How Do You Prefer Your Toliet Paper (PT. 2!)


So, we’ve all established how we like to hang our toilet paper in part one of this series.

Or if you haven’t, join in on the fun!

BUT! How THICK, do you like your toliet paper to be?

Are you more so on the thing side of the spectrum?

Or, are you more so interested in having thicker toilet paper?

Wow, I can feel the tension between these two opponents :cold_sweat:.

So! Which one of these teams do you favor the most?

Answer to your heart’s content :grin:!


Honestly, what is the point of that thin rubbish? I ask you, how am I supposed to keep the yucky germy stuff off my hands with whisper-thin diaphanous fairy-sheets?

No give me nice thick paper any time - must be soft however to avoid chafing my delicate bits!


I have no idea! Maybe it’s what companies do to help workplaces and schools save money (cause I swear this kind of toilet paper is always in public places, maybe it’s cheaper than some good ole thick toilet paper).

It’s barbaric! You definitely will have to wrap your hand at least 10 times so that the toilet paper won’t rip during at least one wipe.

Thin Paper - 0
Thick Paper - 1

Thanks for your participation!

Of course :grin:!


Thick! Thin is for hippies, hipsters, penny pinchers, and Care Bears. Nothing against them though.

Does anyone have a bidet? How does this work? Does it tickle?


Omg. bidet…
it feels so… like…
it feels so wrong and good.

i think it’s so useless. for men.

i think it’s for women on their monthly cycle.

and some bidet blow warm air to dry your ass.
you smell hot balls.

anyways. I prefer wet wipes over toilet paper.
but I like the thicker ones. I use it after I use wet wipes.
my wife uses the thin ones to wrap up her feminine product.

but I don’t like thin ones because I wipe my ass so hard my finger pierce through the thin paper and i end up fingering myself.

that shit is nasty. I can’t eat anything with my hands until I forget about it


Yes, they are the best! Ours has a heated water and seat for winter and two power settings. The second setting is not recommended for girl parts but useful for farther back.
Still use toilet paper too. I like medium, to thin and too thick are both problematic.


I will FIGHT anyone who says they prefer thin toilet paper :unamused: I don’t understand how it’s cost effective…I mean I use at least 3x if not more sheets with thin rolls than thick rolls because I’m really really paranoid so it’s not like anyone is saving anything…


Sammy! Thanks for sliding through :grinning:.

Thin- 0
Thick- 2

Ah! I almost thought you were going to go the unorthodox route and say you only use wet wipes.

But nay! You have chosen to join into the fray!

Thus now making the score:

Thin- 0
Thick- 3

Thanks for joining :grin:!

We have an outlier!

Was it cruel of me to list only two options :cold_sweat:?

Ah, my black and white brain struggles so to make all options viable.

But fear not! I shall make a third option for those who will not play my silly game :smiling_imp:!

So now, the score is:

Thin- 0
Thick- 3
Intermediate (and other outliers) : 1

Thanks for stopping by TinyYellowTree!

Oh! Will my poor children’s game end up causing a bloody brawl?

Can’t we all sing in harmony :innocent:?

Me neither!

If only I had been born as a tissue connoisseur, then I could serve as an endless encyclopedia for such wonderful inquiries :weary:

I mourn my position in life!

But as of now, the score is officially:

Thin- 0
Thick- 4
Intermediate (and other outliers)- 1

Thanks for joining in (and for spawning this whole ball of fun :kissing_heart:)!

Current Thoughts

Will the Thin option ever have a contender?

Must I self sacrifice my own love for thick tissue in order to satisfy the lonliness of the Thin party?

Find out in the next mega post :wink:!


Dear if you had wanted to fight me all you had to was ask :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Love your commentary :innocent:


Haha, well the masochist in me sometimes likes to come out and put me into precarious situations.

Not that I’m opposed to this situation in any way :grin:.

Aw, thanks :kissing_heart:!


Heeehee I’m glad to hear of that :smirk_cat:



I will now tell you how I wipe my ass after I take a shit.

First, toilet paper. Front to back motion. Then, wipes. I start at my lower back and wipe down first, then fold the wipe, and wipe in a front to back motion. The reason I do this is because I feel like I’m just moving shit with toilet paper rather than wiping it off. Then, I again take toilet paper and clean up any residual shit and dry my buttocks from the wipes.

After this is complete, I now have more room for digested food AND my asshole is clean and cute again - like the load I just dropped never happened.


Thick. Death to thin toilet paper!



it does not clog

As often

When used in shocking excess

By your autistic son

At four in the fucking morning

How my butt feels

Is one of the things

I’m happy to trade for

Not waking up to “Uh oh”

And an incredibly sincere attempt

By a five year old to

Plunge a large amount of very comfy thick tp

And a large amount of poo

With a toilet bowl cleaner


It’s not only about thin or thick. It may be thin and tears treacherously in the process. But another one with proper consistence or structure provides perfect cleaning abilities. It may be thick and tight. Or like a sand cloth scratching tender skin. Or slippery as hell making the picture worse.


Another mega post for the masses :smile:!

Anytime you may hear these words again :grin:. All you need do is ask :blush:!

Le score is now:

Thin- 0
Thick- 5
Intermediate (and other outliers)- 1

Honestly, I think we’ve been meaning to have this moment for quite some time now. Please, tell away!

Very conventional of you Erika. I do the same!

Now THAT is practical. There have been so many times I’ve wiped my ass and have immediately thought, “if only I could get up in this public restroom and wet this toilet paper so that I can clean my shit more quickly!”.

And then all kinds of mental gymnastics ensure:

“Okay, I’m in this restroom by myself, maybe I can waddle to the sink…”

“But wait, you will pull up your pants, right?”

“Nah, I mean, what are the odds someone will come in? Having my pants down should make the odds shorter, right?”

“UM :fearful:!”

But then I just do the pragmatic thing and vigorously wipe my shit for the next five minutes and wonder why baby wipes should only be for babies :thinking:.

But I also have those moments when I wonder if the shit I’ve wiped up has really been taken care of (I mean, if I’ve never wiped down, how can I really know that there is no shit there?).

Haha, so sometimes after the next couple of minutes I’m out of the restroom, I genuinely am bothered the thought that there might be some shit hiding in my ass crack.

Right, because wet cheeks are not on the menu.

I don’t think I’ve ever known this feeling.

Thank you for your input Erika. I think this will be my first purgatory post. It’s nice to be on the bad side every once in a while :sunglasses:.

Nuttins! Your passion for the head of every thin toilet paper roll is thoroughly felt!

Thin- 0
Thick- 6
Intermediate (and other outliers)- 1

Hello Johnonymous!

I can not believe the thin team has a contender. DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME?

If not, the score now has history changing results!

Thin- 1
Thick- 6
Intermediate (and other outliers)- 1

How iconic! But I also appreciate your pragmatic reasons for you decision. And also [quote=“johnonymous, post:14, topic:346”]
thick tp

I see you abbreviating for toilet paper. You truly are changing the game here!

Though nonetheless, I can not save you from the impending ass whooping from @iamrl!

You know, I hear she’s one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse…

So, have fun with that!

(The JaMisa corporation does not take any responsibility for any injuries incurred from playing this game :innocent:).

Swiftly moving on from that blood brawl![quote=“Irene, post:15, topic:346, full:true”]
It’s not only about thin or thick. It may be thin and tears treacherously in the process. But another one with proper consistence or structure provides perfect cleaning abilities. It may be thick and tight. Or like a sand cloth scratching tender skin. Or slippery as hell making the picture worse.

Listen Irene, I don’t know what toilet paper roll hurt you… But in THIS thread… IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THICK OR THIN (or intermediate, cause I don’t discriminate :smile:).

But besides that, you make some awesome points on why the people who make toilet paper should strive for that wonderful middle ground when it comes to the thickness of thinness of toilet paper.

So, thanks for that insight (I hella agree with you!).

The score is now:

Thin- 1
Thick- 6
Intermediate (and other outliers)- 2

And, it’s time I show my cards! Of course, I am with the majority when it comes to my toilet paper. I like them rolls to be hella THIIICK!

Let the record now show that the score iiiis:

Thin- 1
Thick- 7
Intermediate (and other outliers)- 2

Hey EVeryBODY!

Thank you all so much for participating. You all made this thread so much fun to respond to and read. Like, my day literally did a 360 after responding to this post!

So yes! This is the official second megapost! Will there be a third? Ah, only a madman could answer you that!

Welp, until we meet again, rest easy!




They exist…BUT YOU ALSO CAN FLUSH THEM :astonished:?!

I am getting that. I AM GETTING THAT :triumph::heart_eyes:!


Overflow disasters! ACK!!! Your tale made me laugh, @johnonymous.

Help! Get towels! RUN DAMMIT, lest the flood reach the rug. Downstairs has no shower so no big towels. I should remedy that with old towels…

Haha! This is when you need the bidet seat. Or wet wipes.


Oh yes, love. Flushable as fuck. And lovely on the hole.