INFJ Ni-Ti tertiary loop: Does it only apply to Geminian Ti? What about Aquarian Ti?


As per Blake’s article on the two forms of Ti for INFJs, Gemini Ti = impersonal objected oriented = hard sciences etc. Pure maths. Analytic philosophy. Etc. Bad for INFJs in excess cos it gets them stick in their Ni-Ti loop. Aquarian Ti = subject/people oriented = social science etc. Sociology, MBTI, etc. Healthier in general for INFJs in the long run.

So, what about Ni-Ti loops if the INFJ in question is obsessed with Aquarian Ti-type questions? I can see why INFJs can get stuck in endless philosophizing over Gemini Ti-type topics: endlessly questioning the nature of reality, and then proceeding to question the foundations of knowledge of such metaphysical knowledge (epistemology), and then questioning the mode of questioning (meta-philosophy), on and on into an endless black hole/Ni-Ti loop. But what if the tertiary Ti “obsession” is over more Aquarian subjects in general? For example “What are the essential differences between different societies?” Would that manifest in a different form of the Ni-Ti loop or avoid it altogether through involving Fe in some way? Whatddaya think?


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I think Blake would say this type of looping would be healthier.
I think you’re right that maybe because if you are using Aquarian-people-oriented-Ti, you would naturally hook onto Fe in order to better figure “people” out. Which would bring you out of the loop.
The looping is mostly from having a self-sustaining bubble. In order to stay in an aquarian Ni-Ti loop, you’d have to be both interested AND not interested in people… Which you hope would contradict enough to break out of the loop instead of endlessly just staying stuck in cherry-picked humanities textbooks to sustain said loop.


Brilliant! So theoretically speaking Ni-Geminian Ti loop could be slowly broken out of by introducing more Aquarian Ti into the mix, in the hopes that the INFJ’s attention is diverted towards more Fe matters rather than descending into further doubt or categorisation as per Geminian Ti. The danger is that the INFJ reverts back to the Ni-Geminian Ti loop by questioning the epistemological grounds or otherwise for the Aquarian-type Ti constructs. However this is probably mitigated by deliberate, sustained effort over a long period of time to bring attention back to Aquarian Ti matters. Which is pretty much what you’ve said. I’m sure there are some physical metaphors for this kind of thing. Perhaps the concept of damping in physics or something like that.