INFJ as psychologist?


Are you good at? Not tired of people’s problems?


Hi, @aneta1635746! Can you ask that again? Maybe a different way?

My theory is INFJs never get tired of people’s problems. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be an INFJs. I think they get sucked into people’s problems. Or at least attract people with problems.

What does thou thinkisth, INFJs?


I’d say it depends on how balanced an INFJ is. Unbalanced INFJ, even if he yearns to be a psychologist, would tend to be preoccupied with himself and care only about the problems of those closest to him.


I am not a psychologist. I think I could easily be a stellar one. My issues would be with the bullshit that comes with the academic world in terms of guidelines and rules and petty social hierarchies politics and blerg. I’ve always struggled with those, and that was just as a student, not as a faculty member. So … I have an inkling that other INFJs would struggle with that bit as well.


I used to consume myself with other people’s problems. Nowadays I take brakes from those only to end up consuming those problems in the form of literature, plays, good tv and so on. But with me it always revolves around the psychology. I once was interviewed by a psychologist in a pinstripe suite in a corporate setting. As a young idealist I thought she had sold her soul :smiley: (shouln’t they help with deep stuff, not pick up members to move abroad to make money for big corporations?). Generally I think infj’s make good psychologists, mature ones (not counting myself as one quite yet).