I'm unsure about my Myers-Briggs type


Hi site. I just joined today because I’ve read several of Blake’s articles and his insight, coupled with his incredible sense of humor interested me greatly. I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test many times in my life and while some of the letters are consistent and do not change, some of the letters can vary depending on the day. If I provide you information, would you be able to take a guess at what my type is?

Extroversion vs. Introversion:

  • I tend to prefer a lot of time alone to think uninterrupted and I get irritated if people disturb me while I’m deep in thought.
  • I do prefer a small degree of interaction with others, but I cannot stand small talk, as I consider it to be irrelevant, inane, vapid and intellectually damaging. If I’m going to interact with someone, the conversation has to have some sort of gravitas to it, some sort of larger meaning. I prefer engaging debates, discussions of hypothetical scenarios and pondering concepts as opposed to discussing the weather or which sports team won the latest game.
  • I prefer having a relatively small group of friends. Not too small, mind you, but small enough where I can manage the group effectively.

Intuition vs. Sensing:

  • I tend to miss details in my environment very easily and often make careless mistakes due to me missing details. I’m much more concerned about the general idea behind something than worrying about details. For example, if I requested a red shirt from the store, I wouldn’t care about the shade as long as it was something close to red.
  • I like to theorize new ideas in my head, such as ideas for movies, tv shows, games and comics. I’ll become quite devoted to the ideas for a short amount of time, but I eventually become bored with them and move onto new ideas.
  • I also like to explore hypothetical scenarios regarding real life events and as such, I’m heavily involved in alternate history writing.
  • I tend to worry about things that could potentially happen in the future and like to have backup plans ready in case negative possibilities become a reality. I’m much more tied to the future than I am to the present and rarely ever think in the present.
  • I tend to speak using metaphors and analogies that I find amusing, in order to connect the argument with something that relates to it, but also gives the argument a humorous spin.
  • I connect mundane objects to grand symbolism that I have devised.
  • I have a very wordplay oriented sense of humor and like anything that pokes fun at the English language. I also can be rather sarcastic, albeit it’s usually in a well intended way.
  • Due to my love of exploring possibilities, I often remain unsure of who I truly am as my opinions on anything can change very quickly. I tend to have existentialist worries and contemplate whether there’s a purpose to life, whether there is anything after death and whether there is a such thing as truth or not. It terrifies me greatly.

Thinking vs. Feeling:

  • I have certain principles that I hate violating and will become very angry at myself if I’m forced to violate said principles. I will often argue with people who try to impose a certain idea on me if it goes against my values.
  • That said, if people want me to do something I don’t want to and it doesn’t violate my principles, I’ll reluctantly comply and give into them in order to keep a sense of harmony. I dislike arguments if they’re personal in nature. Impersonal debates are something I love because they don’t involve attacking anyone personally, but when true animosity is involved, I worry.
  • I do attempt to think of logistics when making decisions, such as how it’s more practical to buy an object in smaller increments than it is to buy it in one shot, or how I will make lists when I need to get a goal accomplished.
  • I believe in being truthful, but tactful, meaning that if I’m forced to tell someone the truth, I’d rather tell them the truth in a way that is not insensitive and does not hurt their feelings if they don’t deserve to have their feelings hurt.
  • Unless someone has been an asshole to me, I don’t believe in being assholes to others. If someone has been an asshole to me for no reason, then that person deserves to be spoken to in an assholish manner in return, to teach them manners.

Perceiving vs. Judging:

  • I tend to wait until the last minute to complete assignments if I’m not particularly interested in them. As long as the job gets done on time and is done well, who cares when it’s done?
  • I’m very sloppy and disorganized. I never keep my notes at school neat, nor my room.
  • Finalizing a decision scares the crap out of me, as I like the feeling of the unknown, the ambiguity, the idea that possibilities are still open.
  • I like to keep my leisure time very open ended and as a result, I prefer not to plan traditional vacations as they’re too constricting and lacking in spontaneity.

So, what would you guys guess? If you can guess enneagram as well, that’d be nice. If not, I understand too.


definitely INFX

I see a lot if Ni-id

I’m going for INFP

I’ll let others chime in. @prax and @wendy is good at differentiating the two.


What makes you feel INFP over INFJ?


this one.
I think of Fi as 'self doubt’
which leads to being unsure about things.
infj usually don’t have problem with this.

this also. infj aren’t as bad with details.
they’re actually pretty good.
infp in other hand is a little more clumsy.

I’m thinking this could be Ni-id

and I’m guessing this is Fi-Ni id loop.

Ni-id again?
i feel this way in my Ni grip. So I’m thinking grip and id can be similar to each other.

so… What do you think? :thinking:


Are you sure my fear of negative possibilities becoming a reality couldn’t just be Ne? I don’t focus on one possibility that I’m certain will come true, which is often the case with dominant/auxillary Ni users, but rather multiple different possibilities which I’m not entirely certain on. I also do not fixate necessarily on a single vision like an Ni user.


Ne? I think fear is associated with something negative.
so if id is negative function, I’d say it’s likely that you’re dealing with Ni-id, but I don’t know what that’s like so I can’t say for certain.

so you’re basically agreeing that you’re infp? hahaha


I mean, I’m not necessarily agreeing. I just question whether it’s very likely if I’m an INFJ, since I don’t seem to really exhibit many of their behaviors.


it’s better if I ask you behavioral questions,

first, do you often apologize even if you aren’t necessarily at fault?


(Ignore my original post, I wasn’t thinking) No, I generally do not apologize if I’m not at fault, especially if the person is doing something that crosses my values. I don’t want to enable their dickish behavior and would rather they learn via the punishment of me not giving into their crap. I’ll only apologize when I’m not at fault if I’m forced to.


ah, your answer confuses me!
because at first, oh infp? and then your explanation is like… but wait…

if you look at yourself… hahah
do you have a softer stare or more of an intense glare?


Lol, please use the edited answer, I wasn’t thinking properly initially. I tend to have a pretty soft stare. I don’t emote very much unless something affects me in a way that I care. So if something in particular hasn’t made me happy, angry, depressed, scared, etc., I have a pretty blank, soft stare.


dude, I’m so confused! hahahah
but this is fun.

i need reinforcement but let me try this for now.

are you good at making people feel good about themselves?


Pretty good. I’ll tell them lies if I need to in order to make them feel better about themselves, but this is mostly to get them off my back, unless I care greatly about the person, in which I’ll be fully invested in helping them and will try to give them advice to make them do better.


okay now I’m leaning towards infj and I read your description again and maybe you are infj.

are you good at understanding other people’s emotions and thoughts?


I’m pretty good at understand others’ emotions and thoughts. I can usually tell when something’s up with a person based on how they normally act and if they’re doing something that’s drastically different from how they normally act.


okay. at this point I’m almost certain that you’re infj.

other questions, how old are you? and what are you struggling with right now?
and describe your ideal partner /relationship


and let’s talk about this. give me any thoughts or ideas that you have about these.


I’m 22 and right now, I suppose my biggest struggle is a perpetual existential crisis. Unlike the stereotypical INFJ, I’m an agnostic and therefore unsure of whether or not there’s a purpose to life. That constant ambiguity, that fear, it creeps up on me and never lets go. It’s like a leech, so to speak.

As for my ideal partner, they have to be witty, fun-loving, imaginative, creative, enjoy discussing hypotheticals and other ideas, friendly, but playfully sarcastic, inventive, open-minded, constructively critical and adaptive.


Thoughts or ideas in what sense?


also, I’m even considering intp as an option. but probably not. Idk why I thought that.

these thoughts.

so what do you think is the purpose of life then?