Has anyone seen the website

What type do you think she actually is?

Woaaah, I wanted to do some research, but that website just hit me in the face! :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:
Is this her?

ESTP à la Cameron Diaz? Just a first impression, please don’t make me go back in there.

Maybe Cone is “echoing” INFJ same way Teal Swan (ESTP) does?

I…I don’t know what I’m looking at. o.O

But this is a funny challenge.

Good thing I didn’t open up that website on my work computer, for fuck’s sake! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh I really shouldn’t be on here…pero, pero…

Laura Cone’s response, copy-pasted:

"I am INFJ and I like people who are deep, romantic and sincere. See related: Dating all 16 Personalities: INFJ Girl Series. I like it when people do the little things to make me happy.

The most satisfying parts of the dating process for a female INFJ include someone taking care of all the dating planning. Sometimes it’s nice to have time away from the crowds. Being non-critical is key. I think my worst dating memories include times the date said something negative to me about my choice of attire for the evening. It’s a great way to ruin a date for an INFJ person!

And the only other really bad thing you can do is wrongly accuse an INFJ of doing something mean and vindictive…as she would not do that. Most INFJ’s don’t even feel jealousy."

Her stuff reads like COSMOPOLITAN’s sex & relationships, astro, or gossip section or something like that. My knee jerk response is to type her as an ESTP, the Teal Swan type of gal.

And I am frightened of her.

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She definitely has a lot of Se going on. And I can’t figure out how she ended up with INFJ—maybe it’s the MBTI type du jour… personality description most likely to attract men or something.

I agree that she is quite scary

Feels the the exact inverse of that. Less spirituality and more “People” magazine like others have mentioned.

Woah. Wasn’t expecting an ass in my face.

Yeah, but she calls herself “INFJ girl”, doesn’t she? Not that Teal Swan calls herself one (I just don’t know), but what she does is clearly mirroring the INFJ spiel.

Anyway, Teal Swan is fuckin’ hot and has aesthetic taste. The “INFJ girl” clearly doesn’t. And that is me literally judging the book by its covers and leaving it at that. :grinning:

Well, she clearly didn’t pick a flattering photo of herself, for some reason. She seems to have pretty decent features though.

It looks like one of those sites where you thought you typed in “google”, but instead typed in “oogle”. Upon suddenly realizing your mistake, you frantically search around the keyboard for a way to close the window before anybody notices …

Yea … I wasn’t expecting that.


Just gonna drop a link to her latest book, as advertised on her website.

Ah, @Ignas @Blake you may as well shelve your scribblings it looks like we’ve got a winner right here

That’s pretty awesome. Who knew INFJs were the sexy, mostly naked dominatrix type? I’ll see if I can download a sample of the book to see if it can tell me if I’m really an INFJ or not…I’ll need to buy some props and lingerie to fit in.