How do you prefer your toilet paper?


Which way do you prefer your toilet paper?


How Do You Prefer Your Toliet Paper (PT. 2!)

my wife : left, because it’s easier to wrap the ‘pad’(female problem) up in the toilet paper

me: right, because it’s closer to reach.


You know what?

I have never seen the toilet paper positioning from your wife’s perspective. But yes, that position is more convention for wrapping a pad up.

But I am for the other team. It’s much easier to reach. But your wife has given me a perspective on why people do it the other way around (it’s like that in the women’s restroom at my college, this might be why!).

Haha, tell her I say thanks for her participation in this thread!


Soft and fresh for my dainty bottom.


Angel Soft?


Cottonelle (another Saggy plug…)


On my God! I’m glad ya caught that. After I responded, I briefly thought it may just be an American brand.


Guess where I am right now?


No way! Holy shit then, I hope ya enjoy yourself in the US of A.


Yo junpman quick.
i really love these questions you come up with.
they’re very creative and interesting.
my wife was cracking up when she saw those two pictures. she have a weird sense of humor

keep them coming! (I almost said bro)

I’ll reply to your other threads later.


Good guess, but no! Try somewhere smaller that has toilet paper…


Right. It seems right. Have a smoother “spin” to it too, I think!

People use the one on the “left” a lot of the time also when they have pets like cats because it’s harder to consistently spin into a pile since their claws have to hit against the back wall. lol


Are you in England?


I like starting quotes better than stopping to pause…


Think smaller. Much smaller. About to go there again…


Oh my gawd!

You were talking about the bathroom the whole time?

Damn, but it was still fun guessing all day :joy:.


Wait I don’t think I consciously realized there were two different ways to have your toilet paper…I just never noticed…crap…


SMH! Lol, now that you have noticed, do you have a preference :thinking:?



Nice metaphor :nerd:.


Yes! I agree on the whole smooth spin thing.

WAIT! People use the left one for pets?

Why did I never do that?

People are so smart.

Haha, I used to have two cats and I honestly felt so trolled everytime they would claw all the toilet paper out.

I’d be all “why must you defy your master :tired_face:!”.

Especially since I had cat toys for them :confounded:.

Lol, but okay! I feel like I am learning so many practical things on this thread :slight_smile:.