INFJ’ carriere path doubt Graphic Designer or Psychologist


Thank you so much for this forum and Blake’s community! I read your articles Blake and love the writing you do. I struggle with so called INFJ’s tertiary temptation when it comes to choose carriere path between Graphic Designer and Psychologist. Does anyone of INFJ’s here is Graphic Designer or Psychologist and has struggeld with same doubt or is already in one of this professions


Why I am.
I’m intelligent…emotionaly. Nor the alfa or beta. I understand people rather than computers. Communicating through beautiful graphic design makes me smile, this is where my heart beats faster from. I like composing colors and typography in image esthetiek.
Composing images ( Graphic Design) makes me tick but talking to people let me dive deeper into human mind (Psychology). For me short talks are cheap tell me your real problem :). I love writing and reading about selfdevelopment and human a lot.

What people say.
Ususaly people call me artist or filosoph rather than psychologist. I like to give people advice, I’m transmitter but I do avoid conflicts and don’t like criticism either.

Who am I.
I’m INFJ with dominant Feeling (Fe) and Jugging (J) function. I’m 35 years old, born in post communist country, grew up on a farm in Poland. Later I exchanged little town there for the city Amsterdam and living here for 17 years now. I’m enjoying here! Because of my dominant Feeling I often feel misunderstood so I’m often forced to think people from Western are stupid. I get reloaded when I’m alone but I do feel lonely too.

Why doubts.
There is so many carrieres I wish I could do (welcome to my Tertiary Temptation), but I do want to stick to Graphic Designer and Psychology for now. I don’t want my loneliness influence my decision to become psychologist so I can have deep conversations with people. Yet Designing makes me tick, and this is what wakes me up in the morning. What should I do? Should I put on Graphic Design or choose for Psychology? Anyone in this proffesion who can share their thoughts?


This is your answer.

Design in a coffee shop or a communal office space! That’s what I do when I want to be productive and keep the loneliness at bay.


Thanks Sound Desiign! My doubts arise when graphic design has not particulair deep meaning of the tasks they do (colouring frames, inserting buttons etc). Psychology on the orher hand let’s me go deeper of what happening in human minds. Moreover I wonder if graphic design would not mesh with INFJ intuitive grasp of words and symbology. We like to create abstract designs. Anyone experience with this?


I think you’re overthinking it and should just go with what truly gives you drive. Keep in mind the potential job market for both.

I’ve thought about being a psychologist too, but think about doing it every single day. For money.

I’d rather not.

Find some intellectually fascinating or zany / eccentric individuals that can be fun trying to deconstruct, to satisfy your interest in human minds!

Just my two cents.


Hi @aneta1635746 . Any more thoughts in the last couple months?
I second @SoundDesiign - graphic design skills & creative vision/ intuition can be applied to sooo many industries you’re bound to find interesting projects that you can apply your unique vision & insight into human psychology to, as well as working on more mundane stuff if needed.
Potentially work from anywhere, continue to build your skills and grow.
Branch out and use for good causes. You can work immediately. Can do this alongside interest in Psych.

Psychology - training, regulations, governing bodies and may never feel the satisfaction you get from helping people one to one on your own terms. Won’t have same time or energy perhaps to spend time on your creative design work and may lose touch with this part of yourself…


Agreed, @sacha

Graphic designers are in demand!!! Those jobs can lead to some pretty interesting projects and/or companies. You will be project-based, so that will give you flexibility if you’re not working well with the client or task or need time away to be an INFJ. I see psychology as one of the more bureaucratic professions because that stuff is pretty heavily regulated and blah blah blah.

Graphic design and psychology go hand in hand. I feel like the most resonant graphic design has come from intuitives, but what the hell do I know! :smile_cat: