INTJs and Their Sh*tty E-mails


INTJs write really bad e-mails. WTF, guys?

I think this should be put into every type description of them on the internet. “Is an evil mastermind or whatever, bad at feelings, blah blah blah. Also, god, their e-mails are so shitty.”

Okay, I’m joking (…no I’m not), but anyway, here’s a conversation I had today with my INTJ friend. Edited because otherwise our typos are nigh-unreadable.

Wendy: Even Steve Bannon’s e-mails are bad, which is very funny to me.
INTJ: Every INTJ is like this I bet. Unless they wanna impress. Otherwise it’s just, “tell me what i need know right now”.
Wendy: When his landlord complained about his acid murder bathtub, he was just:
Wendy: "cant u ask connie??? im aout of town"
Wendy: Some…stupid email like that, haha.
Wendy: With many question marks.
INTJ: Amazing. Sounds like me, haha!
Wendy: Yeah, I was like, "This is just exactly what [INTJ] would write if she had an acid murder bathtub, too."
INTJ: Yes.
Wendy: I should have made that my final Stellarmaze thread.
Wendy: "INTJs and Their Shitty E-Mails: WTF"
Wendy: OKAY.
INTJ: Then I can reply, “this excactly the kidna emaisl i woudl write!!!”


Who is this intj:)


Steve Bannon, of course. :wink:


i feel lieks i am being dragged for my very competent emails!!!

one of my favourite email exchanges was with penelope trunk. it was amazing as it devolved into typo-ish and me screaming at her to not phoen me or me not phoning her for free consultation./