How to Channel Moi Inner Seductress?


Haaha you can never put enfjs in one box remember?? :stuck_out_tongue: We are everything and nothing and the things in between…

Also you’re too good at mbti and astrology…you’d probably get bored to death if you took an official course…


What's your enneagram?
Kristen Stewart (ISTP) : Type Interactions

You know me well :kissing_heart:

Erika would be a better mentor :stuck_out_tongue:


@Ankh teach me how to tap into my inner seductress please :innocent:


The first step will determine the rest…

Step 1: Identify what you want.


More confidence about my sexuality…my family actively tampered it down in me from a young age…Catholic schools and church and strict piety was the norm in my community…but I’ve always had a fascination with more darker, salacious aspects of human life…

Probably why I appear more like a tame enfj on this forum?? Sometimes I feel like you’re much more of an enfj than I am :stuck_out_tongue: I should just be r-e-a-l instead…


How does one gain confidence in sexuality? Do you need reassurance from someone else?
Do you masturbate?

Where did this fascination bloom from? Purely your mind? Or did you see something or experience something?[quote=“iamrl, post:19, topic:122”]
Sometimes I feel like you’re much more of an enfj than I am :stuck_out_tongue: I should just be r-e-a-l instead…

Meh, it’s the internet and I know how to type. That’s all you know.


I don’t know…how does one gain confidence in oneself? :stuck_out_tongue:

I found out that I could do that accidentally one day when I was five and my mother absolutely freaked out…I didn’t even know its significance at the time but that scarred me…

Well growing up in my family these things were like forbidden fruit…so of course I became curious :smirk:


I would say a great deal of our confidence comes from feedback. It’s an outside thing that we internalize. As we get older, we learn to build confidence from the inside first. Sexuality and confidence go hand in hand. Confidence is sexy. Being sexy/sexual means having confidence. You have to ask yourself what WOULD make you more sexually confident? Heels? An attractive man giving you attention? A nice bra? A nice hair-do? Sorry there are so many questions to tackle first before we can figure out how to boost your sexual confidence. Everyone is different. Everyone has different qualities.

Hmm… maybe I should explain why I’m sexually confident? I can’t answer it fully, but it’s a confidence in understanding what men want while exuding a self-confidence about what I can offer. We’re talking about sex here. Sexual confidence and seduction means learning about what you want and showing off what you got with focus on the what the want needs. Confusing? Yes.

OMG Awesome! I started humping furniture at about that age. Sigh good times. So, what I was getting at with this question is…what do you think about? Naughty things I’m sure. All while treating yourself like you want to be treated. So try incorporating your dirty thoughts into things that are appropriate for the public. Also, use your Se to your advantage. Sit and stand up straight. Imagine looking at yourself walking. Imagine what others see when they see you. What is your best feature? Highlight it. Play with your hair. Think of race cars and ballerinas. Elegant, but fast. Proper until you see what’s waiting inside… Think of the woman figure. The purpose of women, men’s attraction to women, and of course, women’s attraction to men. Think about what men want sexually.


Probably the man haahahhhah…When I wear heels I’ve been told I look like a warrior queen stomping over her kingdom :stuck_out_tongue: And I have a pretty boyish figure…

I want to be able to approach someone with no reserves and just make that first move…or attract someone strongly into doing so…right now I feel like I usually sit around like a duck and do nothing and let people I like (physically or otherwise) drift through my fingers…

My tool of choice was a pen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Had a lot of those since I was just starting school you know…

Driving someone crazy enough to make them drive me crazy…that’s all I’ll say :smirk:

Oooh I like the visual…but how do you make it more apparent that there’s something waiting inside?? Sometimes I feel like all everyone sees is the proper facade and not the debauched reality…


That’s a strong image. If you feel this will help in your confidence, own it girl!

Hmm. Then do it? You have to want it enough to risk the possibility of getting rejected. When would you make the first move? See me, I have to study the prey first for a little bit. Test the waters. I would never approach someone that is obviously not into me or is into something that I cannot provide.

Then do it!!! Maybe the first step to this is teasing? I am so damn good at that. Like so good. Teasing. Dangling a piece of fruit…perhaps an apple?..[quote=“iamrl, post:23, topic:122”]
Oooh I like the visual…but how do you make it more apparent that there’s something waiting inside?? Sometimes I feel like all everyone sees is the proper facade and not the debauched reality…

The eyes. Look at someone, and let them look at you. Let them look into your eyes. Make sure whomever you want sees you. Pretend like you have no conscious idea that it’s happening. Tie your shoelace while bending over, not a full squat. Or better yet, lift your foot on a stair step to tie your shoe. Interact. You can’t seduce anyone by being quiet and shy, hiding yourself. Be friendly. Laugh. Smile. Be bold with your words…sometimes. This is hard to go into. First, you need a target.


If I know for sure it would be reciprocated…


I think it actually scares off men tbh…aggrrrrh!!

Teach me how to do this!!

Yes I like this advice…okay concrete tips for me to keep in mind…now off to figure out a target :stuck_out_tongue: How do you determine whether a person would be receptive or not??


I’m gonna get to these awesome questions tomorrow. I’m sleepy. :kissing_heart:


:kissing_heart: Sweet dreams!!


Then are you really making the first move?

The weak ones sure. But really, this all depends on your target and your goal.

Hmmm. Okay, let me be real for a second. All of the seduction and teasing I have done…most of it was completely on accident. I’ll give you a couple of examples. When my husband and I met for the first time, I dropped something and picked it up. He thought I did that on purpose. MAYBE the way I picked it up was purposefully seductive, but I swear I didn’t mean to drop anything. Then, on our first date (movie), he walked me to my car. It was fucking cold out and I offered to drive him to his car. But my car was a fucking mess. So I said, “wait, let me clean this out a little.” - which just meant throwing the shit that was in the front seat to the back seat. Well, I decided to clean the passenger side from the driver side. So that gave him a nice view of my ass. My lower back was exposed. He kissed my lower back. Again, he thought I did all of this on purpose. Nope. What I did do, however, was play into the fact that I was a virgin. The first time I went to his apartment, I got on the bed fully clothed and asked all innocently, “So, what are some positions?” Ha.

So, about teasing and seduction. First you have to find out what kind of person you are sexually. Are you a dominatrix type? Are you innocent? Are you a bitch? Are you super clean and slobbery sex is just nasty to you…some guys dig this…lol -“Ew suck your dick? But I’ll ruin my pretty new outfit.” “swallow that? ew.” So first, you have to figure out who you are. Because you can’t be something you’re not. It will be hard for you to follow through and the guy will be able to tell you’re being fake.

What do you think of? How do you like to dress? What do you like to do in your free time? These answers will give you clues as to who you are sexually.

Receptive to what exactly? A pick up line or a conversation?

You can only study someone so deeply without interaction. You have to find a way to close the gap, to speak. Only then will you get a clear indication about what this person is like. It’s like when Blake types people in his consults. He hears a lot. Your tone, your volume, how well you articulate, your listening skills, what exactly you’re sharing…so much goes into the way someone communicates. And put the “in person” factor in there and bam, you would be able to figure someone out very quickly. What if you’ve seen this guy and he’s hot and blah blah you want to ride him whatever. But you initiate a conversation and he is not at all what you thought or hoped for. Just not your style. So you will never know truly if someone will be receptive to whatever unless you start the interaction. Just jump in. You won’t drown, I promise. And it’s the only way you get better at something, is practice.


:hushed: Innocent…I have a blush just reading these words haaahahh my family would have a heart attack if they knew I was talking about this on an online forum…

Jacket, nice shirt, jeans, Keds just about sums it up…I like doing art in my free time (I picked up ceramics again) or hanging out with friends…I hardly have any free time though because the lab is the center of my life now…

Sadly the people that tick off my boxes are usually the hot but slightly awkward and endearing nerds…so conversations with them are hard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What's your enneagram?

[I’m not really saying anything… just wanted to mention that the ceramics thing made me smile (: ]


Haha. Then don’t tell them. Shhhh. Okay, so innocent. Then do that. Be innocent. Ask for the time, ask for directions. Just be careful. You said your interested in dark things. Make you sure you find just enough darkness… I’d like to think I am a happy, bubbly person. I don’t exude darkness. But there is definitely something about me that is dark. And people whom I feel very comfortable around get to see it. Some can feel it. Make sure you pay attention to the overall vibe you get from someone.


Life is so hard aggrrhhh :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask for the time? Directions? Does that work?


Try it.


Is your profile pic your current mood!!! Is that a bloody bunny? What does it mean? :slight_smile: or a pony? Or the unicorn on your hair oil bottle? If you don’t magnify it looks like a bloody bunny