Internet breaks


How long have you gone without the internet? Why?

What effect does the internet have on your life?

It says this topic closes in 1 hr so maybe I did something wrong.


Well, when the electricity goes out…
Or sometimes on vacation I can get off it for a while.
At home it will only be a few hours when I am off doing something, though more use of my phone of late has lessened even that.
What is the effect of my internet use?
Being non social. Or I guess since I am here with you, being specifically social.

When my husband is home though, we most days have our morning tea/coffee together and talk before we go our separate internet ways.

And right now I really need to take an internet break and get some freaking chores done…


in early 2000’s, internet was more of a ‘browsing’ activity.

now internet is everything. everywhere.

i need internet all the time. for GPS, for communicating with my wife through our personal SNS app, for banking, for uploading files, for downloading,
for streaming shows, for online gaming, for gathering information because i don’t want to go to the library and quiety turn pages to find one answer.

internet give people access to many things. it’s an convenience.

without internet. the world will be very inconvenient. for me.


internet gave me the mbti…
i learned about it in a mad surfing session trying to understand my misery.


Me too, Lunar.


i find it scary. i’ve seen some terrible effects. my intj dad is very withdrawn. it’s fair to say he doesn’t Fe-minimum. he sees his grandchildren very rarely and barely talks to them (too shy) and hides behind his…iphone. iphones in particular are like the devil.


I’m only not on the Internet when I’m asleep. Or actually, this happens more often: When I’m conducting an experiment.

Haaahaha wut has my lyfe come to!?? :stuck_out_tongue:


@iamrl what’s your “internet”?
like are you watching videos online?
social media?
browsing? shopping? banking?


Mostly social media, watching fashion or beauty or art tutorial videos, and replying to emails…what about you?

I don’t like gaming and I’m not rich enough to do a lot of banking or shopping haahahaa though I will sometimes go on a designer clothing site and add half the catalog to my wishlist :stuck_out_tongue:


art tutorials? what kind of art?

too many to name…
I’ll just say almost everything.
it’s better to name what I don’t do.
I don’t watch porn. anymore.
I don’t do social networking. anymore. except stellar maze.
I don’t do pinterest. anymore.
I have like too many tabs open on my Google Chrome.

eBay is a best place for thrift shopping!
and apps like home, and geek, is also good for thrift shopping.
and other third party apps that kinda works like craigslist.


Anything really…there’s something very calming about watching someone make art…

Thanks for the recs!! Maybe I’ll check these sites out when I have some free time in between all the stuff I have to do this week…


Excuse me: internet breaks what? “gone without the internet” what?

Why have these topics never before entered any conversation in connection with my life, @lunar? :thinking:


Maybe the beginning of your life was an Internet break :slight_smile:


Last break from Stellarmaze lasted about 2 weeks. Am going for longer now. Only saying because hoping to manage a long one

Don’t have any words but _____. So nice how your comments all come with the voice we know and hear as we read.


@lunar… I am you your father.

Did you hear me? It was cool, I promise.


Considering taking another hiatus from the maze soon…my subscription ends in a little over a week :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s stupid. Stay.


Depends on what my bank account says tbh :stuck_out_tongue: But I always come back here in the end haahhah :smiley:


Every time I have an internet break it feels great. I find enjoyment in the little things again, I pick up old hobbies, listen to classical music, sit in a leather chair and read Stephen King, ponder cliches, all that good stuff.
Plus, during the day I can walk around and look at all those poor saps glued to their smartphone screens with pitiful disdain. Look at me with my superior tolerance to boredom, I look at birds and nature, real shit you hear.

No more internet for me I say, but wait, I should probably just check my emails, just one time. There might be a job offer, I think I applied to something a while back, maybe?

Oh, and I know I can buy this book for half the price on Amazon or eBay than I could here. I’ll just log on and off again.

Might as well check the news whilst I’m here though. That Korean chap with the groovy haircut might be up to his usual japes again

It wouldn’t hurt to watch one Youtube video either, I mean this one is semi-educational, it has an intelligent voice over.

Hmm might have received another email, best to check again, just to make sure.

Strange, Its hard to get up and leave. I want to but my brain seems to be refusing. Well brain your not the boss of me!

4 hours later, f**k I haven’t eaten.

It’s OK

Today can be a fast day!

What am I doing with my life?

To conclude.
I truly believe the internet is the beginning of a slow decline into the inhuman. It’s like a really condensed form of the original fall from grace. We took a bite and now we’re hooked. It feels like progress, but is it really? Look around, are we as humans progressing or are we merely serving something else? If the internet suddenly achieved consciousness it would be the most powerful entity on this planet. We need John Connor and we need him now god damn it!

I think Steve Jobs knew all too well…

No biggie


It’s really hard to fight. I’ve done little things. Like no facebook anymore (which felt like saying goodbye for good to some people…definitely lost some contacts). Email in one place. No notifications on iphone that I never wanted to have but was gifted to me. But um…the lure of looking stuff up. Our campus looks like this: