How do you express your emotions?


I’m inspired by Erika for putting her “crying sound” on SoundCloud that I never heard. I just found out. and it’s not there anymore.

anyways. it made me think. how do you express your emotions?

  1. anger
  2. sadness
  3. anxiety
  4. annoyance
  5. insecure thoughts/feelings

@johnonymous how about you?
I know you’re on psychopathic spectrum like me. So expressing emotion is probably shallow to none.

i think i express excitement a lot. by screaming or shouting.
I laugh at a lot of things I shouldn’t be laughing at.
I laugh at other’s pain, sadness, and shock.

it’s so fucked up. I know it’s fucked up but I can’t help but to laugh.

it makes me sad when someone suppresses their sadness. and act dull. And I cry instead. for them.
strange huh. It’s like i have great sympathy, at the same time none.

when babies cry it just purely annoys me because their sadness is not even real to me.

this is a fucked up thing I’m about to reveal…

the first time I made my wife cry, a while ago. she was sobbing, like weeping. saying “are you gonna leave me???”

she didn’t even do anything bad. or wrong. but I somehow made her feel like she was so wrong for what she did.
oh. yeah. she lied. it was something stupid. but it was the first lie I caught. And I flipped out. because I HATE LIARS.
it was such a small lie. but the fact that she had the audacity to lie pissed me off.

that’s the first time I ever saw her cry. I guess she really thought I was gonna leave her because of this. hahahah

I’m not surprised. because I preached to her so many times I don’t trust anybody and if she ever lied to me I’ll never trust her again.
of course. I trust her. still. it was such a stupid small lie.

but it didn’t matter at that point. lie is a lie. small lies turn into big lies.

so i questioned literally everything.

and said “you probably lied to me about everything!!”

her : no… I didn’t!


Hahahaha Omg I’m such a psychopath.

anyways. She was crying really hard.

and I couldn’t stop laughing.
of course i didn’t let her see me laugh.

i don’t know why I laughed. what was so funny about it.

was it joy?
it was mixed feelings.
like it was so damn exhilarating that she was so terrified of me leaving her.
even though I had no plan to.
she was so scared to lose me. and my trust.

she started saying “now that you don’t trust me, you’re probably gonna cheat on me :sob:

I was laughing so hard. I wanted to embrace the moment. so I didn’t respond to her.

anyways. later I told her about me laughing when she was crying.
she understood because she knows I’m a psychopath.

and of course I made her calm down later.
" don’t you EVER LIE TO ME AGAIN! OKAY?!"
her : yes… :cry:
me : YES SIR!
her: yes sir :cry:

hugs, kisses, and makeup sex.


damn. I just opened up a whole lot on this forum.

only person I’m probably worried about is Prax hahah
she’s gonna be like : YOU SHADY PSYCHOPATH!

am I wrong for laughing?
all my family knows about this(me laughing at unusual circumstances) and thinks I’m crazy.
but they don’t think I’m a bad person.
they just don’t understand why I laugh.
and neither do I.

this is why I need God in my life.


No soup for you! Come back one year!

No joke - this is the hardest thing to respond to. I’ve approached this 3 times now.

Anyone else out there wanna give it a go?


I tried lol. Deleted every attempt.


LOL me too

Okay, I’m gonna try again. Wish me luck.



@lunar @Ankh
at least one ?or two ?
damn is it that hard ?
why is it so hard


Okay. I’ll try anger. I tend to internalize anger, I don’t like expressing it. So it ends up being the most bothersome emotion for me. Because it comes out eventually.
Sadness: I try not to admit it. Because I’m not sure how to “help” sadness
Anxiety: very physical
Annoyance: snippy
Insecure thoughts/feelings: a whole system of defenses upon defenses


How I express these emotions:

Anger: I associate this feeling with uncontrolled. I rarely get here. But I will raise my voice.
Sadness: Cry. Then, numb.
Anxiety: Not expressed usually. Just a stressful feeling. Passes with time.
Annoyance: Quietness or bitchiness. Depends on who I’m with.
Insecure thoughts/feelings: Sudden flight or attack mode.


I don’t think other people are responsible for my emotions and don’t express them a lot, could be I’m terribly repressed and avoidance on some deep level, but I think I’m naturally pretty stoic, then I read Aurelius and became even more so. I definitely feel emotions, but especially with negative ones I like to take time to think them through; sometimes I actually just need rest, food, or alone time. The latter was like an epiphany for my husband in asking what was wrong when I was low key bitchy. I told him I just wanted to be left alone and finally he realized I really did and after a little while to reset I could be fine without a shitstorm of talking about feelings like his ex-wife. I try to express appreciation and gratitude to people I care about, definitely should try to keep doing better on that.

Anger- pretty rare. I have a weird sense of humor, life seems too absurd to get mad. Sometimes I pretend to be angry and yell at my kids because it gets their attention and then they take care of their responsibilities without repetitious nagging and reminding.

Sad- it’s sort of beautiful, makes me more interested in artistic things.

Anxiety- fix, fix, fix. Hyper Te mode, contingency plan for everything, then relax.

Annoyance- sarcasm :heart_decoration:

Insecure thoughts/feelings- see anxiety