INFJ description from EN(no Ti)P's perspective



Personally think he makes one of the best videos on each type description and not afraid to call out the ugliness in those types too. Enjoy!


I predict some may want to see him as an ENFP.


Nah, he seems pretty ENTP to me. The Ne/Ti/Fe is pretty obvious. I can also see my ENTP-ex saying similar things about me if he knew more about typology.

Thanks for posting this btw. It was refreshing.


I listen to this guy’s podcasts. He has a really unique view on type compatibilities. Like estj being infj’s 3rd most compatible type?? Lol. Enfp being ranked # 1 most compatible with infj in his view. Lol He articulates it well though.


I used to think ENFP was my best match type-wise. They’ve been the type I’ve been most drawing to for mentorship/close friendships, and for a long time I wanted to date one (not a particular person, just someone of this type) but never had the opportunity. When their Fi/Te is well developed and balanced, I think it can balance out the Fi-id/Te-superego of INFJ, and probably vice-versa. The Ne-Te looping does drive me crazy though. And as I’ve mentioned in other posts, I may be more drawn to Ne than the typical INFJ.

Now that I think about it, with a lot of my close ENFP friends, I did start out not really liking them and would often end up bickering with them a lot. But once we got close, it felt really close because I felt like we could have conflict and disagree without it really affecting anything. Plus, I was impressed that they still liked me even when I wasn’t that “nice” to them.


ESTJ being INFJ’s 3rd compatible type does seem a bit weird…


That video is all fucked up in ways that I can’t begin to articulate. Dude’s not an ENTP either. Watched 3 minutes. Timed.


Ya think.


What type would you say he is then? My other guess is xSTP. I do feel like his expression is Ti/Fe.

I watched the whole video, and while I wouldn’t say he deeply understands INFJs like you do, I can see how it would look the way he describes to an outsider.



Yeah, I can see an overlay of that.

Fe perhaps, but Ti, nope. Not good true Ti. I see more Te. I see Fe too. So, ENFP has both. The guy definitely ain’t got no Ti finesse like I’d expect from an ENTP.

So, I watched 11 minutes into the video since you asked that question and what I hear is INFJ from an ENFP perspective. He’s got all his cognitive functions and positions mixed up, but the basic gist of what he’s saying is that INFJs are prideful, hypocritical, have high standards, are fake etc etc etc, but “like get over it INFJ, because your basic function is to make other people better”.

Certainly, all that stuff can be true of INFJ. However, what’s funny, is that I see all this stuff applying to ENFP mucho big time.

It’s like two versions of Sagittarius, which both these types would have (by my lights) as implied astrological equivalents of their dominant functions. INFJ has introverted Sagittarius and ENFP has extraverted.

Which is funny, again, because the main thing I see this guy taking issue with is not the hypocrisy, pride, hubris (all Sagittarian qualities in the negative), but that INFJ should just come out with that shit and speak up (get over the whispery voice) and just be more useful in an extraverted sense. “Your function is to make people better.” Dude said something like that. Which sounds like looking at INFJ from this Te perspective.

That’s my interpretation on the video.


And also anyone that somehow arrived at this has suspect Ti. ENFP falls conspicuously into this category.

A statement like that just shows me that they don’t understand the basic components of the system.

Anyone who arrived at that would automatically be suspect on that basis alone. It’s bad math.


Or I can just see a sort of ST overlay, which could be ESTJ-ish too. Like an ENFP with an ESTJ overlay. He has a sort of ESTJ-ish presentation and delivery method - “Cut the bullshit, here’s what your function is in the whole economy of types”.

And to ESTJs (and Te in general), that’s what matters. What is your function and what is preventing you from fulfilling your functionality?

I described some of this dynamic of how ESTJ sees and approaches INFJ on the forum not too far back.

The dude in the video reminds me of this dynamic, so, perhaps he has a little ESTJ bulldog in him, but I think his main type is likely ENFP.


Also as regards

here’s what I wrote of the compatibility between INFJ and ESTJ on the same thread I just linked to above.


lol, I agree. This guy has NO Ti, NO Ti whatsoever.


Yeah, but Nirdre says she sees it. What are we to do of this rift in our respective perceptual mechanisms?

Jump in schloopy! Go for the jugular!


Testify, child!


I’m going to have to watch the video again. To be fair, I was not in my normal state of my mind when I did. (Was in an Fi-funk).

Or maybe I don’t know any real ENTPs! :open_mouth:

@Blake can you give me an example of someone you think is ENTP? I’ve seen lots of examples of ENFP on this site, but far less about ENTPs.


Go to wiki typings by Blake on forum and scroll down to ENTP. There should be about 10 or so examples there of famous/historical people that I think were or are ENTPs.


I think ENTPs and ENFPs are often mistaken for one another…Especially ENFPs being mistyped as ENTPs… Quick thinking must not be mistaken for Ti. It’s more like Ne, which is really a perception function but it can appear like thinking. It ain’t. ENFPs may think fast and say smart things but often times they do not truly make sense when you think carefully about it. Or at least…they are not CLEAR. Which is the hallmark sign of Ti (this is not to say all people who use Ti are clear - INTPs for example start at “clarity” AKA Ti and make it convoluted from there via Ne - so what I’m saying is that Ti alone as a pure function on its own is all about clarity).

ENTPs often talk at a rabid pace and also often thinks fast, but one thing I’ve noticed is that (usually) nothing ever goes over the head. Everything makes TOTAL sense and I can catch everything they said despite all that manic talking - that’s a very rare talent, really. ENFPs…different story.

Now this guy. He doesn’t really present to me as someone that smart at all, unlike many ENFPs out there. ENTP is quite out of the question really. He clearly lacks Ti, period. I hear no sound reasoning skills, but he does resort to mockery a lot. Passive aggressive mockery. He’s trying to criticize and tell INFJs what to do in that bossy ESTJish fashion, but nothing can be taken seriously. It’s not truly intimidating (cause of Ne dominance and lack of Se). Overusing Te tertiary often looks like this. Very silly (as is the case when overusing any tertiary function!)

More about him later! It’s almost 1am and I am still working in the lab! :slight_smile:


ENTP Ti is also very simple. It all sounds so simple.

When an ENFP fakes Ti, it often sounds very critical and forced. Sometimes too convoluted. Or sometimes they use lots of impressive terminology-flashing but no true demonstration of real and deep understanding of the actual definitions of these terms they’ve just used. Some ENFPs are very good at sounding like they know what they talk about because they are good at picking up patterns and going along with it. They may “understand” something based on the patterns they’ve seen before…they go with what makes sense to their intuition but again, no real logical reasoning behind it really. No…careful rumination.

This is kind of what I see in this guy. He’s throwing in a lot of MBTI jargon and trying to point out the “holes” or obvious truths that these silly INFJs are so blind to, but he’s not demonstrating sound understanding of any of the terms he’s using. Trust me, an ENTP’s Ti would sound much more sharp than this. I hang around with Ti-users all the time. This is not Ti. This is not the sound of good reasoning. I want to hear that crystal ring. I want to hear crispiness. Something that cuts. Something precise.

But I hear just flimsy flop-flop-flop masquerading as something tough and critical. Nope, not fooling me.