INFJs: Possible to reattach after emotionally detachment?

After reading Blake’s post on INFJ Woman in Love, the “well-meaning husk” really hit home for me. Is there any way to come back from this in a relationship?

INFJ married to an ESTJ. Send help. :joy:

Hello sarah, and I don’t know.

I personally can’t do this on my own at all by force of will (note that there is some debate about whether I’m an INFJ or ENFJ, but I act like an INFJ in a relationship). For me, I’ve found that ENTPs and ENFJs can regularly bring me back into the relationship and bring back the spark, they have a certain magic about them. None of the other types that I’ve been with have been able to do this, although I haven’t dated every type :). Also, going through a difficult emotional event with my partner or accomplishing something difficult together (maybe a physical fitness challenge course or something) can bring me back temporarily.