How is one supposed to dance to dubstep?


For realz.

For now, my technique is “sexy seizure”.


i feel like i have to answer this because it’s about dancing XD

but ‘sexy seizure’ sounds about right to me

dubstep is one of my favorite music to dance to,

as long as you hit the beat accurately, it doesn’t matter what you do.

in most dubstep, there is a part where the beat builds up, and then BOOM the beat drop. with massive seizure attack

so as long as you express the transition, it gives the impression you know what you’re doing haha


Wow I was thinking last night about enfjs and how they dance. My daughter had a Ballet performance last night. It’s a huge production for the parents in a way but also includes a bunch of older dancers. Anyway, the older dancer that most fascinated was an enfj. She did lots of Ballet steps but she could have been doing the dub step I am telling you with same effect. Because they gave her the part of circus greeter. So she had on a top hat, just regular shoes, and wasn’t doing all out Ballet. What she was doing was a lot of sort of whatever. I loved it. Lol. Her face went through a gamut. But also she could just transfer things from her to others…like seemless handover from “look at me” to “look at us”. One part, she was introducing some snake dancers and she acted like their “drugginess” was caused by her. Even though she first acted like their entrance was a surprise, she then shifted her vibe. Sometimes verged on slightly crazy looking. Lots of fun. And cool contrast to rest of the crew. But man I knew real fast she was enfj. That Ballet would have been hard to watch otherwise…lol.


Dude, we should have a dance-off. I’d win, no doubt.

Yeah, I feel like bros are better at dancing to dubstep than chicks. Unless the chick knows how to twerk. I sadly, cannot twerk. But I haven’t committed a lot of training to it…sigh.


My momma put me ballet when I was YOUNG. Like, 3. I don’t know why and I don’t know why I stopped. Ballet is hot when you combine it with some other thing. How bout burlesque? I fucking love it. The discipline and control over one’s body. And the complete awareness of how you look to the audience. All the angles. The lighting. The wardrobe.

But yeah, Blake says ENFJs speak better with their bodies. I know this true for me. Very true. I’ve always danced. Probably a big hurdle is actually doing it in front of people. Either way, it’s a therapy for me. Even more so than the forest.


Yeah Ballet/dance can be amazing. Some performances by some people …

Very “tingles”…the music, the bodies, the energy…

Can be very moving.

Do you dance just at home then? Parties?


Home, alone.

I’ve danced in Vegas while drunk. But that would be the only “in public” thing.

I remember having a dream and all it consisted of was a “dance club” but I couldn’t see anything because it was foggy and the music was loud and all I did was dance…I remember the ambient light was red. So, red, foggy, loud music…dancing. I wasn’t even with anyone. There were people there because sometimes I could see shadowy figures…but it was just for me. I had that dream years ago, but I still remember it so well. I still try to “reinact” it by dancing in the dark. Amazing feeling to me. Sensual.

Yeah, alone. It’s the only time I’ve felt that free to express myself with my body. Unless it’s sexual…then that’s a little different. Only a little different.



yeah I think you will win for sure. especially if the audience is stellar maze people.

you will destroy me with Fe expressions.

Hmmm. I wonder if that’s what dancing is.

Se-Fe. Or Fe-Se.

I tell people who wants to learn how to dance
"feel the music, and then express how you feel it"

twirking is definitely an art.

when done right, it’s the most seductive… :scream::dizzy_face::heart_eyes:


Wow! I was kinda just bustin your balls. You’d think I win?

Do you mean facial expressions? I don’t use those. Not when I’m dancing. It’s all body. I feel like I really activate my Se when dancing. Like if it’s a sad song, I frown with my body not my face.


hahaha, since you questioned the result, i don’t think so anymore.

but if you kept your attitude of “i bet i’d win!” then you probably would!

dance-off is 60% confidence.

that sounds cool!
but no i wasn’t talking about facial expression.
i was talking about what you were talking about. expressing emotions with body.

frowning with your body ? that sounds cool. how do you do that?
do you get shriveled up in a ball?


Hmm. No, I don’t get that interpretive. It’s interesting. The question…and now how to answer it…hmmm. It’s trying to look vulnerable, perhaps longing. Slow movements. I always pictured doing a sad feather dance. Sad bird. I alsways see that with Lana Del Rey’s song, ‘Pretty When You Cry’. Yeah, so I suppose when I sad dance, it may look like I’m looking for something or remembering something. Longing for a time that once was or never will be. That sort of thing. I really go there emotionally and it translates into my movements.


Wait. are you a dancer?
wow. if I had a party, I’d love to invite you and dance to bunch of random songs.

i didn’t know you actually dance like that.

it seems like you’re confident in what you do and know how to express them.

i wonder to whom the forum is actually designed for.

a place where you just write words and describe things with words.