Infj Fe the most seductive thing out there


Auxiliary Fe is like candy.

I think of it as a seducing function.

A guy today did some lovely Fe.

Gawd (@Ankh maybe you understand?).

I could barely appreciate the Fe, because it is like “hey man, I can’t afford to start having a crush on you. Okay?” I literally looked elsewhere…while he did his Fe magics. I still listened to it but no looking.



What makes it seductive to you? I’d like to think that’s true but often times I think it’s too giving and makes other people feel loved but not really a receiving of love, attracting thing.


I don’t know.

The fact that it is sweet in the moment. Even if it is just a way of interacting. Some male infjs have a sweetness to them. Maybe not sucrose sweet. Licorice sweet.


Maybe Fe is the “i am in secret understanding of you and make you feel special” function. Is that what seduction is? :smiley:

I think someone else (maybe it was Piggie) described it as giving people what they want/making them addicted to how the INFJ made them feel.


How can such a thing be real? I kind of marvel at it.


Mmm! Sweet and spicy!

Hmmm you asking me about INFJs aux? Or my dom? If it’s the former, I don’t care to answer. If it’s the latter, then let me know. Cause I can talk about myself all day long. Like, totally, omg. :kissing_heart:



Ummm…I’m still having a difficult time understanding Fe. Especially the way Blake describes it. The one thing I do understand, and what I love about the way Blake describes it, for the Infj, FE being in the auxiliary part of the stack. _It is the function used by the INFJ to get what he/she wants NOT to give people what they want and making them happy at the INFJ’s complete expense. If making certain people happy at a time benefits the INFJ, the INFJ will use FE to make others happy, because well it will make the INFJ happy. If making people happy doesn’t make you happy at the time, effective use of FE is to be honest with your feelings, and use FE actively to get out of the situation. Am I right BLAKE?

I don’t think Fe is always “sweet/positive/or warm” either. I think sometimes Fe expression can be quite cocky, playfully arrogant, or even purposefully irritating - I also think Fe expression can be warm/sweet/inspiring, etc…it’s random.

I’m still hoping to get a chance to talk or email 1-on-1 wiht Blake, because, as much as I ‘feel’ FE is the answer to many of INFJs hang-ups, I’m still not convinced that it is as outwardly chaotic, disorderly, and unthoughtful as he describes it sometimes to be. I think at times, when confronted in the heat of burning conviction, Fe can be quite fierce/rebellious and and not afraid to fight or take strong action against a majority, if the Fe user believes they are correct. The picture I get in my head is Civil Disobedience (practiced by Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King), or even the story of Joshua and Jericho, in the Bible, when he was told by God to march around Jericho silently for days - made to look like a fool, and was mocked for it. Or even Jesus Christ, who would just do stuff that the religious leaders of the day felt threatened them, and they had him crucified for using his FE to do what HE believed was right.


Magnetism. Yes, I understand. I feel like Fe is very approachable. At least it wants to be. And since it’s my dominant function, it’s very hard to turn off in public, which results in unwanted attention and or conversation. And most definitely it is the source of misunderstanding.