Identity Politics, Minority Complex, MBTI


The whole is more than the sum of its parts. -Aristotle


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle


I should elaborate on my thoughts but I think most people here are capable of connecting the dots.

About a few months ago an acquaintance of mine who used to be preoccupied with MBTI has gotten into a new relationship has expressed a very refreshing sentiment which has opened my eyes.

We used to speak in Jungian terminology to minimize the tedious explanation when describing a person that’s foreign to the other party.
So as usual, I asked what type they think their new romantic partner is just to get an overall picture of the person.
As you can see where this is going, the answer was refused to be given and they expressed to me the following sentiment:
(paraphrasing) “I just want to get to know the person as they are because I don’t want my judgment and perception to be subconsciously influenced that’ll make me come to any false presumptions.”

It was rejuvenating since they had the tendency to type everyone and was coloring their perception of the subject.

As @TinyYellowTree commented,

To ask about and to want to know/be curious about someone and help and welcome is when people talk, and can maybe better show themselves, answer questions, and more may come to light for all of us.
I also thought perhaps we could use Erika’s [I think it was soundcloud?] where someone speaks and lets everyone hear you. Purely voluntary.
Let us make it a loving thing to discover who is who. Let us be humble in our knowing and better in our listening and asking.

If this is the apotheosis of Fe I will readily drown in this function.


Anthony, this thread title! This is a connection I hadn’t made and I’m getting a lot from it.


this thread is pretty dope.
and this video kinda touches upon that a little further. but from a different angle