How to type people's MBTI 101


so, my brother is training to be a manager, and their company owns basically all the restaurant industries in Chicago, over a hundred. @Ankh represent!
and cool thing is I can eat for free in those restaurants as long as my brother is present with me. hehe.

anyhow. since he’s going to be managing a lot of people, I thought maybe I should teach him mbti so he can better manage people according to their needs.

i didn’t realize how smart my brother was even though he got so many awards in school. because those papers mean nothing to me.

okay, let me just start.

if someone comes off extroverted but you have to question if they are extroverted or not,
they are likely to be IXFJ because of aux Fe.

and we typed one guy as INFJ.

INFJ have 'wounded smile’
my brother said it seems genuine at first glance, but if you look long enough there is emptiness to it.

shit. that blew my mind because it sounded accurate.

if someone have a HUGE Pness.
they are most likely ExxP

and if you hear them talk, it’s pretty easy to see if they have Ne or Se as dominant functions. process of elimination.

Ne likes to ramble.
and Se is more engaging. in conversations.

ENFP have a happy, bubbly vibe
ENTP, you can tell they are logical.

ExxP cannot be controlled. they need boundaries but not a leash.

ExxJ tend to be controlling. organized.

ISTP is officially the chillest personality type.
they do their job, and don’t talk too much.
they don’t express emotions, and they don’t start shit with anyone.

after you distinguish ExxP,
if they are extroverted sensors, they have it together physically. they look presentable. neat.
and they get to the point.

ESFP have a “prettier” face. softer.
ESTP look more serious. ‘sexy’ in a good way.

if they are EXXJ
it’s pretty easy to see who have Te or Fe Dom.
EXTJ are blunt.
EXFJ are friendly.

only thing to look for is aux functions after that. is it Ni or Si.
Ni has a artsy vibe. deep. and very future oriented.
Si aux seems to be judging you by your physical appearance/capabilities. they have excellent memories. doesn’t come off as “deep”

between ISFJ and INFJ
ISFJ doesn’t like conflict. INFJ can handle it.
ISFJ can be rather more sensitive, moody.
INFJs are good with words. very linguistic. (yeah that’s a noun but I used it as an adjective so yeah just move on)

Fi Dom comes off fragile,
they say “sorry” a lot.
INFPs can especially be apologetic for almost everything.
ISFP have the Se look. You can tell they put effort in their appearance. seems present and cool.
INFP talk using Ne, so you can catch the idealism in their speech.

IxxJ can come off a P type because they’re flexible and can be easy going.
but IxxJ doesn’t like changes. too much changes can wear them out.

IxxP can be controlling like ExxJ
but IxxP only have two option for dominant function.
Ti or Fi, if none seem present, than you can take a shot at ExxJ.
IxxP is either Ti or Fi.
if that’s too hard go for Se aux or Ne aux.

Ti Dom doesn’t show emotions. almost nonexistent.
Fi Dom is artsy and frail. is prettier(vibe) than Ti.

if IXTP,
INTP is lazy. they can only do so much physical activities. and tend to like electronics or video games. or ‘nerdy’ things.
ISTP are rather more physically active. And ‘no bullshit’ type of vibe.

Fe aux can come off outgoing as Fe Dom.
but Fe Dom can talk to anyone and many times first to approach. and have a vibrant energy radiating especially around people.
Fe aux can do this too but goes back to default mode of being an introverted. energy doesn’t necessarily radiate as much as Fe dom. Just good at engaging one-on-one in an outgoing manner.
Fe aux is more controlled and will fall back if they notice you don’t want to be bothered.

Fe dom will almost convince you to engage. and they’re pretty good at it.

out of the two Te dom,
ENTJ seems more kinder than ESTJ
ENTJ seems to be more aware of your feelings,
ESTJ seems to not have any time and energy for emotions.

if you’re an NF type, you’re not gonna like ESTJ.
but you might have a better chance getting along with ENTJ.

this is what I have so far.
any inputs?


here’s some puns that we created.

"how are you feeling my fellow INFP?"
INFP : I’m FiNe.

"did you finish the project that I assigned you ENXP?"
ENXP: I didn’t get NE thing done.
"when will you finish?"
ENXP: Ne-ver.

"tell me about yourself ISXJ"
ISXJ: Si-nce 1997…—

"what are you doing IXTP?"
IXTP: I’m Ti-nking


Are you talking about your ENFP brother?
I can’t really imagine your INFP brother being a manager, but maybe he’s trying to be?

LOL this sounds like heaven for you! It’s a deal and you get to eat good food!

I think you have most of these things down well to quickly type people.

I think this is funny because it seems like ENFP or INFP may see INFJ as kind of “sad tragic flower” types. There is some semblance of pity for their Fi-id hidden underneath the Fe. When really, I think in most cases, INFJ are more agitated rodents. But maybe it’s men who have “tragic wounded smile” and women who have the more “defensive rodent” smile haha!

I was reading somewhere that most of the top senior exec/management types are almost always ENTJ, INTJ, and ENTP. INTJ usually end up editing the ideas of either ENTJ and ENTP because they have the “big visions/ideas” but it needs to be planned out long-term for feasibility.
It’s usually T-types that end up here because if you wanna make money and be beholden to shareholders, you have to be okay with ignoring idealisms/values. lol F-types usually end up at about middle management in order to manage the needs/feelings of those under them and provide communication to those above them.

Oh, you should list the types that your brother should look out for most who will not be able to stand his style of leadership and why! That’d be interesting. What types do you expect he would most likely be managing/filling in the positions? Are there types that you think would not be a good fit for it?

Maybe we should just go down a list of what sticks out most to each type or something. Like you listed what jumps out a lot to an ESTP when identifying each type.
But maybe INTJ like me would be blind to some of these things (or maybe a lot of these things since we’re not amazing at social/physical cues).

So it would be more intellectually focused for me, like:
Ni - some future vision or overall conceptualization of an idea or system of ideas/emotions. aux if they talk about their grand plan, dom if they don’t readily reveal their knowledge. id if it seems like a deep fear.
Ne - more random-seeming, playful with possibilities and combinations of ideas/emotions. aux if they light up to reveal their ideas when asked, dom if they come up to you with random ideas and expect some kind of feedback/response even if it’s probably ??? lol. id if they can’t help but think of the next thing that can be done, restless searching for more.

But this takes more time to eventually know the person’s thought patterns, unlike the more quick Se level of “look artistic (assembling ideas together for meaning?) vs very creative (generating new ideas to sound off)”


i’m talking about my INFP brother. scorpio.

he may be less practical than me, but way more ambitious than me.

hahahah what?? can you show me an example of this

yeah i think this is true.
one of the reason why i told my brother to NEVER start his own company.
because i don’t trust his intuition/judgment with hiring people under him.
a sly,cunning person can easily deceive someone of an F-type and take advantage.

hmm that’s a tough one. but i showed him mbti because i want him to be flexible with everyone.
so i told him which type he shouldn’t criticize so hard , and which type he shouldn’t be so controlling with, and which type needs recognition, etc.

i think this happens as more of ‘natural-selection’.
for example, ISFP,INTP and other types wouldn’t try so hard to rise to the top,
and TJ types are more diligent and reliable, and etc.

this statement is motivating me to finally teach/show my dad MBTI!
i wonder how he’ll process it. i wonder if he’ll even notice the things i say.


Hmm, I don’t see this. It could be more true for FiNe than FiSe with Si id that says “I’ve seen people like you before and I don’t spend any time guessing what you’re after but I can tell it ain’t good.”

Sly and cunning? I think Fi, like Ti, judges pretty quickly when Se notices something is lacking And so if “Sly” in any case is basically the deploying of Fe, isfp is gonna be like “I Se your bullshit and I’ve Sien it all before and I don’t feel any need to give you the benefit of the doubt because Fe lost my respect years ago…, you can See yourself out.”

Fi’s bigger problem in management I’ll estimate is actually separating minor personal and professional issues from major professional issues, recognizing the value of providing verbal feedback about mistakes, and also just handling the exhaustion of having to Fe and Te a lot. If they can cut it I think they can be extra good for hiring. Just have to follow their instincts and learn to manage to express their distaste for some prospects and also how to escape improper screening out of some types. FiNe could be a nice balance of solid ethical grounding and open minded imagining of possible growth trajectories for employees.

Also ISFP would really have to learn to feel okay about hiring people who are smarter and better at everything than them and to take credit for hiring talent instead of wondering what they should “do” to be a good manager. I think managing in general is hard for ISFP to remember as a thing that happened. My ISFP is president of a group that has had some complex personnel stuff happen and she’s rocked the shit out of it. But always says “I’ve done nothing.” And that is like, nothing except fix everything by just not giving a shit what a loud and it turns out erratic Fe snake was weirdly doing to sabatoge her reputation and try to get her removed. All wife had to do was wait. Eventually snakes tie themselves in knots or get run over. In the end She only had to accept a resignation and then refuse to unnacept it when it turned out to be some kind of dramatic bluff.

Fi Dom can be nice as a manager because you know they aren’t talking about you to others for their entetainment or benefit. Eventually they help you learn to stop talking about others as well. When people try to talk to my wife about gossip going on about her she cuts them offf. “but I just want you to know what she’s saying,” they protest. “it’s none of my business what other people think of me,” she says.


I like all of this effort and I laughed really hard at your Enxp “when are you going to finish it?” Bit. I can imagine you and your bro laughing about your enfp bro when you came up with it.