


i wish an INTP would hop on this forum and talk about sex with us.
or talk about anything in general.

i love a perverted INTP. so fun and harmless.


Wish intp would hop on period.


it seems like someone with really assertive people skills could make an intp do anything in the bedroom.


how did you come to that conclusion?

and when you say[quote=“lunar, post:17, topic:239, full:true”]
Wish intp would hop on period.

do you mean sexually? like hop on you while you’re on your period?

haha jokes xP


Hmm. Well don’t trust anything I say. First rule haha.

It’s just what I sense.

I am married to intp and I do think intp has some gate that opens in the bedroom. It is like they have been wanting to express themselves and this route unlocks all that. It’s actually hot

So if someone is assertive at that moment I think they would do anything. I’m sure it would just depend on the who etc

And the pun was unintended although I noticed after the fact.