I'm envious of Elon Musk

Because of his geneticially engineered catgirls, in fact, as far as I know Elon Musk himself is a Catgirl.
You don’t believe me? Here, take a look at this:

Or the actual twitter link:

Is there anybody you are envious of?

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John Barrowman. Smart, sexy, confident, talented, and he gets to kiss all the cute guys!





Maybe. I think I kind of enjoy being envious of all the good qualities people have. It’s fun to see lots of different kinds of people and be envious. Lol.

I envy very VERY smooth dancing. But I rarely see it heee.

Wait, so you want to be around catgirls or you want to be a catgirl? Or something else.

Like watching sprinters or gymnasts or dancers or my neighbor because he has such smooth movement. I think he is ESTP he is all the time tackling huge projects. The way he completes them looks like a bunch of easy sprints rather than a marathon. Marathoners they keep going but look like they’re dying. He doesn’t look like he’s dying. Anyhow, some people have good brain to body communication and it’s fun to watch.

And who would not want to be near catgirls or be one:) Well the thing is I’m not a catgirl. Haha.