How do you visualize the function stack? Prax's Updated Car Model inside!


Most of you who have looked around about MBTI have run onto Personality Hacker’s Car Model, yes?

Which is much better than trying to study this crappy chart with ugly ovals gaddamit (and where are the other 4 functions?!):

There’s 8 functions that make up the entire stack of each mbti type:


So let me introduce easy way to remember!

basically this for INTJ:

Ne - Ni — Te - Ti
…| X | …
Si - Se — Fi - Fe

or general:
5th - dom — aux - 6th
…| X | …
8th - inf — tert - 7th

4 “core” functions and 4 “mirrors” to each function that are OUTSIDE THE CORE.

Just think of the shadow functions as your side mirrors and blindspots! (I don’t even drive and this makes sense haha – we are assuming driver seat on left side).

Why the “mirror” for 5th (I chose this name btw! lol)? Because it mirrors but reverses your dom. Apparently according to socionics, you’re just as sophisicated in your mirror but you underappreciate its abilities. So let’s think of it like a mirage. You kind of think of it as a “fake” thing that others seem to be able to do like a magic trick, like reading backwards code, but once you “get it” it gets easier to switch back and forth using it, much like learning to use a mirror to brush yoru hair or teeth. Just a bit of reverse engineering and self-awareness needed!

The ID on the other hand, also useful, you see things with it, but it’s further and thus maybe you get a more DISTORTED image. Maybe OBJECTS ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR etc!

The superego “mirrors” the tertiary, but it’s in a spot that’s hard to truly reach and see for you. Blake calls it the superego function that shoudl help you limit or focus your many ambitions to give your aux a chance to shine. So check this blindspot to correct course!

Same with the 8th function, it’s also in a blindspot, and sicne Blake so far has not labelled it to my knowledge, I will label it as “Blindspot”. Also needs to be checked, but maybe also increased dangers and anxieties because things that happen on driver side can be fatal to you and your psyche.

What do you think? Does this make it any easier for you to see yourself and others as complete 8 functions?

Hopefully nobody else came up with this already… hahah!



i like this. it’s very compact (car). also looks like a car crash waiting to happen, which given our blindspots makes sense. this makes being a person look dangerous. like that.


It’s poetic and romantic. We’re all but awaiting for the invetable carcrashes, ramming into each other in our bumpercars!


All Abooooaaaarrrrddd the struggle bus.

Awesome model btw Prax.