I Found Hell On Earth


Oh God…

What the FUCK! Have I done.

Why in the several hells…

Did I get a…


Se job

Much cry much horror for terrible decision ( I may polish this post later to have a story, but I’m stilling living it so I don’t want to give too many deets right now).

But… Just imagine the pure and fiery hell you would feel from having a job having to do with you superego function for 40 hrs a week…

Have you guys had a superego job before? I’d love to know if ya did :grinning:!

Where in the World is Piggy?
What's your enneagram?

What kind of job did you get?




Hmm I’m thinking…what would be an Si job?? Clerical work?? Because if so than yeah it stinks…



Yeah! At least your aux function will naturally come out (my Ne just bubbles up while doing Se stuff after a couple hrs).

But defo does not seem worth it in the long run :dizzy_face:!


This was a really funny post. I laughed because I know your pain.

What are examples of Se jobs? What kind of job did you get? Do you have another job you could fall back on or is it going to be Hell on Earth for a minute?


Yeah that’s Se. It sounds hard although I don’t know what to picture, I imagine that once home you have to drift like mad to compensate. It doesn’t have to be a long run thing. Hopefully this can be one of those memories of that god damm thing I did one summer. I had a fast food job once that was Se intense just because they didn’t use a monitor for the orders.


Glad ya found the humor in it. To a certain extent, all you can do is just poke fun at the pain :grinning:.

I would consider Se jobs to be jobs that are physically laborious. So, just off the dome, I would say jobs like being a lumberjack, a welder, a groundskeeper. Jobs that pretty much need ya in top form.

My job is on a construction site. I’m one of those people you would spot with a bright yellow shirt and a helmet :slight_smile:.

As of right now, I think it’s gonna be Hell on Earth until fall time… maybe winter.


What's your enneagram?

A neat trick I noticed is that I can play music at work to help. When the song I like plays, hours drift by like minutes.

Yeah! The music helps with the whole drifting thing when I’m at work. I have gotten used to the work so I now feel like me again. But when I first started… WHEW! That was one hell of a reality check.

Oh yeah! I definitely plan on quitting when I can. I thought I should stick around for as long as I can manage though, considering the amount of time I stay there will be on my resume. I’m gunning for three months (not impressive, but better than nothing).

Haha, I will definitely flush this Summer down the memory pipes when I can.

Shit, no monitor! I know what ya mean, I did fast food as well. My crew was always understaffed, so it was multitasking galore when I worked there :unamused:.

I think I will finally fulfill my childhood dream after this job and just work at a library :slight_smile:.


That stinks!! You should definitely try to work at the library after this, I feel like it’d be a huge Ne-haven…all those books depicting different realities…

Hahahaaha my Fe was how I charmed everyone into accepting my excuses and doing more of the repetive paperwork so I could go and preserve my sanity :wink:


Ah ok, this makes sense. Thank you for the examples. I’ve read up on so much Myers-Briggs but still feel new to it.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had quite a few shitty jobs (haven’t we all?) and I could actually tolerate all of them for a few months. After that, well… I feel like dying until I get a new job. Hopefully you’ll get your library job after this! I worked at a public library for about a year in college.



omg this must be my superego because I hate putting things where it belongs
like stocking is the worst boring job
and library??
being quiet with bunch of books?
sounds like school.
being quiet with textbook in front of you.
I used to think if I went to hell I’ll be in classroom forever

so I compensated by rocking the chair, sitting on my chair with just two legs trying to balance. talk to people next to me or flirt with them.
or just get kicked out by a teacher from too much disruption and that was my freedom
suspension was like the best thing
I got rewarded for being bad.
they gave me three days vacation every time I was being my crazy self

I still got good grades though.


Your superego function is Fi.


Yeah I figured because ISFP also like the idea of librarian


Yes! Yo, I’m so gonna do something better this fall. I’ve learnt my lesson, GET A JOB YA LIKE YA YUNG LASS. Yep, I hear that message loud and clear now!

Great strategy! Ugh, sometimes I wish I could Fe my way with people, but Ne does the job half the time (and leaves the other half a complete surprise :grin:).


No problem at all! Yeah Myers-Briggs is quite the beast when you first enter it, but with a little practice, you’ll have the stuff in your head before you know it.

Yes! I always cycle through jobs after a few months as well. Haha, I also am scoping my college’s libraray for a job. They’re always hiring new people so I should be able to work there with ease. Thanks for your good luck wishes!

You’re welcome! I’m always so slow to welcome people to the forum, so I’m happy I was able to welcome you in :joy:!


Haha! I was actually good in school so maybe my proper place is in a library anyway.

Damn! That’s cold-blooded. Yeah, classrooms can be a bit hellish (especially if the teachers can still physically discipline you. Ouch!).

Lol, you were the bad boy in school? I admit, I can see you doing this from what you’ve said on the forum (and obviously you did, since you just said it :joy:).

That is scarily optimistic! I bet the teachers would be so salty when you were happy about being suspended (it like they always want to see the kid being suspended a little sad. It’s kinda fucked up).

Lol, is this a subtle justification for being bad in school? Haha, it’s a good one, it’s alllll about grades when you’re in school anyway.


Heehe Im imaging all the construction workers quietly dumbfounded and awe stricken by Jumpman’s sudden Ne flood…all that respect yo!!!