I changed my avatar


I kind of get thrown for a loop whenever anyone changes their avatar so

I was


Which is a photo of a piece painted on a high school wooden desk like this kind of

Made by the guy pictured on dssk #2, Mckay felt

And now I’m


I bet you didn’t need a thread for that.

But maybe next time someone else does this they can reply over here so then maybe I can use the API for this product to programatically uncover your old avatars and then programatically wonder whYyyy and what you are trying to hide.

What am I trying to hide?

The prior artist whose work I was stealing is in my extended network and I am moving to an avatar that is more unrelated to me. to continue to blissfully pretend I am capable of remaining anonymous online. Which I’m not. Too interested In being known/seen.

The new stuff I just stole from websites like from a typeface website and from my other favorite artist, who might be a computer because it never responds when I email, https://linesshapesforms.tumblr.com

But first can we just admire more of the work by this guy Mckay felt who used to suck at drawing but just drew every day for a decade or more?
[edit: actually i think im misremembering and that he didnt ever suck at drawing but rather that his art just evolved out of daily doodling nonstop in class and stuff. i think he sucked at songwriting and kept doing that until he was pretty good. i am mixing up my mythologies of this guy. i decided its worth making an edit to this since having spent some time looking him up the past 2 days i get the sense his talent continues to propel him on a trajectory toward megafame, as he continues to do more and more work with little simz and brainfeeder (flying lotus’ label) so i dont want to be the possible source of misinformation.]

Capturing all the cognitive functions as far as I can tell …










Very cool artwork, and yes on the functions!

My avatar is a photo I took. I will probably not change it for a long time, but if I do, it will change like four times in quick succession over a day or two until I am sure it is the one I want, then it will remain again for a long time.


Fe is Finn from Adventure Time. Fun show.


Yeah that piece is called Fun with Finn and Drake. I think.


Oh and does this mean that my typing of the art is ENFJ approved???


I have no idea what you’re saying. I’m just trying to say I recognize Finn and I think he and his dog are cool.


I too get very confused with avatar changes and notice Erika and Lunar doing it quite often lol.

I am pretty consistent. I usually choose one “Prax” and stick with it for my entire forum life.


I think you should only change your avatar if you feel born again


It may be a good idea if there were an avatar shop for all the ppl who like a letter as an avatar
as much as i really like letters
I’ll do custom letters, choose your favourite letter and I’ll doo it


My avatar, which isn’t really one, but represents an efficient cog of my thought process, is a theatre marquee by the conceptual artist Jenny Holzer… I don’t think i will be changing my avatar in the near future… But i shall remember to explain myself here if i choose to…

I think Jenny Holzer is cool… But i can imagine most people finding her a tad bit pretentious… But then, i think, most people would find me a tad bit pretentious… Here is some of her work…


I like your categorization of the art work and think it’s correct…

And i feel like i would have loved knowing this mckay felt guy in real life… is he INFP? or ENFP? definitely NFP…


Wow there’s a lot of dying and being born again over here… :laughing: That is laughing face…but it doesn’t look like it does it? Looks like he’s trying to poop. Poor guy. You can do it little one! I wonder if his poop is brown or yellow…maybe he doesn’t poop? It doesn’t look like he has all of the appropriate equipment for that. Like how lunar said she doesn’t have an asshole.


I thought everyone should know I changed my avatar photo. So that’s why I came here, posted this, and ended it with a period.


just curious why you change your picture often? I do too…and am not quite clear on why :slight_smile: although it has been a while now that it’s a drawing of Mario.


Hmmm…I think it’s because I like my outsides to reflect my insides. The pic I had up a little bit ago was cute. It was shy. I don’t feel like that right now. I feel frisky. So, frisky pic it is. It’s like going out of the house too…I like to look like what I feel like. Also it depends on the destination too. But yeah, hopefully that answers your question.


oh like a barometer of your moods. that makes sense.


Great idea for an avatar shop haha


Hmmm. I’m not sure I know how to type NF types. He’s introverted, and I know him to be quite kind. He reminds me of an intp I know. I think there’s a possibility he is an isfp though. Or ISTP possibly. He’s not as angsty as the NFS I know and he has a lot in common with the SPs I know. A sort of effortlessness to his being and a sort of lack of self criticism that has let him really flourish.

A close friend of mine and an ENFP once said “when Mckay started writing songs I felt embarrassed for him. Then one day I realized he had gone from recording embarrassingly bad music to making really good music.”

I dunno.

Looks like he is relatively active on teh social mediaz:


And more, its like, the way he thinks about art and drawing is pretty physical. Like a guy with his tools. much of his stuff seems to say something about the sensory experience

Was just looking at his instagram and noticing how he interacts. Look at the only thing he really responds to on this image. And he responds twice about it:

Comments where he says “sharp eye” and “im glad you noticed” to two folks regarding his fraying iPhone cord.

I find this attention to detail pretty dramatically different from my own Ne world. Also his ability to keep practicing and enjoy the physicality of it…I dunno?


Hmm. Here’s an interview that is interesting and makes me curious about his personality. seems interested in a lot of intellectual things that IsFP would probably be a little less inclined to follow. Maybe INFP makes more sense.

Ne auxiliary–i should learn more about that. I don’t know a lot about INFP.


I love it when people change avatars!!! But I’m so perfectionistic about my avatar that it often takes too much effort for me to change mine…:stuck_out_tongue: