Hunter S. Thompson


Hello All,

Celebrity Types has typed Dr. Thompson as an ENFP. Are they actually right about him, or was he something completely different?



Do YOU think he was ENFP? :grinning:


I think he was, yeah. I think he saw himself as a champion for change, and he definitely tried to steer the country in the direction he wanted it to go in with his writing, social commentary, and even by running for sheriff in Aspen, running on the Freak Power ticket lol. I admire the guy, but I think he was a sore loser, taking his losses straight to heart. Seeing that the country was heading in the opposite direction he wanted it to, he more or less just gave up on it.


Strikes me as a off-kilter ISTP. At bottom, Thompson was…a champion of true American values, which are ISTP-ish at their core. Or at least, according to me they are.

Whatever the case may be, I feel comfortable in saying that Thompson was not an ENFP.

I see him as a bit of a rogue soldier, which is to say an ISTP that has gone rogue. Hunter has way too much Se-Ni axis to be an ENFP. Matter of fact, he is pretty much the antithesis of an ENFP as far as I can tell. Doesn’t have an emphasis on the feeling function either.

Think Breaking Bad. Walter White. That’s a more modern ISTP archetype in the vein I see Thompson. Yes, it’s not typical ISTP, I’ll give ya that, but still unmistakably ISTP at it’s core.

Also, enneagram type 8 ENFJ would be more likely than ENFP.

It’s funny, I see ENFP and ISTP getting mixed up so often and they are the absolute opposites of each other. In other words, they have nothing in common. Absolute opposites are the two types farthest apart from each other possible. Please don’t confuse this with exact opposites, which do have quite a lot in common.

That’s what I think based on my knowledge of Thompson.


Wow! I never would’ve thought about him being a sensor type, or even an introvert. I love how you shatter the mainstream ideas of typing, Blake. I’ve been thinking about MBTI completely the wrong way it seems. If you would indulge me, what are your thoughts on Ernest Hemingway? He’s another favorite writer of mine.


All one has to do is look at this picture to know that he’s an ENxJ. That’s the look of Ni projective, with Se trailing.

I’d say he’s a enneatype 8 ENFJ. Same as Bukowski.

But, all these guys (Thompson, Hemingway, Bukowski) have a very strong Ni-Se axis in auxiliary-tertiary position.

Also, it may be that Thompson is an enneatype 8 ENFJ as well. It certainly is a helluva lot more likely than ENFP.

I get a bit confused sometimes with what’s an “ISTP gone bad” and an enneatype 8 ENFJ. Like I said, exact opposites have a lot in common.


I love all three of those guys. Definitely up there in my all time favorite authors. Would you say that most creative’s–especially well known ones–are usually Fe dominant or Fe auxiliary? I would’ve thought Ne dominant types would be drawn to writing, which I guess is why most people thought Thompson to be ENFP. What would an Ne dominant person have a knack for? What do they usually pursue as a career in life, if they can pick just one? Lol