If you could CHANGE your MBTI type, what would it be?!


if you could change, what would your MBTI be?
elaborate why.

i believe most people don’t want to change their personality type.

but let’s say you were cursed by some demon and now you have to pick one!

if you were cursed,

  1. for one day
  2. for a year
  3. forever!


I would be ISTP because they are cool and could probably kill someone and it seems like they are generally competent and people will leave them alone.
Be a little less bogged down with navel gazing and just focus on present things as they come. I sometimes figure it would mostly be the same as I am, but more body competence and simplicity when it comes to mechanizations/manipulations. lol



Yeah, in the grand scheme of things, I wouldn’t change my type (though my Ne aux feels a millisecond away from making me believe I am a different type, lol)

I think I would allow the curse to reign for a day. That’s all I need to work with.

I think I would be an ESFJ.

All the people that I have known for a long time and that are consistently kind to me are ESFJ. They have never made me angry and I have never done the same to them. Yeah, anger can’t be helped in a lot of ways, but this type seems to manage to never step on my toes in any fashion. I believe I have done the same for them as well, so that makes me happy to know the feeling is reciprocated.

I have been around this type all my life, so I don’t think I would be surprised at some of the behaviors and desires from this type (though going from having an Se superego to having Se id would be odd).

Also, I am heading towards ESFJ in my type development. So it would be nice to know what that literally feels like (I think I am like 5-10 years away from being more like this type, exciting :grinning:).


I think I would pick a type that is of more immediate use to the world. Also I’d like Fe not Fi. Wouldn’t want a second lifetime with that mute Fi experience. Would want a good flow of expression. Would also like to be able to have some weight. I think that is Se but not sure. So some type with Se and Fe that other people would find useful to them. But you know… ain’t gonna happen.


Maybe ENTP would be okay too, but it seems like it would be too annoying debating and being contrarian and playing with logic all day, even if the ENTP themself finds it super fun.

  1. For a day: Uh, this is a tough one. Maybe an ISTP? They seem really chill, and it would be nice to have a smooth handle on Se for once. Really I’d like to try out being any other type but my own. Uhh, except ISFP and ENFP.

  2. For a year: An INTJ. The bliss of somehow just being able to say exactly what you want, and get straight to the point. And not care too much about the emotional fallout of doing so except insofar as it inconvenienced me.

  3. Forever: An ENFJ. They just seem to enjoy being themselves. And they’re productive. They get so much done for themselves and for others.


For a day I would like to be an ENTP and I would like to be provoked to anger on that day. Not the whole day. But I want to see someone intimidated in the face of my tirade and not have it stop me until I have said my piece.

For a year I want to be an ESTP and in that year I want to travel the world while I am strong and confident in my body and mind. And enjoy experiences I find way too scary otherwise. And to persue.

And if it had to be forever I would choose ISTP I think, and I would build a house myself, beautiful and artful. Then maybe become a ninja for a while. Oh the things I could accomplish!!!




hahah I’m so biased but not really


No really - I think being ESTP would be hella-fun. The struggles with my inferior, SE, would melt away, and I wouldn’t have any trouble enjoying the moments while they last. My brain is too future oriented,would be nice to take a break.


Similarly to pla.xitore13, I’d want to be my opposite: istp. I think it’d be a wild ride :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually on second thought I like being weird and wacky as an enfj so maybe I wouldn’t change at all :kissing_heart:


Yeah, we gotz it goin on.


i literally feel as if i am just waiting for a rebirth as a different type


ENTJ duh


Hey, me too! I’ve already put in a request to come back as an ENTP next time…


I wanna be every MBTI type for a week each, so I can fully understand and comprehend each type’s functionalities

i know I can become an ENFP by smoking Marijuana but it’s not fun being Ne-paranoid


Yes!! Try each one. I would pay a LOT of money for it


how much? :dollar: :euro: :pound:


seriously. I will send you ‘edibles’ if you want to become ISTP for a day. my theory is that after you have this edible, there will some kind of chemical reaction that occurs in your brain where it will flip your functions upside down.
and I will send it to you for free. no kidding.

it’s harmless. and it tastes like chocolate.

my brother who is INFP becomes ISTP after he eats one.

and my brother who is ENFP becomes ESTP.

and I become ENFP.

I talked to Blake about this and he doesn’t disagree on this theory.

give me your “secondary” email and I’ll email you and then we can go from there.
and then you can share your experiences with us.

seriously. consider it! you’ll have Ti as dominant function and Se and auxiliary!

let me know if you’re interested.
all you gotta do is drop a secondary email :wink:



what is it?
I ate pot ice cream once.
that was something:)

does istp mean you can’t figure out how to get to the bathroom to pee, and you ask everyone to please call the police on the one that stayed sober.

oh!! hey, I was really zoned out for like a whole day. teehee. maybe istps can be inactive that long. oh and I felt indifferent:) istp?

what are the edibles?