How does Fe Dom or Aux, and Fe in the id interact?


Typing here in a drunken stupor getting home from a “fight club” themed party where motherfuckers were actually fighting. Started off with longsword fighting (lol) and transitioned into boxing and wrestling once the alcohol started talking (Some small vid proof if ya’ll desire, exclusively for the maze :wink:). Shit was mad fun.

Anyways, I was in a few conversations throughout the night between an ENFJ (that I’ve known literally since kindergarten but haven’t been close to), and an ENFP that I had never met before. Both female. These two were drawn to each other immediately from the jump, and interacted somewhat similarly, but I couldn’t help but notice that the ENFP kinda had a deep-seated subtle anxiousness in their communication (Fe id?) that I hadn’t really given much merit to. Kinda like “I really want these people to like me.” deep below the surface, extremely nuanced and subtle.

I was wondering if it had to do with their two different versions of Fe communicating? The ENFP was slightly more put together than the typical archetype. Less so hippie but definitely had the usual Ne dom “flashiness” so to say in their clothing choices and some of the typical bragging or flexing about how cool their life is that I usually come across (overcompensation?).

Perhaps this is just an isolated incident, but it really got me thinking. Similarly, what about Te dom and Te id, or Ti dom and Ti id?

What are the Maze’s thoughts? Feel free to call bullshit!


Damn y’all this makes me sad. I thought this was a good question!


Don’t rush us! Let us get there! :wink:


Fe id: Like me, like me, like me! Anyone! Everyone! I like everyone! So I want everyone to like me!

Fe dom: I will control who likes me for my own designs.

Fe aux: I will make people think I like them just enough so that they leave me the fuck alone. or I will show that I don’t actually like you so that you’ll leave me the fuck alone. Also, I know who you like and who likes you before you do.


Describe these two women in more detail. Thx.


You really suck Rum.


Anyone want to play with it from astrology is Myers-Briggs paradigm?

Water trine is Cancer (Fe), Scorpio (Fi), and Pisces (Fe/Fi).

Fe aux puts on a pretty mask and appears caring and nurturing while keeping deeper, disharmonious emotions walled off, but there’s a dangerous edge because she could cast you into a vortex and take real good care of you by burying you deep in the earth- to be reborn as a lovely flower.

Fe dom doesn’t seem very Scorpionic. Stings are rare and tactical; she’s immune to her own venom unless she chooses to become a sacrifice. Mostly she is expressed as peaceful and Piscean and is content to stay immersed in exploring the dreaming.

Fi aux postures as rebellious and badass, but it’s mostly for show. She really can’t do much damage- because she wants everyone to like her- and everyone should like everyone so that they can all happily skitter together onto the freeway and expose their soft, squishy guts to the moonlight.


Fe is the function of perversion, and its mode depends on the position in the stack.

Dominant: manipulative perverts, very likely to engage in incest, be members of a sex cult or paedophile ring

Auxilery: creepy perverts, as the ladies call them “hey you behind the bushes”, very likely to be found outside your bedroom window at 11pm,
so many exposed in the mee too movement

Tertiary: psycho perverts, into skat and torture

Inferior & 5th: not so pervy

id: childish and promiscuous, all you need is peeps and/ or a bucket of toys

7th: will teach you how to control the perv


I’ve noticed that a lot of ESTJ and ESFJ like to be in motorbike groups. Since ESTJ are low on the perv indicator and ESFJ are high, would this be an Se id related thing? catharsis of the life instinct:


Well this is quite the hot take haha. Thanks for your two cents though!


A bit of black comedy maybe, but its part of a device I’m working on in which it will be possible to determine someone who is going to commit a crime and take them out before they act.

A tool in my master plan to usher in a Golden Age.

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