I can't stop being confused about my type

Who says I’m an ENFP? Why have I been dragged into this topic?

No one said you were. You did say Blake typed you as ENFP ar one point. Don’t know if this has changed.

I dragged you in only because you two gave me a similar impression at first, and that you also didn’t know what type you were, fluctuating between many. If you had any insight to contribute regarding the latter, you were welcomed to provide it. If not, then not. Adding you might have not been relevant at all, especially now at this point. I was not trying to drag you in.

Or I just got the wrong guy.

I guess the only thing is, I’m definitely not talkative like an ENTP. I’m actually a relatively quiet person. My girlfriend reads Blake’s articles too. She’s an ISFJ, I’m pretty sure. But out of all the descriptions, she thinks I’m most like the E8 ENFJ description.

Lol so who the fuck knows…

@schlopadoo Sorry, I realize “dragged in” may have come across more harshly than I intended! :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, Blake floated the idea of ENFP when I consulted with him 2 years (3 years??) ago. I don’t really think that I am one.

But, I was curious to hear why you had thought so!

It’s interesting this fluctuating between many types. I think when I was having issues with that, it was stemming from some confidence problems I was having in life and thought that figuring out my type would be some kind of solution. It wasn’t. The most important thing I got out of Blake’s consults wasn’t “you’re definitely x type so do this,” it was “why is knowing your type so important?” That was definitely a better question.

I wonder if you feel similarly @T_Alex_B? Why is knowing your type so important?

@Tom I suppose it all boils down to self-confidence issues as well. It’s been very hard for me to pin down a life path and identity for myself, even though I want one. That seems to be the main source of all my problems. I want desperately to be able to focus on one thing and just run with it. But instead my focus gets divided among so many different interests. Some days I want to be the best damn writer the world has ever seen, other days the best painter, etc. and so on.

From a very early age, I’ve had this never ending feeling that one day I’ll be known for something to the world. My problem is that I still haven’t figured out what I will be known for. I’m always so scattered and unfocused, and I want to pin down what i should be doing with my life. All of those close to me tell me I can do whatever I want, because everything that I do is amazing in their eyes. But to me it’s just not that simple. I want to figure out what I’m best at and just focus on that the rest of my life, but I constantly change what I think that should be. It’s incredibly frustrating.

So, for some reason in my mind, if I’m able to nail down a strong sense of identity, it will help me focus on what I should do with my life. I’m almost 30, so I think it should be about that time now lol.

@T_Alex_B Wow, that all resonates very strongly with me. Definitely the things I was feeling when I went to consult with Blake. I was also in my late twenties at the time and felt like I needed to “nail down” a life path for myself.

You should look into the concept of the Saturn Return in Astrology. Essentially, Saturn returns to the same position it was in during your birth in your late 20’s and essentially forces you to get your shit together!

I think the trap is this: “I want to figure out what I’m best at.” I too struggled with that idea. About a year ago, a coworker said to me, “you strike me as the kind of person who could be good at anything.” I thought to myself if that’s true, then why don’t I work really hard at the thing I want to be good at? Which for me, it turns out, was writing.

But I totally get that it’s hard to know what that thing is. One exercise that helped me was this: take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down 20 things you would love to accomplish in your life. Don’t read the spoiler until you’ve done that! Then: Cross off everything on the list except for three things. What three did you choose? What do they have in common?

Another wise thing someone told me is not to worry so much about “the one thing.” That kind of idea is poison. Instead, think about things you definitely don’t want to do. Whittle down. Try things and decide “yes, no, maybe.” Eventually, you’ll have fewer interests and will hopefully be doing the things you really enjoy. Also, if something terrifies you, really really terrifies you – it’s probably the thing you should be doing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lastly, be patient and be kind to yourself! The other side of 30 is so much better. :smiley:

Sorry to butt in, I know you’re conversing with Tom. I think you should focus on what you like to do best vs. doing what you’re best at. Also, don’t shit on yourself for having multiple interests. That’s good! Life offers ‘the plenty’. Don’t know if that last sentence makes sense, but it’s how I wanted to say it. And don’t worry so much about making a Pokémon stat card for yourself. You’re already Alex. That is your identity, maannn. Passing the 30 hump helps too.

Tom and I are vibing. I agree with what he said too. Except lists, unless lists help you, of course.

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@Tom @Amerika Thank you guys for your responses. That really does help a lot. I don’t know why I obsess over “who I am” all the time. I guess that’s just a human thing to do lol.

Hey no prob!
Yes, it’s human. All I can say is, keep going and stay open. You’ll figure it out. :smiley:

For sure!

Yeah, definitely this. A lot of the most interesting things have come from people combining and synthesizing their different interests!

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@Tom, oh yes! Sorry! I thought you were upset that I tagged you in the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not actually sure whether you are ENFP. I think the first time you posted in the forum, I thought you were INFP. You definitely emitted this unmistakable quirky Ne energy. Most often (I’m assuming) you would be silently lurking and then randomly enter midway into an intense discussion. It was pretty memorable, with your quirky avatar and witty comments like the “ENFP Millenial, obviously” comment in the “Type Blake” thread. I mean, it’s not really hardcore evidence to back you being any type. But it did give me a cursory impression of xNxP. You seemed shy and funny at the same time.

Anyways. I still don’t really know what type you are, as you don’t post that frequently, so it’s hard to be sure. But all I know is that you are a damn good writer. Also, thank God you contributed in the end because your advice was very good! I’m taking note of it for myself as well. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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