INFP Male + Aries + Rant = Huh?


All the intellectual definitions on here have me confused as shit. Most of them that deal with INFPs appear to be geared towards females – and that’s fine and dandy, but not helpful to the guys in search of self-discovery.

From what I understand of the INFP, its a very soft type. From what I understand of Aries – its very strong (if you couldn’t tell by now I’m INFP, male, and an Aries). Yeah, I’m basic.

I’m not with all the feminine shit. Waiting around for the universe to do its magic as described in one of Blake’s articles only seems to work if one is able to capitalize on a sought after moment. Life doesn’t just solely happen to you. One has to make shit happen.

I do not understand. Hate to be that douchebag that says it, but – identifying with the INFP label isn’t really helpful – especially for a man.

I’m not an expert Astrologist, but being an Aries seems the total opposite of being INFP. I just don’t get it.

Anybody have any clarity or nah?


yeah i get you man. the way internet made INFP looked like some soft crybabies with their pixie dust doesn’t really help.

in my personal experience though, i’ve met a quite few INFPs that are rather atypical and not really feminine. rather, strong, blunt, and tough. forget the internet memes.

hey, since i’m looking into astrology myself, if you can,

go here and get your chart out.

knowing that you’re an Aries is a good start, but there are other aspects of your planets in different signs that make you appear certain way


i like your attitude here.
thoughts usually lead to action.

also. don’t look so much at the label for INFP.

i’m guessing you are somewhat familiar with the functions?

i suggest you look into Fi, Ne, Si, Te (your function order for INFP). and Ni id.

people tend to associate Fi with some being a pussy function. but it doesn’t really mean that.
they see Fi (introverted feeling) literally. like if you’re an introverted and a feeler, you’re probably a pussy. you know, the stupid basic description that gets thrown around with overwhelming amounts of memes.

also, this is me saying everything giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’re an INFP.
which mean, there’s a possibility you might not even be an INFP. so see how the functions fit you. and if you got any results from online tests, share that too