INFJ Ni-Ti Fatigue and Emotional Turbulence


Sorry… too raw. Try again later.


:joy: oh dear, lol!

My family were (are) all night owls except for me. But I’m no Lark neither!
What does that make me?

I’m done by 10 and sleep till 9 when I can. I also like to wake with the sun rise but don’t jump out of bed ready for the day - lazy hazy mornings are for me. But I’m also most focused in the morning if I need to get a (planned) job done that’s the time I do it. My ‘just do it’ time before I have a chance to mull n think n procrastinate.

I feel most creative at night. And wish I could stay up late but I think it’s partly the tiredness that allows me to tune in to more creative & dreamy side. Left brain is done for the day. Bring up logistics or plans at 8pm and I’ll cry.

Afternoons are pointless to me. I think this is my most sociable time. The world is too noisy to do anything else.


There’s a lot of stuff in here that I can relate to.

Yeah I agree. Well I guess ‘short term’ is relative and depends on the project/goal - at work if anything drags on for longer than 3months Ive lost interest and momentum. My work is actually pretty bad at pacing itself. Something either drags on for an age or it’s all reactive ‘now, now, now!’. Drives me mad.

Yeah it seems important to allow your natural rhythms to do their thing. To allow for this in the time frame of completion. This is where me & my boss differ. If I set my own schedule I can allow for this and be productive within and hit deadlines with ease. My boss does not like or understand this and expect a consistent level of activity by the time it takes to complete a task (by her estimation) so wants to plan everyone’s time hour by hour every day with no allowance for, well, being human! Micromanagement extreme.