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Hey everyone,
I’m interested in what job a person whose mbti type is INFP could be good at? I’m actually stydying Accounting, but it’s time to review my future since i dont have any tranquility of what my perspectives are, since i’m an inmigrant in the country i’m living now. I’m very good at translation and i really enjoy it. However, have no idea how could i earn money by translating or by something i like.

INFPs, what jobs do you find yourself realized? How can Introverted Feeling and Extraverted Intuition can be used in order to prosper in professional life? @Blake what do u think about it?
I am very confused on what can be my strong sights, if i look at myself as an Infp…
Cheers :slight_smile:


My husband, INFP, is a pilot. Very good at math, direction and good with change. He’s always tested well being able to just listen and learn and remember.


I don’t know many infps at all. 2 or 3 that I know of. 1or 2 iN math research 1 is an artist. For translation, you can get accredited. Then put yourself out there through agencies and do freelance. If not freelance, hmm, not sure how it works.


So how does the Se aspect work out? I guess I am impressed. Most pilots you see have a certain sensor look.


If you ask him, he is well rounded and good at all of it, and is all types. I tease him about this, and he is enjoying teasing me too.
I think Ne to see what is possible and Si to know/be able to repeat what works, what needs remembering. Not sure. He has been physically capable forever. He rode motocross and surfed. He deals plenty well with Se and especially likes vehicles. Scooters, sports cars, motorcycles, airplanes. He’d try a sailboat, but I get very motion sick. He can be proficient but I wouldn’t say he has the same sort of handle on it a Se dom or auxiliary would have and he has angels, I swear, some of the stories he’s told me. He has a friend who is Se dominant or aux and can just do anything physical, like right away, very proficiently.


Let’s see, INFPs I know:

Two high school teachers
Two semi-professional theatre artists
Criminal lawyer
Retail manager
Supervisory research analyst at a bank

I think in general they’re all good at their jobs and none of them feel like they quite fit in or know where it’s going.


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I like the aesthetic that the circle is invisible:)


I find that INFPs often choose Te type environments to work in - highly structured and corporate environments. And yes, for some reason, I have spoken with (consulted with) two INFP women who were working in accounting. Another was working as a tax lawyer.

What I think I’ve learned regarding INFP and professions is that they like very stable jobs where there is a lot of order provided by someone else and they come in and sort of plug in to their specific and well-defined task. I see that INFPs I’ve spoken with prefer a lot of clear instructions on their job. They do not like ambiguity. And then they can happily hum away within those tightly defined constraints.

I think INFPs are loathe to take initiative in their work. They like to be told what to do and also how to do it.

I also notice that INFPs tend to not view their job/career as their primary thing in life (especially female INFPs who I am vastly more familiar with). The INFP wants a stable job where they can use some of their imaginal qualities within.

Take into account that the INFPs I have consulted with are consulting with me largely because they feel unfulfilled in their jobs/careers, so accounting is pretty much a matter of Te and Si, the INFP’s inferior and tertiary functions respectively. These INFPs get bored with all the routine of the job of accounting, but, they also find a strange comfort in the straightforwardness of the job. I think it is for this reason that an INFP might find math comforting. If you follow the correct procedure of calculating, you’ll always get the right answer. And in INFP land this can be a wonderful comfort to their normally Alice in Wonderland like life.

But, ultimately, they aren’t feeling that INFP spark of wonder in these safe and precise professions.

Ne needs wonder and little shifts of perspective on a continual basis. It’s like when you lie upside down on your bed or couch and see the world upside down. All the things that you normally see are transformed. You really SEE the world in that moment. I think INFPs are trying to get back to that childlike state of seeing everything for the first time.

But, there is the pull to Si (and Te too apparently) in many INFPs and the Fi-Si loop is arguably one of the most narrow-minded tunnel-vision type loops there is. Which is why I think many of the INFPs I have spoken with have chosen these relatively safe paths in their life and wonder why they are bored and unengaged.

The key for INFP is Ne activation. This would be occurring in an Fi context.

Let careers be suggested on that basis. Imagine Ne operating in an Fi context. Not Ne by itself.

It’s very imaginative and childlike. I think Mr. Rogers show of the 1970’s. Mr. Rogers was a relatively conservative guy at work ( I don’t know what he did), but he would start the show by coming in from the workaday world and talking to his children viewers as he looked into the camera. He would take off his formal work clothes and kick off his shoes etc. And then off to the land of make believe.

I think INFPs are very childlike, like and resonate the most with little children (not adults), and like to live in a world of make believe.

So, careers working with children in any capacity are suggested. I know two INFPs (one female, one male) that work with autistic children. One thing they report disliking is too much standardized treatment of these children where they are expected to go through a script of sorts on how to deal with these children. I think they find when they are just their normal INFP selves with them (Fi and Ne) this goes most of the way towards reaching or helping these children.

Um, airline pilot? Did someone say airline pilot? That would be one of the last careers that I would recommend to an INFP. That’s the ISTP profession par excellence.


Let’s please just throw in that following the correct procedure to the right answer is not math. Math way more petty than that! But uh I guess I get your point. There is a sort of limit on open-ended I guess. Okee. Ignore.
And tax lawyer? Oh my DEATH


I was about to say that math can be very Ne in the way you sometimes describe noticing the patterns going on. But, that’s not what I was talking about…talking more about pure calculation…plugging in numbers to a formula and getting the right result.

Higher aspects of math is a most intuitive thing.


Just for fun:

7 times 8 is 54. That sums it up:) teehee


Not airline, but jets, yes. And I don’t understand why that would be the least? He goes all over, he gets change and new places, new perspectives, above the world perspective, it is not what you are recommending, rather than desk jobs they dislike? It has parameters. He can disengage when he gets home. It allows him much that he wants, except that he has to go at all.
You just said:


TinyYellowTree, I thought about this last night:) Infp and enfp like adventure and can really be into travel. Also they can be “smooth” drivers. Not sure why. But they can be the ones where the passenger isn’t carsick. They don’t have to overthink the motion. So yeah I guess motorcycles etc…can sort of picture it. I bet an infp could really get into the whole smooth landing of planes etc. I would be scared though say if another jet came in closer whether the infp will notice! Or if there is a malfunction. Lol. Yikes. I bet as infp, he loves navigating the new sites when he is off duty. Quickly finding bearings and adapting smoothly.


Travel, yes! Bigtime. I have talked to many INFPs whose big dream is to travel the world and see lots of different sights and cultures. That all comes down to Ne in the extraverted Sagittarian mode.

That is absolutely a common denominator of the INFP desire and health - travel.

Are INFPs cool under pressure? In an emergency? When the Se shit is hitting the fan?

Yeah, that is why I’m not so sure about pilot as profession.

But, whatever, if you’re an INFP and you want to be a professional pilot, do so. Maybe they would be good pilots.

And they would get to travel a lot that way. So, maybe.

But, not jet fighter pilots.


“Are INFPs cool under pressure? In an emergency? When the Se shit is hitting the fan?”

Link that Se emergency with a need for Ti…aaaaah.


Yes, he is proud of his landings and yes, he drives well. I think he has good spacial awareness, he can focus when it matters. The kind of flying he does, plans change all the time. He never knows where he is going on any given day beyond the next flight. It may go as planned and they may entirely change his plans mid day.
I have asked myself over and over if I am sure he is an INFP. And I keep circling back to INFP. He has those dream moments between waking and sleeping, or just anytime. Fantastical stuff. Really, just so much of what you’ve said about INFP, Blake. He has read a few of your articles. Taken several free tests as well, always got INFP. He suffers the princess and the pea with bedding and clothing. His Si aggravates me as you’ve said it would.


This is all really fascinating, especially about the math and accounting stuff…one of my good friends is an INFP and was a math wiz in school. She somehow got stuck doing accounting at her job even though it wasn’t what she was hired for (it’s a startup and the old accountant got fired or something) and she kind of hates it…but she must be good at it, because it’s been months and they haven’t bothered hiring a new accountant, even though my friend has no accounting background or formal training.

All the INFPs I’m friends with or am related to do art in some capacity except my brother, but not all actually “work” as artists:

  • 1 graphic designer
  • 1 comic book artist
  • 1 painter
  • 1 accountant (lol)
  • 1 art store sales associate

The ones who seem really happy and satisfied are the comic book artist and the painter. Both travel a lot, yes. Both are in steady relationships with sweet men. Both are financially stable. Both come from relatively happy families.

The ones who seem actually unhappy/unfulfilled are the accountant and the art store sales associate. I think for the former, the fact that her job is an unstable startup and her coworkers are jerks who tend to run over her grinds down on her. She also doesn’t make much money and has been pretty poor all her life. Wants to be a webcomic artist and is INSANELY talented, but I agree with Blake that INFPs really need someone else to set a work structure in place for them because she has a hard time making and showing work with consistent regularity. (The pro comic book artist INFP in my list has a book contract, so that’s how she’s able to have consistent output.)

The art sales associate is my brother, but he’s got pretty marked Asperger’s, so his lack of fulfillment is more based around the adult life difficulties that being on the autistic spectrum brings. I THINK he wants to be a fantasy/sci-fi writer, but he kind of just writes a ton of stories (about himself as a Jedi, basically) and keeps them hidden away on his computer. He has no social life, but he’s very good at his job after working there for several years. I wouldn’t say he likes it exactly, but he’s comfortable there. It’s routine and fairly simple.


The two INFP(?) guys I know well are my husband and my brother.

They aren’t “fulfilled” by their jobs and probably is annoyed they have to work at all, as it’s mainly retail routine stuff, but it allows them free time to be escapist and play on their off time, which I guess works? lol
I am similar so maybe I am INFP! (I’m not… lol… but I think my earth influences has given me a lot of Si pull).

INFP can be “good” at technically anything, but they have a sort of homey vibe to them where most of their energy and focus will probably be on their inner worlds than anything.
I’d say if the INFP can swing it, they can have a good time being an artist in some capacity if there’s a good structure and rhythm to it (because let’s face it… will probably starve if not so or not married to a nice person who will support you during dry times lol). Even to make greeting card illustrations for Hallmark or something. Maybe a youtube channel person lol.
Otherwise, a boring job that doesn’t eat up too much brainspace during their “off time” seems like it will be okay too. Since INFP are very go-with-the-flow types in the long-term view, it takes a while for a job to get so bad that they even quit and move away from it? They probably have longest easy time in jobs where they don’t have to take too much work home with them except of their own volition (wistfully thinking about numbers or strange characters at work kind of volition). Ad for fulfilling though… who knows! :smiley: Probably everything will bore them in the end unless it’s constantly changing like a travelogue author?