If You Had Three Wishes


just for fun

if genie /God /deity/a mighty force can grant you three wishes, what would it be? and why?

for me

  1. to have an energy/drive like a teenager until I die
  2. being able to speak/communicate with animals/insects
  3. never sleep but getting all the benefits of sleep


Oh. I forgot whys.

  1. so I can do anything and everything I want. and it’ll be fun and exciting all the time.

  2. just for fun. maybe it won’t be fun if they’re always bitching :dog:. Or being a pussy :scream_cat:.

  3. because sleep is a waste of time. and I think i sleep way too much. even though the benefits of sleep is so crucial to everything.


For me it would be to gain certain superpowers, assuming that one wish can only grant a single power.

  1. To be able to control the weather, like Storm of the X-Men. This is a way of getting multiple powers for one wish, since weather control allows you to fly on the winds, defend yourself with lightning bolts or hurricane-force wind blasts, and help mitigate the effects of weather related disasters.

  2. To be able to phase through solid objects, like the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde or the Vision of the Avengers. This also has multiple applications, being able to sneak into any secure location (I am insatiably curious about so many things!), pass through annoying obstacles (such as crowds of people) and is the ultimate defensive ability.

  3. To be able to heal oneself and others from serious injuries or other ailments, including infectious diseases or cancers or genetic disorders. I’ve lost too many close relatives and friends to these over the years, and it would be wonderful to alleviate pain and suffering.


I think I’ve seen this episode on the Twilight Zone. Wishes come with a price.


Especially if you wish on a monkey’s paw…




Three wishes? Here we go:

  1. To clone myself so I could have multiple versions of me and then maybe Ne-id will calm down and tell me it’s okay if a part of me wants the suburban house with the picket fence and all the mundane domestic stuff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  2. To find my tru luv~

  3. To be able to eat whatever I want…so I can stop surviving on junk and eat some healthy delicious food for ever and ever :kissing_heart: